Two Athleisurewear Looks with Gibson

I don’t know about you, but I am such a fan of the athleisure trend. As someone who works from home, I’m always looking for an excuse to get away with wearing any form of comfy workout clothes in real life.

Of course, giving up on style is simply not an option. If I’m going to dress comfy, I still want to look stylish. So, athleisure wear is the perfect way to combine fashion and function to create a chic but totally wearable look.

Today I’ve created two athleisure looks with Gibson. First up, I styled a cozy v-neck top that is longer in the back, so it works great with leggings. I typically wear an xs, but I’m wearing a small for an oversized look.

Two Athleisurewear Looks with GibsonBecause the weather is cold, I added a black infinity scarf. I also added a cami under it for added warmth.

Two Athleisurewear Looks with GibsonThis v-neck top is so soft, it has a drop shoulder silhouette, and it can easily be dressed up for a workwear look. It also comes in 6 different colors.

Two Athleisurewear Looks with GibsonHere is a look at the top without the scarf.

Two Athleisurewear Looks with GibsonV-neck top (I’m wearing a small)//Infinity Scarf (option here)//Black leggings//Sneakers (priced under $50, order 1/2 size up)

Next up I’m styling an open-front cardi fashioned with side pockets. This is another soft and cozy piece that comes in 6 colors.

Two Athleisurewear Looks with GibsonA black cardigan is a staple piece in my wardrobe, and this one is 25% off right now.

Two Athleisurewear Looks with Gibson I added my new Nike sneakers. I love the bright pink stripe, and these are perfect for workouts too. They’re on sale for $60.

Two Athleisurewear Looks with GibsonAgain I added a black infinity scarf for warmth.

Two Athleisurewear Looks with Gibson This is a great outfit if you’re running errands this winter. You look stylish, but you’re comfortable!

Two Athleisurewear Looks with GibsonBlack cardi (I’m wearing a small)//Infinity Scarf (option here)//Black leggings//Sneakers (order 1/2 size up)//White t-shirt

Do you love the athleisurewear trend? Here are some more cute pieces from Gibson.

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Beauty For The Heart~~This morning I read in 1 John. I have mentioned before I use a Bible that was my Mom’s. 1 John 4: 12 says, No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love has been brought to full expression through us.

Mom had written this in the margin with an arrow to this verse, “God’s revealing to us the way to walk so that others will see Jesus in us. Practice love to get better at it and to become more like Him. Begin to love all the time!”

She is still teaching me even after her death.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I love looking at your Pinterest fashions! I totally ageee with the lady in the hot flashes I am taking an ER so my hit flashes are exasperating. I must layer. When it’s cold I cannot wear a heavy sweater. So any helpful ideas are greatly appreciated! Sam Slone. PS love your Christian comments!!!

  2. I LIKE cotton fabric for some items and these seem to be hard to find. I don’t like fabric that is slick and makes me cold.

    Good luck in all you do. I enjoy your blog.

  3. Love this look! Perfect for Texas’ winter weather. Placed my first Nordstrom order. I’m very impressed with their prompt service. Good luck Cyndi with the clothing line.

  4. Love these looks. Also particularly love the pink top…since it covers the bottom.

    Things I’d like to add to your list:
    Modesty.(You do a great job with that anyway.)
    Control around the belly area.
    Convertible pieces to deal with hot flashes. (I’m 54)
    Staple pieces
    Solid colors that can mix and match (also good for Petites!)

    God bless your endeavors…praying for you!! Thank you for your ministry to all of us. Really.

  5. Cyndi, congratulations on your success! Giving Thanks for this wonderful opportunity in your family’s life (their love and support is key). Go forth, walk in your blessings!
    Your bullet points are on point. Please add that fabric type is important, would love to see more natural and less synthetic fabrics….willing to pay a little more for quality fabrics.
    Happy, Prosperous and Blessed New Year to All!

  6. Love these cute combos.

    As a health and wellness coach/blogger, I have days where I spend a lot of time in front of my computer, but also leave home every day.

    These ideas are perfect for both in and out work.

    And thank you for the scriptural reminder. I think it’s beautiful that you have your mom’s bible. I’m caring for my mom in and out of hospitals and nursing care centers now. I’ve always loved her so dearly, but we’re probably very close to her death and your comment reminds me of her precious memories I will always have in my heart.

    Thank you.

  7. I hope designing for the Gibson line works out for you. Would be wonderful to have someone designing for our age group! I think you could have more flexibility in the price point that you listed, other than that, your bullet points are spot on! Best of luck.

