Gibson Peplum Blouse + Corduroy Pants

Happy Tuesday ladies! It’s countdown to Thanksgiving and today’s outfit would be a great option if you’re going for comfort. The Gibson peplum blouse is roomy (yes!), and it comes in several different colors.

Gibson Peplum Blouse + Corduroy PantsIt was cold when we took these pictures, so I added a black infinity scarf. While infinity scarves are not as popular as oversized scarves, when it’s cold, I have to stay warm!

Gibson Peplum Blouse + Corduroy PantsMy corduroy pants are older, the brand is edyson, and I purchased them from Stitch Fix. I did link some similar options below.

Gibson Peplum Blouse + Corduroy PantsGibson Peplum Blouse + Corduroy PantsIf you don’t want to wear a heel, these boots are a good option.

Gibson Peplum Blouse + Corduroy PantsBring on the turkey, I am ready!!

Gibson Peplum Blouse + Corduroy PantsGibson Front Button Peplum Blouse (I’m wearing an XS)//Corduroy Pants (option here and here) //Earrings//Black Boots//Crossbody Bag//Bracelet//Infinity Scarf

Here are some more clothes from Gibson.

Wrap Top (I’m wearing an XS)//Black Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Black cami//Black Heel//Earrings//Handbag//Bracelet//Necklace

Off the Shoulder Top (I’m wearing an XS)//Black Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Black Bootie//Earrings//Handbag

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Beauty For The Heart~~God speaks to us in a still small voice, if we can’t hear him, we have let the world get too loud.

Let’s quiet our hearts and listen to Him today.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. My family is experiencing a similar situation and it was so uplifting to read all the positive suggestions, thank you all!

  2. Love that blouse! Great outfit and the boots & scarf make it look warm. I would buy for my own family & have a small get together for Thanksgiving regardless. Your kids & their family would be disappointed I would think if something wasn’t going on somewhere. I have been hosting Thanksgiving since my grandmother died as my Mom didn’t cook at all and she bought everything prepared already & my kids went nuts. Now I understand why ………we are still doing the big get togethers when everyone can. My mom will be here and my son from Dallas & daughter plus a friend or two along with my husband & I. Happy Thanksgiving early – If worst comes to worst Cracker Barrel is catering with full meals.

  3. Check with the center they may allow the family to join your mil at their thanksgiving lunch or dinner. We did this when my parents were at a rehabilitation or senior living home.
    It is a tough time but you are a loving family and will find a solution.
    Warmest wishes

    1. Hi Betsy……….For the last 6 years I drove 2 hours with Thanksgiving Dinner in the car to have Thanksgiving along with my daughter so my Mom wouldn’t be alone in a nursing home. Can you say I am excited to have my Mom moved here this year1!!!

  4. Beautiful outfit today. Love the colors in the blouse. Be encouraged my friend. When these traditional changes come it’s SO tough…especially when the parent is living and siblings have a differing approach to the holidays. The hardest thing is a “new normal”. I agree that maybe scaling back with the in laws and focusing on something a bit larger with your own kids is an excellent idea. We had to do that a few years back when my MIL was always diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Not saying it was a piece of cake, BUT it certainly was the better option for everyone. Praying for you, sweet lady. Lean into Jesus and ask Him to bless your efforts with His direction &
    presence! Love how you what with us all, Cyndi. 👩🏻‍🏫❤️👍🏻🦃🍁🙏🏻

  5. Cyndi stop stressing, settle yourself and reflect… what would your Mother do in a situation like this? Think it through, pray about it and accept your decision as the right thing to do. Peace and grace to you and yours.

  6. Perhaps, a smaller get together with your kids and precious grand babies would be a nice compromise. How does Wayne feel about it? I believe your MIL would want you to gather and give Thanks.

  7. Sorry to hear about the possible change in your plans. Praying that God will help you all with your decision that’s best for everyone. I can’t see your MIL being happy if she finds out plans were canceled due to her… I say a family visit and a family meal. There’s so much to be thankful for. Love your outfit today:)

  8. Even though your mother-in-law can’t be with you on the day, surely there is still thanks to be given? Perhaps you could visit during the day and have a family celebration in the evening.

