January Loves-Winter Fashion

I wish I could say I won’t be wearing winter fashion much longer, but we have a few months of cold weather left. I’m ready for spring but I’ve got to be patient.

Since it’s cold outside, I’m sharing some of my January loves. I have ordered several of them.

January Loves-Winter Fashion

1. Heart Sweater | I thought this would be cute to wear for Valentine’s Day, but it could be worn anytime.

2. Tortoise Shell Hoop Earrings | I’m a huge fan of tortoise shell earrings, so they are definitely a January love.

3. Cozy Open Cardigan | This cardigan comes in 3 colors, has 5-star reviews, and it’s 40% off. This would be great for workwear

4. Rugby Stripe Weekender | This tunic would look so cute with leggings.

5. Striped Tie Cuff Sweater Dress | This is such a cute dress for workwear or church.

6. Mixed Media Tie Back Sweater | I like detail, and the tie back is adorable.

7. Stripe Cardigan | This cardigan will be great to wear through early spring.

8. Long Sleeve Knit Top | Great basic stripe sweater.

9. Stripe Sweater | This time of year it’s nice to add some color.

Are you ready for spring or do you like the cold weather??

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Beauty For The Heart~~God is using your present circumstances to make you more useful for later roles in His unfolding story. -Louie Giglio

None of us are immune to pain and suffering in this life. I have certainly felt the pain of loss and hurt in my own life.

One of my favorite verses that talks about suffering is 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 (MSG), So we are not giving up. How could we! Even though on the outside it often looks like things are falling apart on us, on the inside, where God is making new life, not a day goes by without his unfolding grace. These hard times are small potatoes compared to the coming good times, the lavish celebration prepared for us. There’s far more here than meets the eye. The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can’t see now will last forever.

 Have a blessed day!


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  1. Love your posts.
    Am eternally searching for petite clothing – esp jeans, and for warm colors (yep, do change makeup a tad to accommodate) but basically just don’t wear the cooler colors as great as your brunettes do.

  2. It’s cold in South Texas too and we will still need our warm clothes for a couple more months. So please keep styling winter fashion and we will patiently wait for spring to arrive.

  3. I have really embraced the winter season this year. I love accessorizing with vests, scarves, boots, etc. There is a lot you can do with layers that you can’t do in the warmer months, Winter is a beautiful season if I pause long enough to acknowledge it and celebrate it, I’ve told myself not to complain but to look for the good,

    I went to purchase the brown belt from Amazon you linked last month but there is an error, Could you check into it? I’d love to buy a black belt. Thank you!

  4. Oh the BFTH -> This is currently ( has been for over 2 years now) my life’s verse! The quote… Amen and Hallelujah!! I’ve been talking with a few friends about this very thing. Through everything that I have experienced, I am learning so much about how to walk in the midst of trials, and how to actually lean on Jesus for the strength, joy and power that we need to face each day. I feel like I am bursting at the seams to help people see this Truth! God is SO GOOD!! Have you heard the new song by Bethel yet- Raise a Hallelujah?? Oh my goodness, we sang it at church this past weekend (my son lead it which made it that much better!) what a war-cry! “our weapon is a melody…” Praise, prayer, and the Word is how we fight our battles!

    I do not prefer cold weather, but I do love sweaters!! Lol! That Gibson top you showed a week or so ago is my new favorite top!!



  6. We’ve had such a mild Fall/Winter here in Colorado, I’m not at all ready to put my sweaters and boots away just yet! I think the black dress and heart sweater are super cute!

  7. I’m in SoCal and it’s warm most of the year so our ‘cold’ weather is a welcome event. Cold meaning the 40’s at night and the low 60’s during the day. Haha.

  8. Love your favs… I’ve been buying some transitional pieces too but we do have a lot of winter left. Today it’s -17 degrees Celsius with windchill but sunny and no snow so I’ll take it.. I think I just get Antsy this time of year to change the wardrobe up a bit but still too cold until at least late April lol. I did buy a navy and off white striped Crew neck sweat shirt that felt like spring and super cozy. The leggings and Cozy sweats shirts and sweaters are getting the wear right now. Hope your spa appointment goes well:)

  9. I was excited about this list! So many of the items clicked with me before I’d even finished your email. Love all the variations/options for the earrings and keep forgetting to check Amazon for accessories.

    I bought the LOFT dress for two people for Christmas and one for me, too1 The cuff detail is so classic and the look, like so much of what you’re listing….will take me through (and likely past) your next 25 days series. Very transitional yet timely.

  10. We met at Pleasant Hill Baptist in northeast Georgia. I love tortoise shell everything but am not confident in what to wear with the earrings. Ideas/suggestions?

    Appreciate your posts and your heart!

  11. Your posts are always so informative and offer such great idea! I love several of these items!! Since I live in Texas and we have hot weather so much, I treasure these cold, cooler days! It seems like once the cold weather is gone, we are in hot weather mode for 8-9 months here. Brings on the cold for sweaters, and sweats and blankets!!!

    1. Danelle, I also live in Texas, along the Gulf Coast. So, I look forward to winter when I can wear sweaters, jeans, leggings, and coats…even for only 2-3 months. Since hot, humid weather is our norm down here 4-5 months out of the year (our springs and falls are wonderful here), winter is a nice break for cold weather outfits. Love the pieces you’ve shown us today, Cyndi!

  12. I’m still waiting for snow! Hope we get some this weekend. Love the colors and stripes in this. I need a few new things to spruce up my winter clothes.