Leopard Sweater + Crop Straight Leg Jeans

Well, I ordered this leopard sweater from LOFT and took pictures quickly because I knew it would sell out and guess what? It sold out. Ugh! They still have some sizes in the plus size option.

I searched for similar options, but I didn’t have a lot of luck except for this Boden sweatshirt.

Leopard Sweater + Crop Straight Leg JeansI’m styling this sweater with AG crop straight leg jeans. AG jeans are my favorite designer jeans. These were on sale when I purchased them, but they’re not on sale now. These AG jeans are the same pair except they have a frayed hem and they’re still on sale.

The Kate Spade watch I wear all the time is 40% off right now.

Leopard Sweater + Crop Straight Leg JeansHere are some more options for crop straight leg jeans that have good reviews if you want to try this trend.

Leopard Sweater + Crop Straight Leg JeansMy earrings are from Target, and I wear them all the time. They’re from the Sugarfix brand from Target.

Leopard Sweater + Crop Straight Leg JeansHere are some leopard sweater options.

Leopard Sweater + Crop Straight Leg JeansI’m starting to like the crop straight leg jean trend. Have you tried them yet?

Leopard Sweater + Crop Straight Leg Jeans

Sweater (similar option here)//Crop straight leg jean( less expensive option here)//Black booties//Earrings//Watch (40%off)//Bracelet//Handbag

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Beauty for the Heart~~Jesus clearly says the goal of our lives should be to behave so that God gets the glory. Matthew 5:14-16 says, Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

How do we glorify God? What does this look like in our everyday life?

  • It’s giving God glory on the good days and the bad days.
  • It’s giving God glory in our marriage.
  • It’s giving God glory in our joys.
  • It’s giving God glory in our sorrows.
  • It’s giving God glory in the mundane and also in the extraordinary.

God gets glory NOT when we strive to be perfect but when we rely upon His strength and trust in Him every day. We let His light shine.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I loved that sweater but didn’t order because it didn’t come in petite which is unusual for Loft? Not feeling the jeans….don’t like the length and they look baggy in the knee and crouch area. So I’m going to pass on this trend but thank you for sharing.

    1. But they are a steal at $225! I’m kidding of course. I buy Lees at Walmart for $20 and they look just as good if not better. Plus Id feel better about myself knowing that I didn’t spend a fortune on a pair of overpriced jeans!! $225 give me a break!

  2. Love this outfit, love your style.

    Really love the BFTH. I struggle with the ‘how’ to glorify God in every situation. I want to, but I’m not always sure what that looks like in certain situations. I appreciate your insights.

  3. Love the sweater! Hoping they will restock 🙂 Just started working at Tommy Bahamma…..ever thought of styling that brand??? Cute, cute resort wear for women (and men).

    Thanksgiving Tip: Mashed potatoes will keep beautifully in your crockpot . I get them all ready early in the morning and let them sit in the crockpot until meal time. Just be sure to stir them occasionally. You can make it even easier cleanup with the crockpot cooking bags.

  4. I will be heading out this weekend to buy some straight leg jeans. I love the way they look.
    Just a tip about Thanksgiving..make it easy on yourself. I have made thanksgiving dinner for years, and have had between 8-28 for dinner. I started buying the frozen dough rolls a few years ago. You can find them in the freezer section of the grocery store. Thaw them, let them rise, and bake. I do this while I am preparing the turkey and fixins. My family thinks I make them homemade like I did for years..haha
    If you are baking pies, they can be made a day or two ahead. Thanksgiving cooking is not that hard, and the number of guests you have really doesnt matter, you just prepare larger quanities. Just a tip…make time after everyone leaves to sit down with your feet up and enjoy a nice glass of wine!

  5. Love this outfit,,, I have not gotten out my straight leg jeans but I need to just for a change. LOVE the sweater,,, its the only thing I need in Leopard print but just can not find the right one. Maybe it will come back in stock…This one is perfect.. You give me sooo many great ideas HA!!

  6. I Was wondering about wearing crop straight jeans over boots like you are. I wasn’t for sure if that was a good look. If the jeans are cropand fringed is it still gonn a look good with boots?
    Thalia Sodi Embellished Maxi Dress, Created for Macy’s
    Size: M
    Color: Deep Black
    Orig.: $99.50
    Now: $39.73
    Qty: 1 Item total: $39.73traight leg pants that are shorter over boots like you are wearing.