  8. Cyndi… So excited for you!!! I like these looks, I also like that plus sizes are available and that they look like the regular size. So often plus size clothing comes in horrible prints ( talk about “old ” looking) and for some reason plus size clothing makers seem to think all plus size women are 6 foot !! PLEASE Cyndi, if you do design your own line, remember us 5 foot Classic-preppy plus size western Kentucky “older”( hahaha) girls!! P.S. Thank you for bringing your faith with you in all you do!!! God Bless you in 2019..

  9. I love your style and really enjoy following you. I am 51 and have a few years left of work left so love to see pieces that are staples and can work together. Good luck with your venture!

  10. I really hope this happens for you Cyndi!! I love your style and am quite certain that this would be a wonderful opportunity, not only for you, but for all that follow you.

  11. Cyndi, I am so excited for you! You are such an inspiration and example of a godly wife, mother, grandmother and “influencer”. I would like to see some clothes for “curvy” women, not necessarily overweight but with a smaller waist than hips. The only pants I have found that fit are Talbot’s curvy. Since I require a short inseam of about 27, I have to buy petite or regular ankle length. Praying for God’s blessings on you in 2019! Susan

  12. Sounds exciting…muck success and always love your style so I am sure it will be. I would like to see more clothes made with cotton or mostly cotton.

  13. Love your blog and your style . And l shop petites so I am always glad to see items which are available in petite sizes like these ! Happy New Year .

  14. Hi
    I have been following your blog for several years and this is the first time I have commented. I love your style and have purchased many of the items you have featured. Your five bullets points are dead on but I would also add that some of the Gibson items say “Hand Wash”. Hi hats an automatic deal breaker for me. Good luck and hope the deal goes through! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    1. Hi Lorraine! Thank you for your thoughts on this. I do wash my Gibson pieces on delicate cycle and they turn out fine. I’m with you I don’t like to hand wash.
      Happy New year!

  15. Congrats on this exciting opportunity with Gibson! You have such great fashion sense. At 58, I am someone who likes to look modern but doesn’t have a lot of money to invest (thinking retirement). I will buy a few classic pieces. We are not all as thin as you are though, so keep in mind we need to hide certain problem areas! 😊 You’ll do great Cyndi!

  16. Cyndi how exciting!! I will be praying for you as you pursue God’s plan!
    As a stay at home mom I am always looking for comfortable but also want to be put together. I get picked on often by my friends because I am dressed, make up and hair done everyday! I love the outfits you put together today. I love athleisure, but want thicker materials that are not see through. If I am wearing leggings I want my shirt long enough to cover in the front and longer in the back.

  17. The only bullet point I would add is clothing that is not see through. I am so tired of wearing camisoles with tops especially in the south.
    Why sell to older adults? We are loyal to a brand that fits our body. I don’t mind paying a little bit more because I know Chico’s pants are going to fit. If it is good quality, we will buy it. Most of us are at the place in our lives where we want quality over quantity.

  18. I totally agree with Rochelle’s comment below. I love the clothes you are modeling and need affordable outfits!! Go for it!

  19. So excited for you and all of us, Cyndi. Go for it with the prayers, blessings and full support of yours faithful readers. LOVE this stylish, affordable option. Be blessed and be a blessing, my friend! ❤️

  20. Cyndi, I really like both outfits on you. For some reason, at age 62 I find myself thinking that I should not wear leggings out and about. However, I think that if I had an outfit like you have on, that thinking would start to fade away. Good luck with this new venture!

    1. I’m the same age as you,Ginger, and feel EXACTLy the same as you do about leggings as you. However, my very fashion forward daughter-in-law always comments how put together I look when I weatnth to family events. Let’s be bold together in 2019!!! LOVE this look for us baby boomers, Cyndi. Classy, comfortable, and confident!!!

  21. Well this possibility sounds so exciting! I have been searching for quite some time for loose fitting sleeveless tanks for layering. I love to wear legging or skinny jeans with a longer cardigan however all the shirts I find for the base layer are short, fitted, and have sleeves and they just don’t look good. If you can find a tunic like fitting tank in some basic neutral colors, I would buy them in every color. I like cardigans in darker fall colors and neutrals like gray and black. My blonde hair and fair skin need color in the winter!

  22. How exciting for you! Congratulations on this wonderful new opportunity. I would ask that you don’t forget the taller ladies, if possible. We love dresses too, but not if they end up tunic-length! Also, simple and classic styles but with an interesting twist or detail would have a lot of longevity in our closets. You’re going to do great!

