The Most Sought After Winter Coat

I’m going to have your head spinning over the next few weeks! Why might you ask? Because today I’m sharing the most sought after winter coat and next week I’m sharing resort wear. It’s crazy!

This time of year fashion is a mixture of winter (because it’s still cold!), but we’re also looking ahead, and some of us are heading south to warm weather, and we might need something cute to wear. So bear with me!

First, let’s talk about this “it” coat. It’s supposed to be THE coat for New Yorkers, and recently, Something Navy blogger Arielle Charnas recently gave her endorsement of the coat on Instagram.

The best-selling comfy coat comes in five versatile colors — green, black, beige, grey, and navy blue. The puffer is dense and warm without being too bulky.

Plus, you can expand the jacket to make room for extra layers thanks to its side zippers.

This coat has over 3500 five-star reviews on Amazon!

I have been wearing this coat non-stop since I got it last week!

Down Jacket (I’m wearing a small)//High/Low Pullover (I’m wearing an XS)//Sneakers//Wit &Wisdom Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4)//Scarf and earrings are no longer available

My uniform these days!

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 Have a blessed day!


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  1. That coat looks like gang wear. This is one style that needs to stay in the closet. Just can’t see it being very flattering on most people and very masculine looking. You look great, and I love your style, but this coat is a definite no.

  2. Interesting coat, but in my town its the gang girls, involved with the meth labs, etc, who where that sort of thing. I am always amazed at how different regions will wear the same thing to send a different message. In KY its a warm coat for an over 50 women and my town, something else.

  3. Loved, loved BFTH. Sent it to some friends who need to be reminded of the truth like I do.
    I agree, take photos indoors if it’s cold. Don’t get chilly on our account.
    It’s just fun to see the outfits.

  4. Love that coat! It looks so very warm! It is cold here but by the weekend it is suppose to be warm again. We have a lot of crazy weather this year here. I will definitely check out that beautiful coat!

  5. What kind of sleeve does this coat have? I like a coat with a cuffed under sleeve to keep out the blowing wind and snow.

  6. I think I need to pop over to Amazon to take a look at this coat. With the very cold weather we are experiencing here in the UK this would be a very practical item to have right now.

  7. This looks so cute on you! From the picture on Amazon, it doesn’t look like it would be flattering. It looks like a sack on her.

  8. This coat looks so cute on you, thank you for
    sharing today and looking forwards to your
    “Spring Posts” soon!!
    Have a blessed evening!!

  9. Hi Cyndi !
    You look so cute in that coat. It looks like serious warmth.
    The model wearing it on Amazon looks like she is wearing a bag…lol. Just sayin.

  10. Really nice jacket but at 5’3 it would be too long. I also have two black puffer coats already and try to avoid the really bulky ones. It’s been – double digits here and I’ve been living in uggs and my Black puffer coat, so looking at some spring wear would be a welcomed sight:)

  11. I think the coat is super cute, and for “casual” wear, spot on if in an environment that calls for that much coat.
    As for your resort wear shoot, how about a pretty hotel pool area that is inside for the pics :). It’s one thing to suffer for fashion, but standing outside in a sleeveless dress and sandals when it’s 25 degrees is a bit much – we will forgive you and totally understand.

  12. I already own a knee length North Face puffer coat. I’m afraid I’d look like a marshmallow in this coat. But it does look very warm. Down is the way to go.

  13. I like the functionality but not the shape – looks really poofy! 🙂 That being said I could totally use that coast where I live and I love that it comes in other colors besides black! that is my biggest beef with warm winter coats – black only…..
    Thanks for sharing. Do you know if they make one like this that is not down?

  14. Your nails always look so good. Are you still getting gel nails? If so, how often do you get them done and do you have to get fill-ins like with acrylic or do they remove the gel and start over each time?

    1. Regarding the gel nails. Be careful because I developed a fungal infection under my nail beds which required weeks of soaking in a medicine and not wearing any polish for about two months until the nail bed reattached to my nail. I now bring my own equipment and only get acrylic nails.

  15. Love the coat. I have had a white one for 5-6 yrs , very similar to yours. I can toss in the washing machine and continues to look great. I love wearing it here in Colorado when we get those cold spells.

    Look forward to your resort wear as we will be doing a riverboat cruise in April.

  16. I really like the jacket but it would be too warm for where I live, when .i moved here I donated my down jacket and lined coat to A local church. I thought some one on the streets could use them especially on cold nights. Still, really cute!

  17. Hi Cyndi! I love your blog! That being said, I am not a fan of the coat. I think it is oversized and not a flattering shape on you or the model. Living in Chicago for 50 years I can tell you that there are plenty of packable down coat options at similar price points that are more stylish and will keep you very warm all winter! But thank you for showing us what is “in” so we can decide if it is for us or not!

  18. Take your spring resort wear pictures indoors!! I don’t think it matters whether they are indoors or outside. Your health is more important!!!

  19. Do spray tans really work and not look cheesy? We’re going on a cruise in 5 weeks and it would be awesome to not be chicken white!

    1. I got my first spray tan last early spring. It was freaky going into the enclosed “spray shower”. It looked natural on m (ask for the light or medium tan) and lasted for about a week and faded gradually in the shower. The smell was lingering however.

  20. I bought a similar coat in BJ’s – I was surprised! in maroon. It is so warm, even on the very cold days we have had, and I have been wearing it a lot. I think the scarf you are wearing is one you styled (from amazon) not long ago. I bought that scarf, and I love it. I have to wear both with boots, since it is too cold here in New England to go without socks. 🙂

  21. Well you are right about that coat! I was in NYC for Martin Luther king weekend and they were everywhere but the length was to the knee. Some were extremely shiny too and all were black. We had a great but freezing weekend. Walked up the Statue of Liberty, Ellis island, Grand Central Station, Empire state building! I need to get one of those coats to keep warm! I enjoy reading your blog and it helped me get ready for the MLK weekend!

  22. I have one very similar I bought this year, right down to the hood with the warm lining! I love it! My Hubby is allergic to down so mine is not of course so maybe a bit less fluffy…..which since I am fluffy works for me! I love it when I accidentally fall into something that is on trend! LOL