One Top Two Ways

Happy Friday!! How is your week going? I’m still trying to get back into a normal routine after all the holiday stuff, but I’m getting there.

Today I’m styling One Top, Two Ways, but I have two tops that I’m sharing if that makes sense! I feel like you like to see items styled different ways so I will try to do that as much as possible.

First up, I have this cozy v-neck top. I styled this top with leggings last week, but today I have two more options. I love mixing pink and camo, so I styled the top with my camo pants from LOFT.

One Top Two WaysThe top has a hi-lo hem with the back hanging longer. It also has a drop shoulder silhouette.

One Top Two WaysV-Neck Top (I’m wearing a small, but I’d prefer an XS)//Camo Pants (I’m wearing a size 4)//Earrings//Necklace//Watch

Next, I styled this top with my black velvet pants. If you wear business casual, this might be a good option. The v-neck top comes in six different colors.

One Top Two WaysI did a front tuck and left the back out.

One Top Two WaysV-Neck Top (I’m wearing a small, but I’d prefer an XS)//Velvet Pants (I’m wearing a size 27)//Earrings//Necklace//Long Necklace//Watch

The second top I’m styling is this twist front pullover. Some of you mentioned wanting 3/4 sleeves because you like to see your bracelets/watch and so this top is a great option.

I styled it with jeans and riding boots here. This is such a comfortable outfit, perfect for looking stylish while running errands.

One Top Two WaysThis top hangs longer in the back too. So many of you said you like tops that cover the rear area.

One Top Two WaysTwist Front Pullover (I’m wearing a small, but I’d prefer an XS)//Ag Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Earrings//Watch//Bracelet//Necklace//Handbag//Riding Boots

Lastly, I styled this top with my camo pants. I added a scarf and some wedge boots for the winter weather.

One Top Two WaysThis top comes in eight different colors!

One Top Two WaysTwist Front Pullover (I’m wearing a small, but I’d prefer an XS)//Camo Pants (I’m wearing a size 4)//Earrings//Watch//Bracelet//Scarf

So there you go One Top, Two Ways!

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Beauty For The Heart~~So if it seems that there are going to be some temporary losses when you run this race with Jesus, you are right. That is why Jesus said to count the cost (Lue 14:25-33) before you sign on.

But the marathon of the Christian life is not mainly loss. It is mainly gain. “For the joy that was set before him, he endured the cross.” It is only a matter of timing.

If you see things with the eyes of God, there is a vapor’s breath of loss and pain, and then everlasting joy (2 Corinthians 4:17). ~John Piper

Have a blessed day!


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  1. An idea for your sitting room: since you don’t have a fireplace why don’t you consider an electric heater? It’s not the real thing, but I love mine. My living room has a lot of windows and can feel cool in the winter. The little heater running makes it feel so much cozier.

  2. I love all four looks but especially the pink top with the velvet jeans. My office is very casual and this is a great work option.My office is really cold and I would need a sweater or jacket. What do you recommend?

  3. I enjoy seeing clothing items styled different ways. I recall that you styled a denim shirt different ways a few weeks ago. I would really like to see a denim jeans jacket styled different ways. I had wanted one for some time and finally purchased it, but I seem to be stumped as to what to wear it with.

  4. I love your posts on styling basics different ways! Also, I love your Maybelline color and one that you might also like is Clinique Plum Spice (54). It’s only slightly darker and really pretty!

  5. Love the Gibson top with your riding boots and purse. Like others, I would like info on them if possible. The circle necklace is super cute. Thank you for your inspiration!

  6. These posts are really helpful. An item can look totally different styled differently.
    Do you think the camo pants are a little higher waist than Loft pants are typically?

  7. Hi! I love your daily messages and clothing selections. I’m 60 so a lot of it doesn’t apply to me, but I do enjoy it! Thanks

  8. I enjoyed this one so much! I love it when you use one item different ways. I am cautiously clearing my closet form extra stuff, and this one helped so much. Cyndi, I love that purse. I didn’t see the link. Do you mind sending it to me? That I do need: new purse. Thank you! 🤗

  9. Cyndi I saw a picture of you on Pinterest that was from your blog several years ago. You are a perfect example of “you’re not getting older you’re getting better.” You look incredible!

  10. You may want to look into a gas fireplace for your sitting room. It’s inexpensive, remotes on, needs no chimney, and has real flames coming from gas jets. A plumber needs to install the piping. So warm and cosy! I love flicking mine on when the house is chilly.

  11. I love that you have styled these tops in two different ways. I have been looking at the Gibson top and think its time to order. I like that these are 3/4 sleeve options.

  12. It’s fun to see the clothes you feature and how to wear them. I’ve used quite a few of your ideas but mostly I keep coming back for BFTH and also, to hear a bit about your everyday life. It’s very friendly and I really like how brief you keep the blog.

  13. Thank you for styling these tops in more than one way! The Gibson tops are really comfortable so I had to order the black one. The 3/4 sleeves are perfect in my opinion. I tend to get hot inside during the winter, so having the option of wearing a slightly shorter sleeve is a good thing. Happy New Year and have a great weekend!

  14. Cyndi… mentioned you would like to have a fireplace in your sitting room….here’s an option, you could purchase a free standing electric fireplace (we had bought one for our previous house) and they also look like a piece of furniture! Very good option. Have a great lunch with the family.

  15. Great post! I do like seeing several ways to wear a top, so “thank you!” Its wonderful that you and Traci live close to one another. And the BFTH was so good. As tough as our earthly life can be, it helps me knowing that Jesus is always with me and He will help me get through every situation, if I let Him. Have a great lunch and a fabulous weekend!

  16. Cindi
    I love your post. Styles are great even if I am quite a bit older than you. Beauty for the Heart is such an inspiration as well.

    I notice you have a lot of boots and booties. How do you arrange them in your closet? I think this would be a help to a lot of us knowing how to organize and store them. Keep up the good work.

  17. Love all of these looks and appreciate the ideas to use over the next few months when buying more winter clothes really isn’t on my radar;although I bought a cute winter coat yesterday but couldn’t resist the price 😉 I too would like information on the riding boots? I’ve been organizing and purging the last few days and hope to finish everything up this weekend when our tree comes down:( my studies so far seem to be focused on wisdom and spiritual growth perhaps a leading from God on the direction for this New Year!!

  18. Super cute looks – all of them! I like this multiple ways – very helpful!
    and 3/4 sleeves are a yes for me too.

  19. It’s funny but the black top looks totally different when you add the scarf! Thanks for these posts – I love them, they just give you that extra idea on how to put things together in your closet. Happy New Year Cyndi!

  20. You could get an electric fireplace. We have one in our bedroom (looks like a fireplace with mantle and one in the porch (looks like a small black cast iron wood stove.) They both heat really well, give the feel of a fire, and are very energy efficient.

  21. These posts where you show us multiple ways to style the same piece are so helpful! Ideas, inspiration, and all 4 look great on you.

  22. I love your creativity and how you show us how to style a top several ways. I would really like to know about your riding boots?
    Ive been looking for some with a shorter shaft and love the color of yours, what brand are they?
    Enjoy the kids and have a great day!

  23. Cyndi, I love this kind of post showing different looks for the same piece of clothing! I just recently jumped on the camo jeans train and now I want a pink top to style with them. I wouldn’t have thought of pink with them before!

  24. Every look is darling on you! I love, love, love camo and pink together! Thank you for styling 3/4 sleeves; you responded so quickly to comments made just the other day. Thank you! Have a blessed day. 🙂