  23. Cyndi, I just ordered a top through your link to show Gibson my money is where my mouth is. I would love if you did a line with Gibson. I definitely think you know what this 53 woman who is trying to be stylish, and buying gifts my daughters and granddaughters are thrilled with wants and will buy. (poorly worded sentence, but you get the idea).

    Cannot wait for Gibson to realize women like us buy and would definitely buy your line!

  24. What an amazing opportunity for you! I pray it all falls into place. I vote for petite sizes as well as regular size options. I’d also vote for clothing that’s designed to look fashionable but also flatters women who are over the 40 range. I’m not sure why designers believe they have to cater to the younger in order to keep them as customers for life. Generally older women will learn what works for them and stay loyal. We like clothing that keeps us looking young and attractive but not like our daughters.

  25. Love the idea of you collaborating with Gibson on a clothing line! Especially with all the ideas you’ve come up with for the pieces. My favorite outfit above is the black cardigan with the white t-shirt, leggings and sneakers. Especially love the cardigan and sneakers! Going to look closely at those two pieces now 😉. Keep up the awesome work! Praying for your success in 2019!!

  26. Cyndi,
    I would totally support a brand you are invoked with. I love both the outfits and at 57 I would wear them both. Times have changed and we are now looking for comfort and functionality. There are 2 important things to me and one is that the items come in petite, which I noticed that Gibson does offer petite options and the other is price. I am lucky to have a TJMaxx and Nordstrom Rack near my home and they both offer affordable athlelesiure clothes.

  27. Hoping you show some mom-wear that’s not athleisure. And also some “deacon’s wife-wear” not for Sunday’s but just for volunteering. Thanks!

  28. Hi Cyndi,
    It’s really exciting that you are being considered by Gibson for your own clothing line. I hope it all works out. It would be great for you and all your followers😊. I’m not familiar with Gibson, but I would love to see work wear (business casual) outfits styled. I love your fashion style and try to emulate it in my own wardrobe choices.

  29. Yes most days I dress the way you are dressed in today’s post. I keep saying ina, going to wear more jeans, but don’t lol I am short….I need petite sizing. I know y’all don’t want to hear that. But it isn’t just the length, tops sit lower on me showing more skin that I think I look good in. Darts are too low. Just saying…..

  30. Hi Cyndi, I’m so excited about this opportunity for you. Please stress to them that younger consumers aren’t always customers for life. I’ve watched my 22 year old daughter continually change her mind about what brand is in (and she works at Plato’s Closet). Give us older women clothes we know fit well, make sure to have some trendy pieces or colors along with the basics and we’ll gravitate back to that brand every time. Also, I’ve seen work wear shift from blazers with pants or skirts to a more relaxed style. And I work in a law office. Would love to see relaxed but still polished styling.
    Best wishes!!

  31. Cyndy, I am so very excited about your possible collaboration with Gibson for your own clothing line! When you mentioned your desire for this on an earlier blog post, I emailed Gibson and told them that you would be a terrific asset to their company. I have followed your blog for years, and have always found your fashion to be inspirational and on point for women over 50…You do this with both grace and class!! Our age group wants to age gracefully and to have examples such as yourself to assist us! I follow you on Instagram as well and saw these two athleisure outfits and think they are classy, simple, polished and just perfect!!!I am a big athleisure fan as I love seeing outfits such as these styled. I am 70, stay fit with weights, yoga, and running and also like to stay fashionable. I need help doing that, and you have been the perfect mentor for me and I know countless others!!!! I will be rooting for you! Best of luck!!!

  32. The added black scarf on the pink sweater outfit ups the look by 10! Amazing how just a small piece completes an outfit! Thanks for posting lovely, affordable looks by which I’ve re-learned how to dress in my 50’s!

  33. What an exciting opportunity! I started following you earlier this year. I am in my 60’s and still like to dress stylishly. I have gained much from your ideas! Thanks so much Cyndi for sharing your style and your faith with us! Well wishes in the new year!

  34. I like a few of these! Are any plus size? When I click on it it says Nordstrom but doesn’t go to site. I want you to get credit.

  35. Cyndi, I work at home and love these looks. I like that it looks pulled together and cute for running an occasional errand. I also like pieces I can dress down and up if needed. I agree with all your points when it comes to fashion over 40. I also like to follow some of the trends to keep my wardrobe fresh and updated too no matter what age I am! I hope you do get a clothing line as I love your style and blog!

