Pink Jacket for Spring

Hi ladies! We were at St. Thomas yesterday, and today we have already docked at St. Maarten. We are headed out this morning to do some sightseeing.

Today on the blog I’m sharing a pink jacket for spring. The exact color is called pink adobe. It also comes in silver, olive, lilac, and a light gray.

It’s lightweight, and it drapes beautifully. It does add some warmth, so it’s perfect for spring! I’m wearing an extra small because they didn’t have any smalls when I ordered this jacket. I might like the small fit a little better. They now have all sizes available.

Pink Jacket for Spring I paired it with a snakeskin cami that I think is adorable and right on trend. Many of you said you didn’t like snakes, but no need to fear a cami, it won’t bite.

Pink Jacket for SpringI found this neutral clutch at Nordstrom. The clutch will go with so many of my spring and summer outfits. I like to carry a clutch to church, and this one will look good with my spring and summer dresses.

Pink Jacket for SpringThe jacket is a little shorter in the back, so your top hangs out which I think looks good and it covers the rear area.

Pink Jacket for SpringThis pink jacket and cami would look cute with black pants. I didn’t bring any with me on my trip so I dressed it down with denim.

My Ag jeans are on sale, but they are still expensive. I love Ag jeans, and I consider my cost-per-wear when purchasing jeans.

Because I’m a blogger, I style lots of brands of jeans at different price points. Hands down when I’m home and wearing a pair of jeans I always grab my Ag jeans.

Pink Jacket for SpringPink jacket (I’m wearing an XS)//Snake Print Cami (I’m wearing a small)//Ag Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Mules (less expensive option here)//Earrings//Necklace//Clutch

Make sure you stop by and see what Jo-Lynne is styling for our 26 Days of Spring Fashion!

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Beauty For The Heart~~God is always seeking you. Every sunset. Every clear blue sky. Each ocean wave. The starry hosts of night. He blankets each new day with the invitation, ‘I am here.’ -Louie Giglio

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I love your style. This is one is so cute but the pink jacket is out of stock in xsmall. Do you have a similar one to recommend?

  2. Always love your outfits, I would not have been able to pick those pieces and style them so well! Thanks for the reminder to spend a little more on good quality jeans. Loved your message for the heart, it will spoke to me.
    Question, why do you carry a small puse to church?

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. Hi Cyndi
    Snake print gives me the creeps. I had a real python bag – gifted to me together with python high boots. I was more than pleased to pass them both on – URGH!!!!!
    Outfit looks great though – love your style😚

  4. I’ve never worn this design but always need a wrap in the spring. I ordered it and can’t wait to see how it looks!

  5. I Love this Look! It looks great on you. Keep the Spring Outfits coming! Hope you’re enjoying your cruise!!

  6. I just love your humor and I remember the song well! It makes me laugh every time I think about it! That jacket is beautiful! So happy you are having a great vacay!

  7. I hate to say this, but somehow I know every word to The Streak! I didn’t think I was a big fan of the snake prints, but I really like how you have styled the cami and would definitely wear it.

  8. Love the whole outfit Cindi! Pastels aren’t great for me but would totally wear the jacket in a more jewel tone. Really like the “snake print” top and think it could be very versatile. A nice neutral like leopard print! Enjoy the rest of your vacay.

  9. I love that little jacket. It’s versatile!
    I must have missed the snakesprint debate. I like it! I bought a spring coat and find it very sharp. The reason we follow influencers is to know what’s on trend. Everyone needs to pick and choose the ones that fit their taste, body shape and lifestyle. I say bring it on, Cyndi!

  10. Super cute outfit! Perhaps you could style the cami with a pair of high-waisted black trousers for a night out to dinner :)!!

  11. Very cute outfit! I can see this working on everyone, no matter your figure type. I especially love that clutch too! And I absolutely remember that song! So funny!

  12. I really like the color of your jacket! I can’t believe that you and Jo-Lynne are sharing the same jacket today, but in different colors. Please tell Wayne that he did much better than me yesterday. I would not be in the water at all, even with a life jacket because I am afraid of water over my head. Touring in a Jeep today sounds awesome. Have a great day!

  13. Love this look! Your Ray Stevens reference made me laugh… my Ray Stevens’ line at work is, “It’s me again Margaret”! 🙂

  14. Well, I really like snakeskin print, so this is one of my favorite looks you have styled. Really like the way the jacket hangs, and the blush color. I already have a taupe snakeskin print top, so I am actually interested in the jacket in a couple of colors!

  15. Great jacket……….kinda a cross between a jacket and waterfall type cardigan. I love the color too. I need structure in my shoulder area as I have narrow, sloping shoulders a bit so I always do a jacket instead of cardigan. This would be a nice change of pace! thanks for sharing!

  16. AG jeans are amazing. I bought my first pair based on your advice and it was worth the money. Enjoy the cruise! We are in your age range and also find that we tend to be on the younger side on a Celebrity cruise. We love it though. For the more active excursions, we find that there are less people participating which we enjoy. I also highly recommend upgrading to Aquaclass. It’s so nice to have the private restaurant.

  17. OH MY! I so love this look! perfect for spring. I hope you’re enjoying your trip, although I did have to laugh at the “green noodle” snorkeling adventure you shared. 🙂

  18. That is a pretty pink jacket and looks nice with the cami. The clutch would be perfect for special dinners or weddings. Have a fun time on your vacation.

  19. Love everything about this look on you! And I guess great minds think alike: JoLynn is stylin’ the same jacket today! MAKE IT a good day!

  20. I love the snakeskin tank with the pink jacket. It’s very soft but trendy looking. I think a nude, blush or grey shoe would look good too. Enjoy your time in St. Maarten and be safe.

  21. Love this look! All your vacation clothes are beautiful on you. You look rested, fresh and fabulous (hope it’s true). Don’t hate the snake!!

  22. I especially love this outfit today (but I also like the snakeskin trend). The cami is very pretty and I would not have thought to put it with the jacket-looks great. Sounds like you guys are having a great time!

  23. I love a cute little jacket . I agree the cami looked geometric not too snakeskin at all.. enjoy your sightseeing😎

  24. What a cute outfit! The snake skin cami just looked like a gray geometric print to me, so no shivers or cringing!
    Have a great time today!

  25. You made me grin this morning! It’s a cute outfit, whether you like the print or not. And I love that little jacket. Thanks so much for all your great ideas. Have a good day!