Essential Undergarments Every Woman Should Have

This past week when I shared the Gibson X Hi Sugarplum Resort Collection I was asked several times, “What strapless bra are you wearing with your outfits?”

So I decided to dedicate a post to essential undergarments. Here is the truth, undergarments are the base of every outfit and the most important items you’ll wear every single day.

This is true for every woman but especially as we age, undergarments keep things in place, and they can make or break your outfit.

When it comes to bras, I’ve been told by bra specialists; they should be replaced about every six months to a year. I typically try to replace mine every January. It’s important that our bras FIT WELL.

So here is my list of Essential Undergarments Every Woman Should Have:

Essential Undergarments Every Woman Should Have

1. Bliss Cotton Briefs | When you need a comfy pair of panties that are not going to show any lines, these are my go-to pair.

2. Racorback Bra | Ideal for tanks and tops that you want to hide bra straps. This one is comfy, and it has pretty lace detail on the back.

3. Soma Intimates Wireless Bra | Sometimes I prefer a no wire bra, and this is the best one. So comfy and full support.

4. Full Coverage Everyday Bra | This is my everyday bra that I wear with heavy sweaters, dresses, and blouses.

5. Strapless Bra | Hands down this is my favorite strapless bra. It stays up, and it’s comfortable (at least as comfortable as a strapless bra can be).

6. Spanx Mid-thigh Shorts | When I’m wearing something that hugs my hip and rear area these are what I wear. These Spanx are incredibly smooth, and they don’t roll up.

7. Hue No Show Socks | I probably get this question asked every week, several times. What socks do I wear with my booties? These are my favorite no show socks.

8.  Hanky Panky Original Rise Thong | This is actually a personal preference, and you obviously don’t have to wear a thong. But if I’m sharing essential undergarments for me, I have to be honest and say that 95% of the time I’m wearing a thong but only this brand. They fit great and are very comfortable.  They are sized as one size fits most. I will say that they are a little pricey, but they hold up so well and are totally worth it.

9. T-Shirt Bra | A tee shirt bra is an essential. Their smooth, full, no line cups are perfect under t-shirts, silk, and light sweaters.

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Beauty For The Heart~~When I was writing this post, it struck me that I was sharing what we wear underneath our clothes and how we will look better when our undergarments are good.

Just like undergarments, what is on the inside (our heart) makes a difference in our overall appearance. While we talk a lot about clothes, makeup, jewelry, etc. around here, these are fun “girly” things. But they aren’t eternal.

1 Peter 3-3-4 (TPT) says, Let your true beauty come from your inner personality, not a focus on the external. For lasting beauty comes from a gentle and peaceful spirit, which is precious in God’s sight and is much more important than the outward adornment of elaborate hair, jewelry, and fine clothes.

I love how scripture reminds us where our true beauty comes from. Let’s strive for a gentle and peaceful spirit.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Love your blogs and posts!! Please tell me what smore make for your patio your fought. I can’t find that blog anywhere and I can’t wait to buy one for my kiddos!!

  2. I need to replace my bras but can not afford a bunch! Do you buy all nude color or black or one of each? What would be the best color/combination to have? I really like the idea of no underwire, will definitely be buying one of those but if you had to choose between the t-shirt bra or the wired and wireless bras from soma where would you put your money and would you get some black some nude or all nude?Silly question maybe but I have had the same bras for 5 years (gross!) and I bought them just after finishing nursing baby 6 so things are a bit different now!!! Thanks for all your posts you have such great style tips for those of us like me who have a hard time seeing beyond jeans and t-shirts!!! I love reading your blog!

  3. At 62, my breast tissue is not firm anymore and I feel that I need a “push up” style to keep my look younger a bit fuller and higher. It’s really not about looking sexy or even larger. The bras I have now cause my breasts to migrate or spill out the front. I have to keep readjusting throughout the day. I have been looking but am frustrated at finding something that works for me. Right now I’m wearing a 32C. I have a very small torso measurement. In fact in Third Love site, they suggested a 30D for me. Are there any products you could suggest? Thanks, Cyndi!

