Holiday Decorating and LOFT Sale

Well, ladies, today is a hodgepodge post. Mainly, because I have a lot going on in my mind right now. I’m thinking of holiday decorating (Thanksgiving and Christmas), entertaining, and of course fashion posts.

First, we get our dining room furniture today (yay!), and I can’t wait to add some holiday decor. I’ve been looking online, and I’ve found a few things.

Some of my favorite places to shop for home decor are Target, Pottery Barn, Wayfair (check out Wayfair’s new MyWay loyalty program), Pier 1, and eBay.

Next up, this coat. I got a ton of questions about where I purchased it, and it’s a purchase from last year at LOFT. It’s no longer available. I did find a similar one here. I know it’s not identical, but it does have the bell sleeves.

Holiday Decorating and LOFT SaleBelieve it or not, I like H&M coats. I’ve had this one for several years; it’s the perfect coat when it’s cool. Here are some cute options.

Lastly, LOFT is having a sale! You can get 50% off if you sign up to get texts. (You can reply STOP if at any time you don’t want to get them anymore.)

These faux leather leggings are on sale for $29.50.

Holiday Decorating and LOFT SaleThis blouse and jeans are on sale too.

Holiday Decorating and LOFT SaleIf you’re looking to add leopard print to your wardrobe, LOFT has pants, scarf, blouse, vest, and a sweater.

I think that’s it! Are you getting ready for the holidays yet?

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Beauty for the Heart~~I tell you the truth, if you have faith and don’t doubt, you can do things like this and much more. You can even say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. Matthew 21:21

Today, let this be the day where you refuse to doubt God in any way. Let this be the day where you begin to stand up and stand your ground against thoughts of doubt. God is greater than any of our situations, and He wants us to believe THAT without any doubt or hesitation. When we begin to fight the good fight against doubt, we begin to move into the places doubt was keeping us out of. Be blessed and be encouraged! -In Him Ministries

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I follow you on Pinterest. I love your hair in this post. Longer hair looks great on you, although I like all your hair styles. Can you tell me how you curl your hair to get this look?

  2. Oh my goodness, that sweet baby! Thank you as always for the Beauty for the Heart. It is more helpful to me than you can imagine.

  3. I know I’ve already commented 2 times, but I was so excited to share this. After I commented below, I went to do my bible study in Esther by Beth Moore and the Day I’m doing is about being awake and not being able to sleep, referencing when King Xerxes couldn’t sleep etc. etc. I won’t go into all the details. But, Beth Moore brought out that….. sometimes the Lord keeps us awake to attend to something we keep overlooking in the relentless demands of daylight. God sometimes wants to speak to us when He has our attention. I thought this was so right on. She also referenced I Samuel 3:1-10. You all can read it, but if we all could recognize these times and say, like Samuel did…”Speak Lord, for Your servant is listening.” I want to do this next time when all the demands of what I have to do creeps in at night or early morning and maybe God just wants us to slow down, forget about those things and focus on HIM and what HE has to say to us for the night/day. Isn’t it neat when God has us read one thing….your post Cyndi and then confirms it later….my bible study. So exciting. I had to share. Enjoy sweet Claire. 🙂

  4. Having so much on your plate can send your brain twirling. So….
    STOP….. take a moment…have a cup of tea……and….BREATHE.

  5. The only thing that helps me to get sleep at times like this is to pray, “Lord have mercy” over & over & over! My pastor husband advised me to this & God hears!

  6. You provided your own answer to all of the hustle and bustle, called life…… I’ve got this!!!! And God has you!! No worries.

  7. Yes….many times I’ve woke up way too early and can’t sleep with all the lists on my mind. I like how you say you are excited for hosting Thanksgiving. I wish I could say that. Its a hard holiday to host for me with all my families food allergies. So many of the traditional foods we can’t eat and the ones we can, have to be tweaked. Its just a lot of prep and the day of is a lot. I still don’t know our plans yet this year with kids who work shifts in medical. They should know their schedules soon. It really would be nice to have the gift of entertaining. Not my gift. I’m excited to see your dining room after its all done. Love the items you picked so far that you like.

  8. Ahh sleep, why does it elude me? I wake up 4-4:30 also. I blame it , and the brain distract, on menopause!
    Your home decor is lovely! But girl, I feel like relic!!! My style is so different. I like French Country and I love the look of Charles Faudree.