  36. I love that idea of your own fashion line. I wouldnt necessarily keep the price point $50 or below though. I think even around $100 would be fine.
    Cute Outfits you posted.
    I have to admit, though, I’m disappointed in your continued fashion support for Nike since they’ve been so blatant in supporting athletes who have such a disdain for our flag, police and military. There are more (and even cuter ) trainers/sneakers/kicks (Whatever you want to call them) from
    Other brands that don’t feel it necessary to
    make the face of their brand ambassador a guy who kneels during the anthem and wears socks with cops depicted as pigs. He (and thus Nike) mock what most of us hold dear.
    Ya vote with your pocketbook !!

    1. Victoria, I totally agree with you on Nike. I’ll never buy another Nike product. Cyndi, please do some diligence on this. Not saying make a political statement at all, just don’t support them. I’ve bought new balance twice and the comfort and style is every bit as good, if not superior, to Nike. Thanks for all you do

      1. Shelby thank you for sharing. I bought my black Nikes several years ago and I still wear them. The second pair of Nikes was a gift and I couldn’t send them back and I wouldn’t want to be rude.

  37. It would be fantastic if you had your own clothing line. You do have fabulous taste. My request would be that if you do anything white, whether a t-shirt or button down, that it please not be even remotely see through. When I was younger I could get away with a nude bra under white tops, but now, some awful way, the bra shows up and it just looks awful, so then I add a cami, and it shows, too. Drives me nuts!! Good luck, Cyndi–I’m rooting for you!!!

  38. Cyndi, What a wonderful opportunity, I pray it all works out for you! I have been following you for years and love the way your style has developed. Your lists of what I want in a fashion line were spot on! I like both of your outfits today.

  39. I thought your description of what us girls in our 50s are looking for in fashion was spot on! Have a blessed day and thanks for your continued styling inspirations!

  40. Hi

    I love that color pink and I like the style/shape of the top

    I like the look of the black cardigan

    I live in New England and it is winter and. The next few months the temp win’t Pass 30
    So I need more sweaters and layerables

    So if you are working with them
    Cowls are not sttractive
    On anyone

    Mock tortlenecks, tulip turtlenecks and turtlenecks make these New England popsicle dowels happy

    Thank you
    And good luck

  41. These clothes are so cute and affordable. Thank you for showing them. I’m doing a search on Like to Know It.
    I felt like I hit a wall on Christmas Day. All I kept thinking while we were at my daughters house is I want to go home! If it hadn’t been for the grandkids we probably would’ve. I didn’t move yesterday!

  42. Cyndi! I will be praying for you on this journey with Gibson! You are such an advocate for us 50-something gals that still want to dress with style! Wishing you a blessed New Year, my friend… xo Heidi

  43. i absolutely love your style. Both outfits are adorable. The Gibson line is timeless. I think that you would be a perfect partner working with them.

  44. Cyndi, You hit the nail on the head with your 5 bullit points mentioned in your email. I want only nonwrinkle, comfortable, affordable, but stylish clothes. Best of luck in your new adventures with Gibson! I am still looking for the perfect dress pant and the perfect jeans for under $50.

  45. Cyndi, I normally don’t comment on blogs. I would like to say thank you for all you do for us women out here. I know it takes a lot of time to research and then put yourself out on the front line. I for one greatly appreciate it. Praying Gods special blessings and anointing and covering over your life (and family) for 2019 as you once again are on the front line for us women. I know it helps me. Keep up the great work!

  46. I absolutely love your style. I’m on of your older followers. I’m 51 and I’m also petite. I’d love it if you could incorporate some petite sizes in your styles. It’s unfortunate that as I get older the petite sizes are geared for much mature women. Take care. Happy New Year!

  47. Best of luck in this possible new adventure. I agree with the list you have already made about what we like and what is good for our age ( I am 46 going on 47.) I would add to the list that it is nice to be able to be in trend with some things, but always with classy and quality pieces.

  48. I love your style in fashion. We are definitely on the same wavelength. I am always afraid I’m buying clothes that are too young for me and following you has really helped. Thanks and I’ll be right with you on your new endeavor!

  49. Congratulations on your new endeavor with Gibson. How exciting! I echo the other comments that we are glad to support you! Thank you for keeping the clothing options modest. Sleeves are always good.

    You have helped nudge me along out of my comfort zone fashion wise. Thanks to your example and ideas, I now have a camo jacket for fall and leopard print shoes. When my husband raised an eyebrow, I showed him your blog and all made sense. Best of luck with your clothing line!! Rooting for ya.