  4. So great to see the recommendations! I notice the washing instructions say “hand wash line dry” for the underware and thong…is gentle cycle ok? Maybe just me..but I can’t imagine having to do all that hand washing. Although I do hand wash bras… 🙂

  5. A little late to the game but have to add my 2 cents on the thong debate: I’ll be 47 in 2 weeks and I’ve gained 10 pounds since Thanksgiving. I can assure you that naked, I look much better in a full coverage panty. The thong is about panty lines, even if it means digging it out of my tail a few times a day.

  6. I love those little footlets to wear with boots too! I wear VS bombshell bras that add 2 cup sizes, ha! Love love them! I do Spanx also for under dresses in the summer with tanned legs. In the winter I wear that brand tights with boots or cute shoes to church. Thanks for posting suggestion on strapless bras. Always need a new one for those off the shoulder tops, don’t we?

  7. The thong debate is so funny! The t-shirt bra is a little over my teacher budget, but I do appreciate the other suggestions!!!!

  8. i wear the t shirt bra and i love the coverage. i will try the hanky panky thong, i have had bad experiences with thongs but willing to try this one to get the line less look with the comfort. thanks for your transparency! i also want to try this particular spanx. i definitely will check it out.

  9. Thanks for this post Cyndi. It’s stuff we need to know as I agree that what’s worn underneath can make or break an outfit. I’m not a thong person; but can’t say I’ve tried any either or at least the ones you’re recommending. I think at 51 it’s time to try… the no show panty line can be hard to find. I call my daughter’s thongs her eye patch 😂

  10. For the “no thong” team, I highly recommend the Soma Vanishing Edge panty in nude! They are super comfortable, come in several styles (bikini, hip hugger, brief) and are completely invisible under clothing.

    1. I agree! They put them on sale a couple of times a year. I know Memorial Day weekend is one. 5 pairs for $35. I stock up then. They have bins in ther stores at reduced prices, just have to dig to find your style. I hate wedgies! They are a thing of my past with this underwear.

      1. I agree Soma panties are wonderful and vanishing edge is perfect for no panty lines. I stock up on their sales…Have worn Soma panties for years and highly recommend!

  11. I am typically a no thong girl. The point to wearing a thong is to not have a panty line. The Hanky Panky thongs are comfortable. I have worn them for years and even ridden horses in them. If I have to wear a thong it’s that one.

  12. I don’t understand the negatives of thongs. I wear them and don’t find they are uncomfortable, in any way. Perhaps, it’s the ones they are buying. If it’s just a string, then yes. The ones Cyndi has recommended are very comfortable to wear. You won’t notice you have them on. Some clothes just look better with them.
    I must get a racerback bra. I really like the look of racerback tops/dresses. They look cool without baring too much. I find push up bras don’t stay nicely or they are just too uncomfortable. I’m a bit of a Princess and The Pea. 😉

  13. As you can imagine, not all thongs are created equal. I found a material that you cannot even tell you are wearing anything.Probably the same with Cindy’s suggestion. Any time i try a full coverage pair… it feels like a diaper. For me its all about comfort not sex appeal.

  14. Can I ask a stupid question? What is the point of a thong? Other than sex appeal, I mean. I e tried wearing them – and please pardon my crudeness – but all it does is gives me an incredibly uncomfortable “wedgie”. And there’s nothing ladylike to solve that issue. Is it just something you have to get used to?

    This question sounds so crude, forgive me. But I’ve always wondered.

    1. I love your question and have wondered the same. People say they get used to them. I also think it’s ironic when I see a teenage girl wearing leggings and I can see through them and see her thong. Maybe it’s intentional. I don’t know.

    2. The thong is to get rid of VPL’s…visible panty lines! When wearing jeans, tighter pants and leggings it gives a smoother finish. I have tried, I swear, every brand out there – Hanky Panky is the best. I’ve also loved Calvin Klein laser cut and they are great too. I’ve worn them for decades and they are truly comfortable. I don’t wear them under tight white jeans because a neutral fuller panty – like Cyndi’s suggestion above – looks so much better.

