Adding Accessories from Sole Society

Happy hump day! It’s back to reality over here! I can only wear resort wear and spring clothes for so long, it’s still January, and it’s colds. Really cold!

Today I’m sharing some accessories from Sole Society. If you have been reading my blog for very long, you know I’m a huge fan of Sole Society. When I need a cute pair of shoes or a handbag, Sole Society is my go-to place.

Adding Accessories from Sole SocietyIt won’t be long until the weather is warm enough for these leopard flats. These have the perfect everyday flat, and they have great reviews!

Adding Accessories from Sole SocietyI styled my leopard flats with this off white sweater from Old Navy. I styled this sweater last fall HERE. There are limited sizes left, but it does come in tall and petite sizes.

Adding Accessories from Sole SocietyI have carried this small handbag to church several times. It’s perfect when you don’t want to carry an oversized bag.

Adding Accessories from Sole SocietyMy pants were in a Stitch Fix Box last year. The brand is Liverpool and the closest pair I could find is here.

Adding Accessories from Sole Society I kept my jewelry simple with this bracelet.

Adding Accessories from Sole SocietyI wore this outfit to church last Sunday minus the leopard flats. I didn’t wear them because it was so cold, and I didn’t want my ankles to freeze, so I wore tan booties.

Adding Accessories from Sole SocietyLeopard Flats//Bracelet//Handbag//Sweater (I’m wearing an XS)//Pants (similar option here)//Earrings//Sunglasses (older)

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This post was created in collaboration with Sole Society, all styles and opinions are my own, Thank you for supporting Cyndi Spivey sponsors!


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  1. So very sorry to hear the news of the loss of Emily. I followed the story and shared with my friends . I live about 23 miles from Ennis. What a tragic ending for such a beautiful young mother.
    I will pray that Wayne’s words will help with the family’s healing.

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend and pray for Wayne’s words to comfort at the funeral tomorrow. The clothes are very stylish & cute on. I do like the accessories too. Stay warm!

  3. Praying for your loss of a family friend and for Wayne’s words to bring comfort to a hurting family. Oh what it’s like to be a parent…

    Thank you for your style and ideas for us to keep handy.

  4. Dearest Cyndi, Loved the post, but I enjoy and learn from each one! I couldn’t believe it as I read your post this morning. My hubby and I were on a cruise last week, and spent a few days on each side of the cruise with our son who lives in the Houston area. When I was reading your post, we were traveling through Ennis, TX, so the Lord gave me a powerful intercessory message to pray for you and Wayne, her family and all who loved her dearly. Bless you!!

  5. I am so glad you and Wayne are going to be there to love on Shirley and family and friends who are hurting to share their sorrow. I know Wayne’s message at the funeral will bring comfort too.

  6. Cyndi, I am so sorry for your loss and for this poor family who lost their daughter. May God give comfort, peace, and rest to all who are grieving, and may He give Wayne the words to say at her service.

  7. What do you suggest wearing with a gray sweater dress? Would black tights and shoes look better than gray tights and shoes? And are sweater dresses still in style?


  8. Please know that y’all are in our prayers today. I live in the DFW area, and we followed Emily’s story, praying that she would be found alive. We prayed for her family, and were so very sorry to hear what happened. I’ll be thinking about all of you today, praying for comfort from our loving God.

  9. I’m hooked on Sole Society thanks to you! Have similar sweater–must order shoes. Thoughts and prayers with family, you and Wayne.

  10. Such a cute outfit….. I am sorry for the loss of your friend and will be praying as well. Praying for your husband as he does the funeral that many hearts will be open to the Lord. This is a time that God can use in a mighty way to bring many to Him. It has been 1 year 1 month and 11 days since my 28 year old son died. I will be praying with my whole heart for her parents. Be safe in the cold…..

    1. How devastating to have lost your son. As parents that is something we don’t plan on ever facing. I trust you can rely on God for the much needed strength to endure such a loss and move forward. Hold him close.

    2. Oh Robyn. My heart goes out to you can’t imagine loosing a child. Prayers with you. My friend lost her son a year and a half ago. I’ve walked the journey with her. Soooo difficult.

  11. My prayers are with Wayne as he prepares for Emily’s service. Just yesterday I had to explain to my 8 year old daughter she has another angel in Heaven. My mother passed away in her sleep yesterday morning. The sting is deep to lose a mother! May God comfort all the family and friends as they gather together to celebrate the life of such a beautiful young lady!

  12. I am sorry to hear about the young woman who passed away. I will keep her and her family in my prayers.
    I am near Chicago and the temps today are -21 degrees with a wind chill of -44 degrees. Isn’t that insane? My kids are off school, so we are having an indoor pajama party. We all pull straws to see who is going to take. the dog out 🙂
    I really love your style and this post has so many great suggestions. I just wish I wasn’t on a no-buy right now.
    Everyone stay warm & safe out there!

  13. so sorry to hear of your friends passing, sending prayers for the family. This is such a cute outfit I think I will wear my leopard flats with a similar outfit I have hadn’t thought of that

  14. Such cute clothes as of late, well done! So sorry about the loss of life, it’s so sad….praying for your Hubby as the does the funeral.

  15. Love theses color combinations. I just bought a cute off white sweater from Old Navy as a great transition piece. This outfit gives me ideas😉 Sorry to hear of the loss of this dear person to you and Wayne. Prayers for you both as you comfort her family in what is a difficult time.

  16. So sad about that girl. I live in North Texas and heard about it on the news. Prayers going out to her family for strength, comfort and peace.

    Lots of cute accessories from Sole Society. I love their accessories and they are at a reasonable price point too – bonus! 😊

    Our weather here isn’t as cold as where you are – and certainly not like the Midwest or north – but when it gets cold I have to remind myself the warm (and in Texas – hot) temperatures will be here before we know it! Then I’ll be wishing for the cooler temps. #neversatisfied. 🤷‍♀️

    Have a blessed day.