  50. So excited for you! You were the first fashion blogger that I ever followed, and from you I have learned so much about what to wear and where to shop. Now I just need to put some effort into looking good to run errands, especially after going to the gym! Happy to support your new adventure!

  51. Hi, Cyndi! I love both outfits. I am a mom, and absolutely love the Athleisure style as well. With that being said, I want you and Gibson to know that I am not in that age group that you mentioned, I am in my early 30’s, but I sure love your style. I like modest, chic, classic pieces that don’t make me feel uncomfortable wearing or that I may give the wrong impression. As a matter of fact, I would love to age as well as you are, and be as trendy as you are when I get your age. I truly admire you, and I hope this opportunity takes off, because even young women need great examples. Definitely God is holding you! Have a most blessed day!

  52. Cyndi I am so excited you are telling with Fibson they would be lucky to have you! I am always looking for things that would go from work to home and want to really look at my closet this year and simplify what I wear! Stylish but classic if there is such a thing!! And how to dress on trend in your 50s without looking like we are trying too hard. Also—- date night dresses that are not too short but still look fun!
    Thanks for all that you do to help us ladies look stylish and encourage us in our walk with Jesus!
    Blessings for 2019!

  53. Congratulations on your upcoming collaboration with Gibson! I have seen several other bloggers get this opportunity and their lines are darling. I am particularly looking forward to your designs as you are in a more mature age group. So many bloggers, that I follow, are in their 30’s & 40’s. I am 65, this age group rarely gets mentioned let alone targeted for apparel. So, you young thing, get some flattering clothes in that Nordstrom store! My Nordstrom credit card is waiting…

  54. Hey
    I love all of your stuff and I am younger than you. My question is when wearing leggings or athleisure wear how do you hide the unflattering “camel toe” 🙈🙈. Shirts have to be long enough in the front to cover that area. How do you accomplish this??

      1. I give it a third!! When you are working out, you often raise your arms. Tops should be long enough they don’t expose your stomach or rear end when you do. Leggings are so popular, and most women want to have tops long enough to cover front and back!! I’ve wondered why longer athletic (and other types of tops) are often hard to find!?
        I also don’t like low necklines. If you bend over, no one should be able to see down your top. Shouldn’t have to worry about that with athletic wear especially.
        Tops with a little feminine touch, especially around the neckline would be a wish for me! Regardless of the type of top (athletic wear, workwear…)

  55. I like both the pink top and the cardigan. Unfortunately, due to being unemployed for 9 months, I am not in a position to pay $50 for any clothing right now but do like that Gibson’s pieces are more reasonably priced than many on

  56. I’m standing beside you, in front of you, and behind you in this opportunity. Here to do whatever I can to support you in this venture. Continue to let me know how we can help. Prayerfully, Kerry

  57. Cindi
    I have been a follower of your fashion sense as well as your blog when it came out. I respect your taste and desire to help keep those of us who are in the “42” age range to want to keep a stylish appearance as we mature.
    I have purchased many of the fashion pieces that you have introduced through exposure in your pieces.
    Congrats to you on new opportunities! I especially love the spiritual sense that you share with us. It often is the right thing at the right time for me.
    Jerre Bergeron

  58. How exciting, Cyndi!! I’m praying God’s best for you. I love both of these outfits. Thank you for what you do for us spiritually and fashion wise. I’m 58. I love fashion! I dress more trendy than most of my friends. I’m a grandmother, but I don’t want to dress frumpy. I live at the beach, so it’s very casual, a little too casual for me at times. I have purchased several of your outfits in the past.

  59. Super cute clothes from Gibson!! I look forward to your emails every day and what outfit you’ll be wearing!! I love your fashion style and would certainly shop from a collection that you created!!
    Best of luck to you!! Gibson would be lucky to have you!!

  60. This is wonderful! I hardly ever comment, but really want to send you encouragement. You have absolutely wonderful taste, and I would certainly be a customer. Sending best wishes and prayers!

  61. So happy for you! I can’t wait to see your collection with Gibson! (Just putting that out into the universe!). I love your blog and your fashion sense! I wake up everyday excited to see what you’ve styled! Thank you for being that stylish girlfriend whom I look forward to seeing everyday!!

  62. I am so excited for you! I have purchased quite a few things that you have styled on your blog. As a matter of fact, today I am wearing a sweater and red boots you wore awhile ago. I am always excited to see what new clothing companies have to offer. I especially like seeing you style them because I can see what they look like on a person of my age. You always make everything look so polished!