    1. I am so sorry something went wrong! My post was not suppose to say that! Spooky!!
      I have crop fringed jeans. Do you think that is a good look over a boot?

  7. Love this! I hv never seen you style Boden!
    Message for the heart perfect…
    God has way turning opposition into
    Ultimate blessing!
    Can’t wait to see rolls…I can smell them
    Now…memories of moms yeast rolls.

  8. When I got married my mom gave me a recipe book of all her recipes, and inside was a page on how to do Christmas/Thanksgiving dinner. It started with when to start shopping for things, when to prep and what to do the day of. 🙂 I used that (and a few phone calls!) the first time my husband and I made Christmas dinner for 12. You will do great!

  9. This sweater…oh my goodness…I love it, and the way you styled it with the straight leg jeans..really helps me visualize how this trend could work on me.
    And,I am sure that I have written a comment about this before, but I have to tell you that because my faith in God is under attack almost daily in my family situation, your BFTH section is so refreshing and inspiring and helpful to me as I walk through this situation
    Thanks for everything.

  10. Hi Cindy:

    That’s the difference from this blog to the others … that’s why I bookmarked and follow the blog … because of Beauty for the heart … I even share with friends and family the inspirational message of the day.

    Also wanted to share that Social Threads has a similar Leopard Knit sweater…

  11. Hi Cyndi,

    A couple days ago you had an insta story where you were talking about an encounter where you ran into and chatted with a lady who follows your blog. In it you were wearing what I think was navy pants/ jeans, navy cardigan and a navy and small floral print top. I’ve been trying to find that top everywhere. Can you give details on where you found it? Thanks!!

  12. Just my kind of outfit ! Leopard is fantastic and sorry they are out. Hope your homemade rolls turn out great! I’m not into Thanksgiving yet either. Still got Halloween to go. LOL!

  13. I also was unaware that people are upset about you sharing your faith. I am not overly religious but I read your words and they really make me stop and think. Living in a free society means we all have a choice and if we don’t like the words, we don’t have to read them. Please don’t stop sharing, I love your blog – all of it – and I hope that these negative comments don’t ruin it for the rest of us!

  14. God gets glory NOT when we strive to be perfect but when we rely upon His strength and trust in Him every day. We let His light shine….wow!!! Did I need to hear that today. Struggling dealing with an employee today and it was good for me to hear that I don’t have to be perfect, just rely on the Lord to give me the right words to say. Thanks Cyndi.

  15. So cute!!!! Thank you for your words about how we glorify God! I wasn’t aware that you received negative emails about sharing your faith. I’m sorry to hear that! I love your fashion, but I started following you because you are a Christian! I hope you know what a powerful impact you have! Thank you 🙏💕

  16. I agree with Therese! Don’t stop!

    Meanwhile, on the fashion front….I’m not sure about the straight cropped jeans. It looks fine on you, but you have longer (and skinnier) legs than I do. I think it would just make my legs look that much shorter. I also don’t have the boots for it.
    I do like it better than the cropped flares, those just look strange to me. Today I’m actually wearing burgundy, leopard, and camel…so I deserve a prize for stepping out there!

  17. This is such a classy look, you look great. I have placed a hold on the Target leopard sweater and will pick up today. I think they also have straight leg Universal Thread straight leg jeans that are a good price point that I will try. I am really liking the straight leg jeans with boots.

    How special it will be for you to spend time with your mother-in-law learning how to make her signature rolls. A great tradition to carry on for her. I use a lot of my Mom’s signature dishes at our holiday table. The kids and grandkids look forward to those dishes each year.
    Love your BFTH today!!

  18. HI Cyndi- I have followed your blog for years now and am the same age as you I believe – 52. I heard you talking about all of the emails you received about sharing your faith and I wanted to belatedly comment on that… Please don’t stop! I feel like God has been chased out of so many places in our society and that is our biggest problem. We all need to be encouraged in our faith as it is the single most important gift in our life! Keep up the good work! You are such a sweet soul and I love the way you share your faith and family life. You keep it real! fondly – Therese

    1. I agree too, we just talked about this at bible study yesterday that God is needed more in our world now then ever before, and yet everywhere they are trying to stamp out the word of God and what it stands for.