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Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend, we had another warm one, but the weather is supposed to change this week and feel more like fall.

Today I’m sharing another Amazon Prime Wardrobe with you. I shared my first one with you a few weeks ago. In case you missed it, here’s the deal with Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

Prime Wardrobe is a risk-free shopping experience included in the Prime membership that gives you the opportunity to try on fashion items before you buy them.

Shipping, including return shipping, is free and you aren’t charged anything until you decide what you are going to keep.

You pick up to 8 Prime Wardrobe items; this can include women’s clothes and accessories, men’s items, children or baby clothes.

Once your box is full, it will ship to your home. You have seven days to try on the items, and then you can decide what you will keep and what you will send back.

You simply refill the box/bag with any returns, stick the return label on the front, and send it back to Amazon.

There is a picture on the Amazon webpage you can click, or you can type prime wardrobe in the Amazon search bar. Not all clothing is prime wardrobe eligible that’s why you need to be on the Prime Wardrobe page.

I ordered six items to try on and decide whether I wanted to keep or return.

1. kensie long sleeve stripe dress– I ordered a small in this dress. It’s soft, and when the weather turns cold, I can add black tights.

2. Waterfall cardigan sweater-This is a beautiful cardigan for only $39. It comes in several colors, and I’m wearing an XS.

3. J. Crew sweater-If you’re looking for a cute crewneck sweater this one is a winner! I ordered an XS, and it’s a little snug, so I’m going to get a small. I will wear this sweater all fall and winter. It will look cute with a scarf. It also comes in several colors.

4. Terry long sleeve dress-This dress is a winner. It’s soft, and the length is perfect plus it’s only $30. I’m wearing a small, it also comes in olive green, and I think I’m going to grab that color instead of the gray.

5. kensie babydoll dress-I love the color of this dress, but it’s a little bit big. I never feel like I look good in this style of dress, but I wanted to try it. I’m wearing a small.

6. Fringe Three Quarter Length Sleeve Dress-I like this dress but I don’t think I’m going to keep it. I love the fringe detail. I’m wearing a small.

7. Supersoft Terry Long-Sleeve V-Neck Dress-This is another great dress for $30. I’m wearing a small, and I feel like I could use the medium because the sleeves are short. It also comes in black, and I might order the black one.

I wore this dress to church yesterday, so we snapped a few pictures. It was warm outside so I had my sleeves pulled up and I think it looks better with them down.

The back of the dress has a silver zipper.

kensie dress (I’m wearing a small)//Black booties (similar option here)//Earrings/(I’m wearing the medium size)/Handbag//Bracelet is JCPenney, Worthington brand but it’s not online.

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Beauty for the Heart~~In Isaiah 43:18 (NASB) we’re reminded not to ponder on past things, “Do not call to mind the former things, Or ponder things of the past.”

Do you ever dwell on past mistakes or hurts? God is reminding us not to spend a great deal of time looking back. Today is a new day! Rejoice in His grace and mercy!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Love your blog, Cyndi and the clothes/styles that you share! I know your dining room will look great when you finish! Iam also doing some painting and remodeling. I noticed the painted color of your living room in some of your photos. I really like it and was wondering if you could share the color. I’m really having a hard time picking a good neutral color. My floors are the same color as yours and the paint color looks great! Thanks so much!

  2. Haaha! Not crazy talking holidays. We just had Thanksgiving here in Canada. 🙂 Your Amazon box was great! I am going to have to check it out, and the prices are really reasonable. Thanks for fitting us into your busy schedule Cyndi!

  3. Stylish and affordable! I like all these pieces. Hoping you’ll do a series of posts on your Thanksgiving – what you’re wearing, your table settings, dining room and other home decorations, menu and recipes, devotions on Thankful living, a whole series!

  4. Hi Cyndi! I love following your blog and. Ant wait to see what you’re going to model/share each day! I’m sure your dining room will look great when you finish! I love the wall color in your living room. I’m getting ready to paint mine and I’m having a difficult time picking out the right neutral color. I would love to know the color of your living room if your willing to share. Thanks so much!

  5. How did you ever pick those selections? I find Amazon so hard to find any clothes appealing with the pictures. They are so blah😆
    I might actually order a couple of the prices you modeled. And as always thank you for your Beauty of the Heart❤️

  6. Love these!! Thank you for sharing them!
    Your dining room will look amazing, I’m
    sure of it, and everyone will enjoy being in your new home for Thanksgiving!! And yea- how crazy is it that the holidays are right around the corner! It need to start cooling off so we can start to believe it! Lol!
    Blessings to you!
    PS- picked up the leopard print blouse at JCP and the denim Universal Threads shirt at Target today! 😃

  7. My favorite is the fringe dress. It’s classy and works well for Fall and into Winter. I’m partial to booties with tights when wearing dresses. That’s probably because I’m petite and need the proportions to elongate my legs. You have lots to do for Thanksgiving but how fun to celebrate with Wayne’s family in your new home this!