  63. Cyndi, I would be such a fan if you had your own clothing line! I have purchased so many outfits you’ve shown in the past few months – you have no idea how much you helped me through the holidays, lol. Not only is your style on point, it is also usually very budget-friendly. So, a great big ‘thank-you’ for all you do for us (fashion, health and spiritually) and here’s to exciting things ahead in 2019. <3

  64. How awesome for you (and for us)! I hope it works out. Are the tops so thin that you must wear a cami or is it purely for warmth? As a gal with hot flashes I am not able to layer as much as I once did.
    I would definitely like to see these featured as workwear.

  65. Congrats on the opportunity. I Love this look. I am working to minimize my wardrobe so love the versatility of these pieces.

  66. So exciting! Of course, I will purchase a few things. I think I can honestly say, “we’ve got you!”

    On another note, I am asking for prayers for my daughter, For nearly 2 years, she has been working part-time for a small, near-downtown church as a youth director. She is also a teacher. Sounds wonderfule, right? This church is playing fast and loose with the Gospel. I thought it was just my perspective, but my son has visited several times and thinks so as well. A pastor friend has voiced concerns as well. Please pray for her. Please pray for the pastor and congregation. God knows who they are.

  67. I’ve never heard of Gibson before, but since you recommended them, i’ll check them out! I value your recommendations highly.

  68. Hi Cindy,
    Yes, I’m super interested in the Gibson line of clothing styled for my age, 59. I do need business casual for work, need church clothes, and some event clothes for weddings and other special occasions. Although I like a simple, classic style I also love a piece that will add interest, fun, and whimsy to my total look. I can hardly find dresses that fall at the knee or tea length that don’t look matronly, I like long sleeve or 3/4 length sleeve, I also like to take advantage of cold weather and cover my neck. I rarely wear jeans. I usually “layer up” because our weather changes often and quickly. So interesting, fashionable, light weight costs and jackets are a must.
    I hope you will decide to move forward with this. You will do so well! Happy New Year!

  69. Wow!! So great to hear about this opportunity for you, Cyndi!!
    My additions to the clothing “wish list” are some color— lots of offerings for over 50s ladies are black, gray, tan; also, athleisure tops are never long enough! I work hard to stay in shape, but I do not feel comfortable in tops that barely cover your bottom!

  70. This is exciting, Cyndi! I will continue to follow (and purchase!) as you work with Gibson. I’m definitely interested in casual work wear and LOVE outfits with jeans. My best to you in this endeavor. 🙂

  71. I am so happy for you! I am looking forward to your line. I have purchased many of your outfits and have had many friends start to follow you too. I too, found you on Pinterest when looking for fashion for women over 40. As a 52 year, old I look for tops with a little bit of a collar. I like to wear my hair up and my neck skin isn’t as tight as it once was. It doesn’t have to be a full collar, just not a scoop neck. I am so excited to see what you design. Positive thoughts and Blessing coming your way.

  72. Oh I hope you get your own clothing line. I follow some younger influencers with their Gibson line and found it to be either too cutesy, too exposed or too young. I understand that that is the market they are targeting but with all us baby boomers with money to spare out there buying it would be to their advantage to have a mature line, as well.Cap sleeves are out, short dresses, short shorts, ruffles, etc. Heads up Suzi!
    You would be a great ambassador for their brand.

  73. So happy for your opportunity, Cyndi! Your list of “wants” is a great start. Another item to list are stylish plus sizes. While I understand the thinking behind marketing to the younger crowd as a way to obtain customers for life, the industry is missing out on the great opportunities that those of us in our 40’s, 50’s and older provide. We want to be stylish and have many working years left in us as we’ve progressed in our careers. Many of us have children who are out of college and we have money to spend, although we are smart with our $. Looking forward to what’s coming!

  74. Your own clothing line — that is so exciting! I’d love to see 3/4-sleeve v-neck cardigans in assorted prints and colors to help with spring and fall wardrobe transitions. I usually find long-sleeved cardigans, but I really need 3/4 so I can wear my watch and bracelets without pushing up the sleeves. Plus, it’s nice to keep on a cardi when cooking and doing the dishes. 😉 Regarding colors for your clothing line, please remember the gals with autumn/DYT type 3 coloring; we get overlooked a lot by clothing manufacturers. Just saying! 💕

      1. You are so sweet to ask! Thank you! I love the universally flattering colors of turquoise and coral, and I love to wear loden/olive greens and cream and winter white. 💕

  75. Love the idea of bringing us “appropriate” trendy cloths. You are spot-on with your list. But would love to also see more layering pieces. Long, quality tee-shirts for layering with sweaters. or with leggings, long enough to cover front/back. Hard to find good white tees, all body lengths and sleeve lengths. If there was a good line, I’d buy one in every color. (black, white, gray, cream). My GFs all complain about these.

