3 Trends For Fall 2018

One of my favorite things about fashion is that it’s always changing. Of course, there are classic pieces that we can keep but adding a couple of trends to our wardrobe every season is fun.

Today I’ve got 3 Trends for Fall that anyone can wear. I often get asked, “Am I too old for a certain trend?”  There are some trends we should stay away from, and we certainly don’t have to add every trend to our wardrobe.

But, if you’re wanting to look stylish at any age, adding a few trends helps. Here are 3 Trends for Fall that I think anyone can rock!

1. Shearling

Yesterday, I shared this faux shearling bag (it also comes in a tan color) with you, and I mentioned it was a trend. Shearling is popping up every wear this fall, and it’s easy to add to your wardrobe, whether it’s a purse, a coat, or even shoes.

3 Trends For Fall 2018

2. Straight leg jeans

I also mentioned straight leg jeans as a trend. Skinny jeans have long reigned supreme, but this fall, the denim trend will finally have to move over and let straight leg jeans have their moment. Straight-leg jeans are the denim trend that’s giving skinny jeans a run for their money.

I’m wearing straight leg jeans from LOFT, and I love them. They’re on sale for $39.50.

3 Trends For Fall 2018Leopard Print Cami (I’m wearing a small)//Black Cardigan(I’m wearing an xs)//LOFT Jeans(I’m wearing a size 26)//Red Booties//Earrings

3. Tortoiseshell Print Earrings

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but tortoiseshell earrings are everywhere. I have several pairs, and I love adding them to my outfits.

3 Trends For Fall 2018


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As you begin this day, spend time reading God’s word. Colossians 3:16a reminds us to, Let the message about Christ, in all its richness, fill your lives.”

Have a blessed day!

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  1. You always look great! I would love for you to do a post giving some guidelines about Jean length, and pairing the correct jean length and style with the correct shoe. I am 6 ft tall and always feel self conscious about my jeans looking “off.” I need your help

  2. Straight jeans are very plentiful in my closet as in the winter they are my go to jeans since most petite blogs advise those. I do have the Old Navy slight bootcut ones & some skinny ones also. I feel like long tops over the skinny ones work good & short ones with the slight bootcut flare because they make your legs go on for miles. Variety is the spice of life as they say – LOL! I love those earrings too.

  3. I am very aware of my age, but I am not afraid of trying the latest trends. I like all three of your suggestions, although I don’t think I’ll ever give up my skinnies. I bought a pair of flare legged jeans last year but I always feel a little odd in them. Saw a lot of magazine and blogger examples, and love how they look with a heeled boot. Are you wearing flares at all?

  4. Hello, how are you?
    I’m curious…. Did you not post an after pic of your new dining room? Or did I just some how miss it?

  5. Love the earrings, but having a hard time with the straight leg jeans-tried some on-not real flattering on me (look great on you though!).

    They remind me of the “mom jeans” that I wore far past their expiration date
    in the 90’s-haha.

    Iffy on the shearling stuff too-though am seeing it everywhere-I guess once you went through a trend the first time (many years ago) sometimes can be reluctant to embrace it the 2nd time around?

  6. Totally agree just because we love Jesus …
    We shouldn’t use excuse to be frumpy.
    Love these three trends!
    Unfading beauty!

  7. I agree 100%. We do not have to try every trend but the ones that may suit us why not. I know I will never dress my age.. Ha. I love fashion and I also know my limits, and will not leave the house looking 16 by any means. My daughter and I often have very similar items on and we laugh when we come out dressed to go out some where.. and she is 24… Its all in how we wear and style it that can make the difference. I bought a pair of tortoiseshell earrings, and I still love my skinnies but I do a few straight pairs of jeans I may dig out and give a try.
    Thanks for the updates. We will soon be looking at the winter fashion…

  8. I’m loving the straight leg jean trend. I’ll be on the search this weekend for the perfect pair. Skinny jeans are still best for winter as they tuck in nicely to knee high boots.
    I love anything tortoise! My Maui Jim’s are tortoise & my fav watch. I think I need some tortoise hoops. Cute!
    I might give a pass on shearling. It’s just not speaking to me. But, never say never!

  9. Love all these trends. I thought you were going to add in the red boots too – LOL! I have read somewhere that the straight leg “trend” is good for us pear shaped gals, so I definitely want to give those a try! Thanks Cyndi!

  10. Just bought some tortoise print earring this past weekend in Charleston. They were everywhere and I love tortoise print anyway. My husband and I were there for the long weekend celebrating our 28th anniversary.

  11. I love your attitude about fashion Cyndi! Women should have fun with what we wear and I love trying a few trends out each season. I’m 50+ and while I don’t want to dress like a 16 year old, I definitely want to dress fashionable and have fun! Thanks for your blog and especially your “beauty for the heart”

  12. I did not know tortoise shell earrings were trending…can’t wait to try them..and I lived your statement about how life can be hard so have some fun with fashion… I get my joy from Jesus, but lots of happiness from fashion. 😊😉

  13. You are always so stylish and look good in anything. There are only two things/ways you’ve styled something that I didn’t care for. To me it was saying “I’m trying to look younger”. But as I said you look good in anything you put on so it’s not worth mentioning what they are.

  14. So far I’m not loving the straight leg jeans or the sherpa. The tortoiseshell is fine though. You only say earrings though. Is tortoiseshell trending in other accessories as well, or just earrings?

  15. I love all three of these trends. I ordered my first pair of straight leg jeans arriving tomorrow and I just ordered a pair of the tortoiseshell earrings you featured. Thank you for all you do to keep me up on the current fashion trends!

  16. I totally agree with you on fashion choices. I’m no spring chicken yet I still enjoy wearing a pair of skinny jeans once in a while, etc although the straight leg pant this year is winning out with me!! There are ‘straight leg’, then there are STRAIGHT LEG! By that, I mean, some of them are narrower than others and there inlies the rub. The narrower ones are much more flattering than the others. I try to avoid ‘trendy’ too much, mostly because we’re living on a fixed income. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy seeing them on other gals. I love your blog and appreciate all of your insight into everything you share with us. Bless you!!

  17. Hi Cyndi! I love the trends that you share and if it weren’t for sticking with some sort of budget, I would try them all! ha!

    We will be attending my niece’s wedding in November and I want to know what the protocol is for hosiery or tights in the fall/winter. I do wear tights, but usually with more casual dresses. Do women wear pantyhose anymore? I’m afraid I will freeze if I don’t wear something on my legs.

    Thanks for your help!
    Be blessed!

  18. I love the Sherpa handbag! Is the opening large enough to get items in easily? I prefer a larger handbag but I am trying to learn to downsize some! Ha!!