  8. I agree with your thoughts on these items, although I’m not a fan of the fringe dress and understand why you’re not keeping. The Kenzie dress is super cute and that cardigan is lovely- that color ❤️
    Good job- love seeing all the different looks.

  9. Thank you for the try on sesh, Cyndi. You look wonderful in everything! I do like the baby doll dress on you, especially the color, but agree that it looks a bit big on you. I especially love the dress with the fringe on it. You look absolutely stunning in it, so maybe you’ll consider keeping it? As I’ve said, everything you tried on looks beautiful on you. Again, thank you for sharing the Amazon Prime clothing with us. I will be ordering from them!

  10. I just can’t get used to the dresses with booties. I think they all would look better with a shoe. The blue and white stripe would look better with the beige shoe. My favorite item of all in the whole group is the plaid dress. Classy!!

  11. Great post, Cyndi! I’m going to checks this out. Planning ahead is the key to a stress free holiday! And you get new furniture!

  12. I don’t think I’d consider that purple dress a baby doll style. Looks more like an a-line from the pics. What makes you think it doesn’t look good? It doesn’t look too big, just looks like a more flowy/less fitted style. I think it looks good whatever you want to call it, it’s nice to have some different styles. All the other dresses you have shown here seem to have similar silhouettes to each other.

  13. I don’t think the babydoll dress is too big. I think it looks good. Love the color on you too. I’m waiting to hear what our Thanksgiving plans are. I like to know ahead to plan, but have some adult kids who work shifts and so they don’t know their schedules yet. Thanksgiving does exhaust me. It really is a lot of work to get the meal on the table. You add food allergies to that, which most my family has and its really hard. Soooo…I understand you fretting a little.

  14. Enjoying the variety of dresses you are sharing lately. That black fringe one is my favorite today, unique and classy, I think you should keep it. I’m a button front cardigan girl but that burgundy waterfall one is lovely. You’re pulling me into Amazon Prime!

  15. Hi Cyndi! Although I don’t comment very often, I want you to know how much I enjoy your blog! Thanks for featuring these awesome pieces from Amazon! I am definitely going to order the cowl neck dress in the green and the v neck in the navy. All great choices-although I agree with you on the baby doll dress. I also really like the fit of the pullover. Very nice!
    Thanks so much for all your hard work. You rock!

  16. Cyndi, I actually love the fringe detail dress you said you were not keeping! You don’t even need accessories to make that one special!

    I host Thanksgiving for our large family and we always have a few friends over too! We had 37 people last year. Planning already.

  17. Hi Cyndi,
    Can you tell me what jeans you are wearing with the J.Crew sweater?
    They are exactly the wash I am looking for.

  18. Yes it was warm in Texas over the weekend too, but going down to the 60’s next week YAY! Well I can see that I’m going to get in some trouble with using our Prime Account for clothes too. Lol. I like everything you ordered and those little black boots went with all the dresses. You looked amazing in all of them so I’m going to have to try it. 😀 I’m petite so I hope they have some petite items too!

  19. A comment on hosting Thanksgiving. I love this holiday the best of all, and I love hosting it (although my daughter hosted last year and will again this year.) The key, I think after hosting for about 30 years, is planning. I write out a schedule (and I start about 2 weeks ahead when I make and freeze the pie crusts and roast the chestnuts and freeze them. Then I break down the meal to see what I can make ahead of time and freeze. So much of the meal can be made ahead of time and then assembled/baked either the day before or the day of.

    1. great tips! As a northerner in Canada, with our Thanksgiving dinner behind us for another year, I will take your tip of rolling and freezing the pic crusts. I did make ahead the dough, and freeze, but this extra step I will add to my plans for next Thanksgiving.

      1. I did my apples up early and froze them so putting together an apple crisp or pie (frozen dough too) makes that part much easier.. yes over until Christmas lol

  20. Thanks for sharing the Amazon Prime Clothing. I had not heard of that. It was 87 here in NE TN yesterday and so humid. I am ready for a little cooler weather, not cold though. Ok, I just had a little panic attack for you with all you have to do this month to prep for Thanksgiving! I know you will get it done and can’t wait to see pics. It is crazy we are talking about the Holidays. Every year I say I’m going to start early and then it’s October and before you know it the Holidays are over! Have a great day!

  21. Thank you for this post! We are big Amazon shoppers so I am trying the prime wardrobe. Love all the pieces you selected

  22. Ha! I’m hosting our thanksgiving dinner today:) our second turkey of the weekend. We had a friends one on Friday which I didn’t host and there was over 50 of us! We all take desserts, and our friends do the turkey dinner. It’s a tradition:) love the variety of dresses. I know what you mean about the babydoll. I feel like a maternity dress.
    Thanks for the reminder in your BFTH

  23. I love that you enjoy wearing dresses, Cyndi!! I was laughing with someone who also has short hair and I was saying maybe I like dresses because then people know I’m a girl!!
    I haven’t tried the amazon prime clothes option yet…thanks for the idea!