  9. So cute Cyndi. Great outfit. I guess I’m having same morning as you. My Christmas plans have changed some with some added stress, too long to go into and I’m trying this morning not to stress but hard. Its not easy to just WAIT to get ready for a holiday and so I feel your stress on wanting to do what you need to do now. Prayers your way from one SISTER to another. God’s blessings to you. OH, as for the snow. I’m jealous. I LOVE snow and we rarely get it, especially this early.

  10. Cyndi, This will be my first Thanksgiving without my mother. I have been having little tearful moments off and on. Praying I can get it all out of my system for my dad’s sake. This holiday season will be hard. I know you understand.

  11. Please celebrate Thanksgiving, if for anyone, the kids, and to be thankful to that guy up in the heavens who helps to make our lives possible! We will always have good times and not so good times and we ned to celebrate all and be thankful. Your SIL is just one voice. Please enjoy the day and make memories.

  12. I haven’t been following you for very long but in that short time Ifeel I’ve had a glimpse of your sweet heart and spirit. Our family also experienced a similar heartbreak with my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s. Maybe an abbreviated celebration with your MIL would be appreciated since she might tire easily. Then possibly later in the afternoon invite some people to celebrate with your family who otherwise would be alone on Thanksgiving… widows, widowers or any folks you know that would be thrilled to share that time with someone. You have done such a beautiful job creating a warm and inviting dining room, it seems a shame not to share it. Just a thought. May God bless you through these days.


  13. I know you were looking forward to thanksgiving in your new home. But you could take the whole thing to her in rehab! Tuesday morning has some cool inexpensive melamine plates right now that could hold turkey and all those sides and you could cheer her up with a moveable feast! 🙃 I hope it works out for you. Have a blessed thanksgiving however it goes!

  14. Could you visit your MI and then have the dinner at your house for the family? My mom is in memory care (so she no longer understands holidays, etc.), so we do the holidays without her. (We are driving to NC for Thanksgiving since my daughter wants to host again this year, even though she has been dealing with cancer treatments. I think it is her way of trying to have a “normal” something right now 🙂 I hope things work out for your MIL. It is so hard when our parents age and can no longer participate as they used to. We need to celebrate our blessings, even if they are different than they were previously. As someone said, I would never want my daughter not to celebrate a holiday because of me.

    1. Arna……you hit the nail on the head. My mom is also in memory care and so hard. I think this may be her last year to be able to come to a holiday, so I am going to bring her to my house this Christmas but it does add stress and my husband misses out on stuff going back and forth with the drive to get her etc. Plus, my mom’s sister in memory care is in her last stages and so we don’t know what may be coming up in the next month. Sad. Its good to know from reading these post, we all are having the same issues, just a little different and God is good and we need to focus on him. I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. Prayers your way.

  15. I’m putting in my two cents for what it’s worth. Even though I don’t know her, I think your mother inlaw would still want you to gather together and express what you are thankful for. You have many blessings…You can take her a plate of food and still celebrate with her. Or go the day before and/or the day after. You need to be there for Colt and Claire too and be making memories especially for Colt. Ok that’s my two cents. Whatever you do I’m pretty sure will be filled with oodles of love and kindness. God bless!

  16. So sorry for your family trials at this time. My Aunt just died and my dad has dementia with many health issues this past year. Don’t give up thanksgiving. Celebrate what you have., concentrate on goodness of the Lord. I can’t imagine your mil being happy that she is the cause of family not being together for thanksgiving. What pressure

  17. Hi Cindi,
    I’m sorry to hear that your mother-in-law & Family are going through such a difficult time. Something similar happened to my family last year when I was supposed to host Thanksgiving. I decided to go through with preparing the dinner and I made it all in one of those plastic oven roasting bags. I wasn’t sure who was going to be eating it but it was ready to go! My brother ended up cooking it for his large Family and they enjoyed all the leftovers that week.
    Sadly, my mom was in the hospital for an extended time and then went into rehabilitation before she passed away.
    Lots of prayers being sent to you and your family!

  18. My heart goes out to you in your circumstance. I had a thought about your family gathering around the table and thanking God in the midst of this trial and how much it honors God to trust him and worship him in these times. While I see the beauty in honoring your SIL’s desires, I see that giving in to that also dishonors the rest of your family in a way that takes something away from everyone else and even God who is blessed by our celebration of his goodness- a day of thankfulness to him for all he has done for us. Also, love this outfit 🙂 Bless you!

