Five Under $50 – Colorful Sweaters

Happy Friday!!! It has been a week, and while we are supposed to get rain, sleet, and snow this weekend, I’m still ready for the weekend.

This time of year when the weather is dark and dreary, I like to have a few colorful sweaters I can pull out and wear. Something about wearing a colorful sweater just makes me feel better! Anyone else?

Today, I’ve got five colorful sweaters under $50 that will bring some color into your life. I’m wearing the BP Spring Stripe Sweater. Since it has the word spring in it, I knew I wanted it! The sweater comes in regular and plus sizes.

Five Under $50 - Colorful Sweaters

BP Spring Stripe Sweater (I’m wearing an XS)//Kut From The Kloth Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4, they run big, size down)//Black Boot//Earrings//GG Belt//Hello Rug//Black/Beige Rug

Five Under $50 - Colorful Sweaters Five Under $50 - Colorful Sweaters

Here are some more colorful sweaters under $50 that will brighten up those winter blues!

Five Under $50 - Colorful Sweaters
1. Mixed Stripe Sweater//2. BP Spring Stripe Sweater//3. BP Everyday Stripe Sweater//4. Textured Crew Neck Sweater//5. Colorblock Sweater

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Beauty For The Heart~~Last night, I had the privilege to sit down and chat with the author of the book, Altar’d. It was wonderful to hear her heart on writing the book and how we should live an Altar’d life.

One of the things she said that stuck with me is we sometimes say I have a prayer life. It’s compartmentalized like I have a work life, a home life, etc.

She said we need to say we live a praying life. That wherever we are, whatever we are doing our life is filled with prayer. I love that!! I want to be a prayer warrior, and I want to live a praying life.

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. Ephesians 6:18

 Have a blessed day!


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  1. Loved the verse in Eph. you wrote. I love when God is teaching you something and you see it or hear it from all areas coming at you. It was perfect for what I’ve been studying and meditating on. The book Altar’d would work great to read after the Jonah study I’m doing now. 🙂 Thanks. Love the sweater. I so need more bright sweaters right now in the dreary rainy days. I’d rather have the pretty white snow that we aren’t going to get this year from what they are saying. I live in the NW.

  2. Love the thought “praying life” – how wonderful, and like someone else here said, I talk to God all day. I’ve actually told my husband I often feel like I “tweet pray” 🙂 because it’s an all-day kind of thing, of course in addition to my “devoted prayer time”.
    I’ll jump on the bandwagon and agree – I want to see the wreaths too!
    All of the sweaters are super cute, but I don’t wear many sweaters mainly because I am always hot – my husband wears his toboggan in the house because he swears we could hang meat. I figure he can put on more clothes – I can only get so naked – LOL. If I did wear sweaters though, these are all super cute, and the colors do make me happy.

  3. So with this yucky weather approaching is Sunday’s lunch hosting out? Besides your new wreaths, any other new decor items to share? Have a safe and cozy weekend!

  4. I want to see the winter wreath as well! Plus, did you link the other sweaters. When I clicked on the numbers nothing happened?? Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I would also like to see pics of your wreaths. I have a door that is very similar to yours and have been looking for a wreath. Thank you!

  6. Thank you for sharing the scripture with your blog devotees. It always seems to set the tone for my day. It helps me to be motivated to enjoy my day with a little extra bounce in my step. You are an excellent influencer in many areas of my life. God bless you.

  7. Cute “spring” sweater. I’m a fairly new subscriber and enjoy all the info you share. Fashion & thought provoking info for the soul. Thank you. Here in Chicago we are also expecting a winter-y weekend. Guess I’ll clean some drawers and closets. Departing on a cruise next week so, hey, I’m outta here!
    Love the thought behind a “praying life”. I try to not compartmentalize my prayer. Certainly I have a time when I pray for friends, family, loved ones suffering, special intentions, etc., that is probably more formalized. My daily practice is that our Lord is my friend, he tags along with me wherever I go and I chat with him throughout the day. He’s always there with me. It’s so wonderful and I’m never lonely.

  8. I always heard that for those of us who are broad in the chest, we should not wear horizontal stripes. I can never find any sweaters with vertical stripes, so I have to do with solid color sweaters. We are supposed to get quite the snow storm on Sunday – cannot wait. Love the snow, and we have not had much at all this winter. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. My girls are eh hem rather large and I have always heard the same thing! I go for fun floral sweaters. Great way to give the illusion of a smaller chest area. Happy shopping!

  9. I change my porch decor with the seasons, too!
    Love sweaters in the winter. I hate to drive in a coat so I like sweaters when I am just running from the car to inside.

  10. Agree about the sweaters.. these are all cute. It sounds like we are all going to have a messy weekend and start to the week. Good time to stay in and feel better. Totally agree about prayer. It is our daily communication with God where we get our direction for life.
    Can’t wait to see your wreaths.

  11. Love the colorful sweaters! I love sweaters when it gets cold so I can skip to a light jacket to run out of the house. Heavy coats are just that heavy but feel good if the weather is freezing cold. Would love to see the wreaths on your door when you get a pic – I know you are enjoying your new place. 🙂

  12. I love Jennifer Kennedy Dean! I have done some of her Bible studies. I was given her book Pursuing the Christ for Christmas. It’s a book of prayers for Christmas, but I’m reading it over and over! Ordered the peach striped sweater! Thanks for this post.Hope you feel better and get lots done this weekend.