    1. Sara, I hear you…My 100 year old home is decorated English Country style. I love French country too, though. Also admire Faudree’s design style. Doesn’t really fit with the neutral farmhouse style so popular right now. While I like that style, it just wouldn’t be appropriate in my old house!

  9. Wow, I identify with a mind I can’t turn off!!
    Thanks for your blogs

    Question-I want to replenish Young Living essential oils. I previously ordered with you as sponsor, etc.

    Are you still involved in Young Living? If so how can I order?

  10. I have a host of feelings ..doubt, disbelief and sadness.. We are trying to clean up from Hurricane Michael. Panama City and Mexico Beach has been destroyed. The city has a curfew because of looting.
    But there are some many kind people that have come to give out free food, restore power and to help rebuild.
    I know God is here and carrying my family through this tragedy. Praise God in the storm!

    1. Oh Dawn….so sorry to hear. I can’t imagine. Will keep you and your family in prayer today. Keep looking up. He’s the only ONE to give the comfort you need.

      1. Thank you! I will. We take it day by day and hour by hour.
        It’s going to be a long process but we have a home still standing. Many don’t.

  11. Yep – I think we’ve all been there. Sometimes if that happens, I just get out of bed and write down what I am thinking about and then go back to bed. 🙂 That way my mind knows I won’t forget about it in the morning and I can go back to sleep. Have fun with Claire today!

  12. Yes, we have all been there! When my kids were little I used to have dreams about it being Christmas morning and I had nothing under the tree! Talk about a nightmare! Relax and enjoy your beautiful granddaughter today. It always gets done and if it doesn’t no one will notice but you.

  13. Yes I have been there also, but my wake up time was around 3 am, way to early to be getting up. I’ve learned that when I take on too many things and don’t have a balance, my brain won’t shut off. I’ve learned to say no a little more to those things that aren’t important (stuff) and say yes to those that are (people and spiritual) and it has helped me sleep better.

    Enjoy this time with Claire. Shut off the outside noise. You won’t regret it.

  14. Enjoy your time with Miss Claire! Thanks for the holiday décor ideas, always looking for something to update what I’ve collected! And, so good to know that others have the same early wake-up experience. I also can go to sleep fairly easily when I go to bed (could we be tired? LOL) but when I wake at dark o’clock I’m thinking about what I need to do, what I haven’t got done, what I should re-do…

  15. I know you will enjoy keeping your granddaughter for a little while today. At times we put too much pressure on ourselves with the to-do list. I’ve realized that doing that is not healthy. We need to slow down, enjoy the simple things along with the beauty God created, and focus more on the people in our lives than the “stuff.”

  16. I truly know exactly what your going through! It’s called “plate too full.” We all need prayer as our lives tend to get so busy that our bodies and minds can’t keep up yet we so want to do “it all”! Have fun babysitting today!

    1. You are so right it’s also called Keeping a Balance…. That’s what the Bible teaches us as well as let your yes be yes and your no be no Keeping Jesus first Beautiful grandbabies!

  17. Love your post….Sunday morning as we were going into church my 8 year old son told me mom you look like that lady on your phone you like to read about…that would be you he made my day!!! I often buy the things you post I’m a loft fanatic and so I always call my outfits I copy you my Cyndi outfits!! Thanks for what you do!!! Of course BFTH is my FAVORITE part

  18. I wonder why 4:00 AM is the magic wake up time? I have shared this with my friends that are my age and we all share this wake up time. I am certain that your time with baby Claire will ground you and the whole world will stop and you can soak up her sweetness and give her all your kisses. Have a blessed day and know that God’s love will surround you in all that you do.

  19. I wake up every morning at 4:00!!!
    Sometimes I can go right back to sleep but most of the time I can’t. 😴
    I already have all my fall decorating done. I actually finished it the middle of September. I’m now planning my Christmas decorating & will be starting that the 1st week of November. I’m usually checking out Pinterest about 4:00 each morning!

  20. Ha… You bet I have had days like that… Like putting things in the cupboard that should be in the fridge… and so on. Yes it is hard to turn the brain off at times, I get it from my mom I am sure. LOL.. I like the fall things you’ve picked out they are really cute. cant wait to see your finished room. I bought a new black coat this year (dress coat) first one I have bought in years. I was just tiring of the camel color I would often wear on Sundays. Have a great day with Claire and ya I see why Courtney would be a little worried.. Ha !!:) Maybe take for a ride to Chicago to pick up your Old Navy order… That is too funny.