  19. OH Cyndi! Prayers for your MIL and family. My family is experiencing a health crisis with an elderly parent that just occurred this week. I know we have to count our blessings, but I am feeling the same stress of not knowing what the next few days and weeks will bring, what to plan for, and how to handle every challenge with grace. Thank you for sharing – it helps to know we are not alone in our struggles and to know that all will work out according to His will.
    Prayers and Blessings,

    1. Yes Theresa. You are right. It helps to know we aren’t alone. It’s really helped me to read these comments. I’m dealing with similar issues. Life goes on.

  20. Cute outfit, as always.
    A view from a different perspective:
    My father-in-law passed in January of 2017, then our only daughter at the age of 21 years, passed in May of 2017. When it came time for Thanksgiving, not having one there was difficult, but, 2 not being there was just something we couldn’t do. Holidays/special occasions are different for us now. I feel your SIL, although her Mom is still here, but, it’s just too hard to fathom her Dad and Mom BOTH not being with your family. Just my perspective. My family, though they missed us being with them, they had Thanksgiving with their families and prayed for us. I know you will figure it out. May God bless your family and your precious Mother-in-law.

    1. Oh Gina I can’t even imagine. I teared up reading your post. I can’t even complain what I’ve been dealing with. Nothing compared to loosing 2 family members so close together. AND a child. My heart breaks. My friend lost her 21 yr old son the same year but JUne and she is not the same and won’t be. I accept her new normal and she wishes others would too. She was struggling Sunday with the holidays coming up and her joy not there. She’s a believer and knows God will get her through. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Love that you added a scarf to a blouse for added warmth as I only think to do that with sweaters. I like Gibson but unfortunately it’s out of my price range. I’m sorry your MIL may not be able to go out for the Holidays but trust me it’s also very hard and sad to take them back too. My MIL was in a nursing home and we would bring her home on Christmas but she never wanted to go back and it was so sad leaving her. It’s going to take her time to recover but I think she would want you all to enjoy Thanksgiving as a family.

  22. We will definitely go see my MIL on Thanksgiving day but her room is small and there’s someone else in the room with her, We can’t all fit in her room at one time so we will have to take shifts.

  23. Haha, I was going to suggest you have Thanksgiving dinner and take a plate to your MIL but looks likes everyone else had the same idea. I would feel absolutely horrible if Thanksgiving dinner was cancelled because I couldn’t come.

  24. We teach our children and the generation coming up behind us the gift of resilience and responsibility to keep moving forward in the face of sadness and uncertainty. That’s what life is. And traditions are the threads that hold us together in those times. It’s ok to be sad but also joyful and thankful for all the moments of life. Have your thanksgiving. Be courageous. It will send good energy to all.

    1. Well said and our family philosophy too! If/when I’m in a nursing home I don’t want my kids to miss out. It would be great if they remember me and bring me a plate later but I want them to enjoy the seasons of their lives and pray pray pray when I’m in my last season I continue to lead with a positive example even if from a bed.

  25. I agree with Ramona and Gina…..hopefully your SIL will come around. It’s never easy in this sort of situation but leaving you in limbo isn’t fair either. All of you going over afterwards for a short visit will be more than enough for your MIL…….praying!

  26. Yes, y’all need to have Thanksgiving dinner and bring a plate to your mil! My sisters and I have been there and this is what we did. It’s tough on everyone but continuity is important at the holidays! And tell the stories! Love your posts and y’all are in my prayers ❤️

  27. Try not to be stressed out over Thanksgiving. After all every day is a day of Thanksgiving for Christians. Since it is just my husband, adult daughter, and me, we decided to make a special brunch and go out for Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe next year will be a big family get-together. You look lovely!

  28. Cute look for Thanksgiving!

    I understand where your sister-in-law is coming from, but I wonder if your mother-in-law would agree? I have a feeling she would want y’all to celebrate Thanksgiving together. Why don’t yall all get together and when you’re done everyone go visit your mother-in-law with a big Thanksgiving plate? I think that she would love that.

    Either way I’m praying for your mother-in-law and your family.