10 Stylish Winter Coats to Keep You Warm

It’s that time of year when our most important accessory is our winter coat. I love coats, and I especially love stylish winter coats that keep me warm.

So today I’m sharing some stylish winter coats….puffer coats, teddy bear coats, and some classic styles. One of my favorite places to buy coats is H&M. They very affordable and I have found they last for several seasons.

1. This Padded Parka with Hood is from H&M and is super cute.

10 Stylish Winter Coats to Keep You Warm2. This trendy faux fur coat is from H&M too and it looks warm!

10 Stylish Winter Coats to Keep You Warm3. When it’s really cold, I love a padded coat. This one is reasonably priced. If you are in extremely cold weather, I would opt for a North Face coat.

10 Stylish Winter Coats to Keep You Warm4. This coat is from Amazon and is a water-resistant puffer jacket.

10 Stylish Winter Coats to Keep You Warm5. 90% Down Parka Puffer Jacket from Amazon

10 Stylish Winter Coats to Keep You Warm6. Open Front Faux Fur Coat from Amazon (I ordered this one.)

7. North Face Thermoball Water Resistant Duster Jacket

8. This is a Michael Kors quilted coat, and it’s on sale!

9. I have this coat from Target, and I love it. There are limited sizes left online.

10. Knit Coat from Macy’s (I have this one in red, and I’ve ordered the black one.)

Do you have a favorite stylish and warm coat?

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  1. If I buy one more coat I’m afraid my hubby’s going to put me out in the cold! LOL
    Cyndi, would you mind resending me the link to the knock off Gucci belt you styled from Amazon the other day? Thanks! 😊

  2. Love your coat post. I ordered the teddy bear burgandy one from Target from your link the other day. Hope it fits. Please post your house after you decorate for Christmas. 🙂

  3. I love coats too. My favorite is a Ralph Lauren sheath coat with a detachable hood that I got on sale last year. It goes with everything! We have several trees in our house, because it is an old historic home and is on the Christmas house tour In our city. It is a lot of work, but lots of fun, and the tour raises money for a good cause.

  4. These are really cute! I’m just going to put this out there if anyone is looking for a warm coat. I find it hard to beat Eddie Bauer coats for warmth, and I think you can find stylish ones too. My everyday winter coat keeps me toasty and stylish.

  5. Just something to think about..

    You often sign off with ‘Grace Seeker’. To me, Grace ‘just is’ and isn’t something we have to seek after. Grace is the undeserved goodness of God and He bestows it on every human being at every moment, whether they recognize it or not. We, who understand it, are beyond grateful for it and realize without it, we are without hope.

    1. Debi that is true. I guess I was thinking more about me being a grace seeker to extend to other people. I have been deeply hurt and I want to be a person who extends grace. Jesus always gives us grace and we are called to do the same but that’s not always easy. I’m seeking to give the grace that has been given to me.

  6. I love coats as well … Where I am in Canada we can have a day that feels like spring then cold days then bitter cold where we can average -10 degrees Celsius and colder so I find I’m in my puffer coats most of the time. Last year I got a Michaels Korr puffer coat and it’s already gotten its money’s worth. What size did you get the red coat from Macy’s in? I usually have a 9 foot tree but this year we went with our first artificial tree and it’s beautiful but only 7.5 feet… it will work for this year but I think I’ll size up to the 9 foot next year… I’d have a 12 foot if my ceilings were higher lol… love the BFTH I listen to Jeremiah a lot..

  7. This is a great selection . My favorite is the leopard print fur coat. I had one inmy 20’s i think i need a new one in my forty’s. Lol