  76. Congratulations on your collaboration with Gibson! How exciting! I work from home for a state agency (Louisiana) and only get out for work about once per week so I’m looking forward to seeing some pieces that don’t, necessarily, look as if I’m either going to or coming from the gym, per se. I like they way you styled leggings with the long cardigan…do you think some flats might work with that outfit, instead of sneakers? Also, being 5’2″ and large busted (36DD), I am interested in styling tips to minimize the appearance of my bust. I think most of the tops you style look very nice on you because you’re small on top. When I try to style the same tops, I look so frumpy. 🙁 Nevertheless, I can’t wait to see what you bring to us in 2019 and wish you the best! God Bless!

  77. I would like to see age appropriate clothing. I’m 55, and I don’t want to to look like I’m trying to be 35. But I don’t want to look like an old lady either. I struggle with what to buy, I want to be modest, but trendy. Casual but put together. Thank you!

  78. love your blog and look forward to see what you have to add to the fashion industry. I love both of these looks and especially the pick v top. I’m 52 ( and 1/2 lol) and I am always looking for trendy ways to dress my “age”. Luckily I have two girls in their twenties who keep my in check! I especially love the hem on the pink top ; it looks like it’s meant to wear untucked.

  79. I love the athleisure style. I do love the the cardigan and I like the oversized shirt I just don’t like v necks. They always seem to do down a little to far on me. Good luck on your clothing line. I have follewed you for a few years and love your style. I actually found you on Pinterest. I was looking for fashion for women over 40. You definitley have given me much inspiration for dressing.

  80. Congrats on the opportunity. Love both outfits and so excited to see Gibson has plus sizing, too.

    Make sense that they like to get ladies hooked when they are young on the clothing line but let’s not forget, most of us have a little more discretionary spending at this stage and have daughters and nieces that love clothes as much as we do!

  81. How exciting Cyndi! You will do great with a clothing line! As a short gal with short arms, I would love to see 3/4 sleeves or at least the option to roll up a sleeve. Personally, I feel cap sleeves no matter what size you are, make ladies arm look larger. Sleeveless is actually more flattering and look better under cardis. 😊 Love the outfits you styled today! Happy New Year!

  82. Gosh, where do I begin? I love tailored clothes that fit well and don’t look cheap (or sloppy). I don’t mind paying more for quality pieces that are classic in nature and maybe a little cheaper for super trendy items. A typical outfit for me is jeans, blouse and blazer which I wear to work and for travelling. Work items are where I’m at most days and gym wear is important but I only wear athletic clothing to the gym and not to do errands. I love super stylish clothes, heels, bags and anything fashionable. So happy for you and hope all works out well. Can’t wait to see the things you come up with!

  83. You deserve such a great opportunity Cyndi!! You are always so inspirational and down to earth.
    And no matter what your age, you have such a great work ethic and have given older women hope that we can still be stylish!!!

  84. Exciting news! I follow some bloggers who have been part of the Gibson/blogger clothing line. It’s been fun to see. I prefer to see clothes that are casual, reasonably priced but high quality, lots of texture, embraces trends that aren’t too young … bottomline, simple, elegant and timeless! Also, there are also so many cute shoes and boots out there without a heel or low heel… would love to see more of those. Hope this helps … good luck with Gibson!

  85. Love both of these looks. Have been a follower of you for years and love how you style fashion that is not only trendy, but age-appropriate (I’m 56). Super excited to hear about your possible collaboration with Gibson. I follow “Living in Yellow” and “Hi, Sugarplum”, who have both now had a line with them. It’s your time!!!!! Can’t wait to see it!

  86. How exciting! I have been following you for several years as I love your style. I am the same age and like to dress classy, but comfortable. I would be interested in workwear as I work in a professional setting and in front of clients. As I have followed you, your style has become more youthful, but completely age appropriate which is exactly what I am striving for. I shop more intentionally now and look for quality over quantity. You have given me such great ideas and I often look to you for inspiration.

    Wishing you much success in 2019!

  87. I love both outfits. I live in leggings and comfy tops when I work from home. (Wish I could work from home all the time, but I have to be in front of the students haha!) I would love to see a line of your clothing. I have found and purchased several of your (and JoLynn’s) outfits, and I feel that I may finally have some outfits that make me feel better about myself and how I look. Looking forward to more of your styling in 2019. (For information I am 64 years old.)