    3. The only reason I wear them is so that there are no panty lines under. I only do this with certain types of clothing because I do not think they are comfortable. There’s also nothing worse than undies that travel and bunch.

  15. Appreciate your dedication to modesty, Cyndi! I did some modeling back when I was young and cute(DECADES ago!), but when it came to modeling underwear, I ran for the hills! I can’t imagine doing it online!
    I have tried thongs, more in the summer, but cannot get used to them. I’ve tried several brands, but will gives your recommendations a try!

  16. Great post! I’m a thong girl and I am going to try your brand. I’m curious if your Everyday Bra can also work as a T-Shirt bra? And if not, why not? (yes, racerback, not razorback)

  17. Cyndi

    Thank you for this information. It is nice to get suggestions about well fitting undergarments, they make a difference. I am wondering if you have a preference or recommendation on camis or shapewear tops? Holly

  18. Mind blown. You have different bras for different uses. I’m a basic same-bra-in-a -few-colors gal (other than owning sports bras – which is a whole other shopping nightmare). I’m going to try to add some of your suggestions to my lingerie drawer. Thanks!

  19. I am a southern woman too, and my grandmother taught me never to chew gum in public and certainly never speak of “unmentionables”! So, thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and sharing your undergarment essentials. I despise panty lines and wear thongs most of the time. I can’t wait to try the Hanky Panky thongs!

  20. Love the BFTH today – and so true!
    What a great post, Many thanks for all the suggestions!
    Now, on to the underthings :), I am a lover of all things SOMA, from their panties – full cut, to thongs, and their bras are some of the best around. I am a little more blessed with “the girls” (for the rest of my body) and SOMA is one of the only places I can find a bra to fit my smaller band but larger cup, and I have narrow shoulders too – if that makes sense; and I’ve never found a strapless on that works – but I’m willing to try – so thank you for a suggestion. I see so many women of all ages who ruin a great outfit with either the wrong undergarments – or gasp – no undergarments – especially in the warmer months.
    I also believe the proper care of these garments is important – NEVER put them in the dryer, and always wash them in a garment bag – they will last longer, and hold their shape better.
    Again – thanks for all the suggestions!

  21. I didn’t realize you should replace your bra every year! Yikes! I have two good ones that I rotate through every week, maybe it’s time to pick up some more!

  22. I agree that Hanky Panky thongs are the absolute best! That is all I wear as well. Thank you for sharing all of these items. I will try the bras.

    1. Cindy here is the link
      Just so you know for future posts if you click #5 Strapless bra, that takes you to the bra. Also, any of the pictures are clickable and will take you to the website that sells the bra.
      I hope that helps!

  23. JJ, no you are not the only women on the planet that despises thongs! But then I haven’t tried Cyndi’s brand….but at almost 65y/o maybe I am not going too either….more giggles! But I do appreciate all the tips on under garments and the BFTH, so very true!!!! I am gonna check into some of those bra’s though! 😉

  24. Another thong hater here! Ha! Soma is my go-to bra brand. Very comfortable. Cyndi, I think it’s “racerback” rather than “razorback” bra! Thank you for your suggestions on “unmentionables”! Beauty from the Heart is right-on today.

  25. I hate to ask this, but can you post your sizes. I find that our body shape and size is very similar and it would help me order.

    1. I too would love to know your sizes Cyndi…especially for Spanx. I bought a pair of the size that supposedly fit my height/weight and couldn’t hardly get them over my calf;)

  26. No thongs here either. Between my tummy pooch and bladder prolapse, the thing would be hanging off my knees looking like a slingshot.

  27. I have followed your blog a long time and have gotten so many useful tips from you. Thank you! Am I the only woman who despises thongs? (Nothing against those who wear them! More power to ya!) But eegads I find them SO uncomfy! I would totally rather “suffer” the pantylines any day than deal with a thong!

    1. Thank you!! I’m just curious, have you tried Hanky Panky thongs?? They’re the only ones I can wear BUT I understand they’re not for everyone.

      1. I looked back at the comments as per your post today (2/1), and loved all the comments, especially concerning thongs. You guys keep up the good work!