Graphic Tee and Jean Shorts-Weekend Fashion

Welcome back to 26 Days of Spring Fashion, and I’m coming at you in the comfort of my home sweet home. We had an amazing trip, but I’m glad to be back in Kentucky even if it is cold.

We snapped our last picture after the ship had docked in Fort Lauderdale. Everyone was waiting to be called off the ship, so the upper deck area was empty.

I wore a graphic tee and jean shorts for my trip home. Well, part of the way home, I changed into joggers when we landed in Atlanta for our next flight to Kentucky.

Graphic Tee and Jean Shorts-Weekend Fashion Graphic Tee and Jean Shorts-Weekend Fashion I love graphic tees, and I can wear this in spring when the weather is still cool with a cardigan.

Graphic Tee and Jean Shorts-Weekend FashionMy jean shorts are Kut From the Kloth brand. They have a frayed hem with a 9″ rise. They’re also on sale.

Graphic Tee and Jean Shorts-Weekend FashionI purchased my J/Slides at but I found them at Zappos for a little less expensive, and it’s free shipping. These run about 1/2 size bigger. So instead of a 7 1/2, I’m wearing a 7.

Graphic Tee and Jean Shorts-Weekend FashionHopefully, I will be wearing this outfit in Kentucky before too long!

Graphic Tee and Jean Shorts-Weekend Fashion Graphic Tee (I’m wearing a small)//Jean Shorts (I’m wearing a size 4, this is my normal size in this brand)//J/Slides (size down 1/2 size)//Earrings

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  1. I always have trouble deciding what size to order because of shrinkage. I know at some point it will be put in the dryer. How do you decide?

  2. I love this cute weekend outfit!! We are close in age and you never fail to show an outfit I love!!! Glad you had a great trip, I watched your InstaStory and your husband is a hoot!! I like the way you keep it “real” ! Have a great weekend!!

  3. You look great in this outfit Cyndi! I bet it did feel good to be back in your own bed last night. As enjoyable as vacations can be, it’s always so good to be back home. Find joy in doing the laundry, buying groceries, and getting back in the normal routine. So many things to be thankful for! Oh, I have to say that you and Traci sound so much alike and your hand gestures are so similar. Be blessed!

  4. You had a pic a few weeks ago and it looked like you were wearing a blue swimsuit, highneck two piece – I think I saw it on Instagram but was wondering where you bought the set – it looked so cute!! Thanks!! Loved your trip pics as well as all your blogs by the way 😎

  5. Welcome home… so glad you had a great trip. I can’t wait for you to share more about it:) any chance you’ll share the joggers with this t shirt? I love graphic T-shirts and I just bought some new camo joggers…

  6. So glad you all had a good trip and made it home safely. It’s always good to get away but even better to get back home. I so loved those shoes so thank you sharing an alternative place to order them. Unfortunately I wear a six and would need a five and a half and it doesn’t look like they are available 😟