  88. How exciting!!! Praying the door for this opportunity opens for you… How does having your own clothing line work? Are you modeling their clothes or actually designing them? I love the athleisure wear as I too work from home. I find I like the in style trends but don’t want to be shopping at the same stores as 16-18 year olds as they are made for their body type not necessarily ours even if we are on the small side lol. I want the edgesness but with class and style… Good luck:) can’t wait to see what happens.. Having company tonight then starting back to some normalcy tomorrow I hope😉

  89. So excited for this business opportunity for you! There is definitely a market for the clothing you want to collaborate with Gibson on! I agree that we don’t want to look like we are trying to be teenagers, but we want to be fashion forward and current. Looking forward to hearing how things progress!

  90. Love your blog. I love fashion and clothes but was never sure how to bring outfits all together. You blog has really helped me. I’m 59 and have bought several pieces you styled and given some gifts seen on your blog. I was told I always give the best gifts. So thanks for your help. A clothing line would be awesome. Prayers it all works out.

  91. I would love to see these styled for business-casual work wear. I work in a very casual environment but still want to look fresh and current. I will definitely be supporting you in prayer as well as purchases!!

  92. How exciting! I would add to your list that I’m not interested in dressing like my gran but I don’t want to dress like my sons girlfriend either! So, taking trends and making them work for our age group is what I like our about your style.

  93. Such exciting news! I’m 66, semi-retired and have changed the way I shop; while I need fewer dressy items, I do need to up my casual wardrobe and like pieces that can function in many ways. I not only like the Gibson line and price point, I’ve admired your style since I’ve been following you the past few years. This sounds like a win-win! Like others, I’m hopeful that this is meant to happen for you.

  94. Hi Cyndi!
    I am so excited for you! When your discussing clothing options, I would be great full if you could throw in a few pieces for women over 5’10” and are thin! It’s surprising how many companies still do not make clothes for tall women.
    Shawna Parsons

  95. I do love the athleisure look and versatility of pieces! I have one Gibson top that I picked up at Nordstrom Rack last week and love it, and it’s a small! (I usually wear a medium in tops!) How exciting it would be for you to get to collaborate with Gibson!!! I’ve watched a couple of other bloggers do that with Gibson and it’s been fun, however, I haven’t purchased any pieces yet, they just have seemed to be for smaller, younger ladies! 🙂 (Not all, but most) So YAY!!! I hope it works out!! I think I will purchase that pink top to help out!!
    Love BFTH- Thank you!!

  96. Love both these looks, especially the pink top! I can’t wear this to work but it would certainly be a weekend look that I would wear. I’ve not tried the Gibson line but I’ll be watching for a sale! I love your blog, Cyndi. Much luck in your new opportunity!

  97. Yay for your own clothing line! Will be praying Gods will for you in this endeavor. I own several Gibson pieces and love their affordability.

    We are going through a tough season financially right now so Im not able to order anything at the present time. But God is good and He will bring us out if it better than ever. All that to say once we are in a better place I would definitely order from your Gibson line. And I can certainly add great comments on Instagram!

    I would like to say while I like athlesisure I do not wear leggings but the tops and cardigans – definitely!

    All the best…

  98. How exciting! I hope this new venture works out for you ( and for us). I love both looks and the pink top looks so soft. I would wear either outfit.

  99. Both of these outfits are super cute! I wish I could dress comfy for work but I love dressing this way on the weekends! You look adorable!

  100. I love both these outfits. Looking stylish and cute is very important to me but I also need to have a level of comfort in my every day outfits and these items check off all the boxes for me.
    I am so excited about this new opportunity for you. I am such a huge fan of your blog.

  101. I’m so excited for you. I have some Gibson pieces that I love. This year I’ve been all about the soft and cozy. I truly love everything you style.

  102. I love the athleisure wear trend too!. I would also love to see some Gibson work wear styles, since I prefer to focus on clothing for work. Thanks for always keeping us on-trend!!

  103. I love the pink top and yes, I would and most likely will buy it!
    Congratulations on your collaboration with Gibson, that is really cool, Cyndi!

  104. Cindy,
    Praying for God to open the door He wants you to enter. Asking for Him to give you His wisdom and peace in your decisions. I love all the ideas for the new clothing line. It’s so nice to have someone in “our” corner to keep us looking our best at every age! Thanks and God bless. Rhonda

  105. I am 65, look younger, and like you love Jesus and love to dress fashionably. I think it’s because I wore Catholic school uniforms all during grade school and HS!
    Thank you for being such an inspiration!