4 Workday Blouses from Gibson

Last week on Instastories I shared some floral blouses from Gibsonlook.com. I also gave a sneak peek to this one on my Saturday post.

Gibsonlook.com has so many beautiful pieces whether it’s blouses, cozy wear, or casual essentials. Gibson is offering FREE SHIPPING with code CYNDI. You can use it on anything you order, and it can be used more than once.

Today, I’m sharing all 4 workday blouses that are perfect for the spring and summer season! These would be great for work, but they can also be worn to church, date night or a casual day of running errands.

First up is this long sleeve split neck blouse. If you don’t want a floral blouse, this blouse also comes in an ivory/black dot design that I really like too!

4 Workday Blouses from Gibson I styled this blouse with my new American Eagle jeans. These jeans are on sale for under $30!!

4 Workday Blouses from Gibson This blouse is gorgeous, the colors are vibrant, and I like having some long sleeve blouse options for spring.

4 Workday Blouses from GibsonLong Sleeve Split Neck Blouse (I’m wearing an XS)//AE Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6 regular)//Vince Camuto Wedge (TTS, TAN 2 COLOR)//Earrings//Bracelet//Necklace

Next, I have a Faux Wrap Blouse with Tie Waist. This is such a pretty blouse, and I styled it with black pants that are now sold out. This blouse can be worn with wide leg pants, or a pencil skirt, or dressed down with denim.

4 Workday Blouses from Gibson4 Workday Blouses from GibsonFaux Wrap Blouse with Tie Waist (I’m wearing an XS)//Black Pants (I’m wearing a size 4)//Sam Edelman Heel (TTS)//Earrings//Bracelet//Necklace

I have two cap sleeve split neck blouses, and both are sleeveless. These would work well alone, but they can also be styled with a denim jacket or a blazer for work.

The first sleeveless blouse is this Black/Orange Flora Cap Sleeve Split Neck Blouse.

4 Workday Blouses from Gibson I styled this blouse with white jeans.

4 Workday Blouses from Gibson All of these blouses hang long enough in the back to cover your rear area.

4 Workday Blouses from Gibson Black/Orange Flora Cap Sleeve Split Neck Blouse(I’m wearing an XS)//White Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Vince Camuto Wedge (TTS, TAN 2 COLOR)//Earrings//Bracelet//Necklace

Lastly, I’m styling this Red/Blue Floral Cap Sleeve Split Neck Blouse.

4 Workday Blouses from Gibson 4 Workday Blouses from Gibson 4 Workday Blouses from GibsonI added a denim jacket to this outfit. This is a good option for a denim jacket, and it’s on sale.

4 Workday Blouses from Gibson Red/Blue Floral Cap Sleeve Split Neck Blouse (I’m wearing an XS)/White Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Vince Camuto Wedge (TTS, TAN 2 COLOR)//Earrings//Bracelet//Necklace//Denim Jacket (similar option here)


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  1. Well it says above tell me what you think but yet I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t after hearing your fault for the day about sometime saying things maybe we should hold back on I’m saying. Love the outfits with the 2 different blouses Except for the red floral blouse with the black pants and sand colored shoes. You have a gorgeous figure and I am in of you are figure but for some reason those black pants do not look quite right. I think they are a little too short which make your derrière look like it’s protruding .

  2. Love the florals! Can’t wait to wear my white jeans with a denim jacket! So cute! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Such beautiful spring blouses. My favorite is the first one and glad to see that Cuffed Jeans are still in style because I have several that I have to cuff that aren’t petite jeans.

  4. You look so great! I would love for you, in your spare time😉, to give a comparison of sizes from the companies you share. I know my size from Loft, but how do their sizes compare to Gibson, for example?

    Sorry, I despise returns!!

  5. Yes the quotes! Thank you for sharing! I so agree…I too have an issue where I need to add a few more filters to my mouth…although I am getting better at it.

    1. Leslie I apologize, I haven’t posted the last few weeks. It depends on my weekend schedule and family time. This weekend was super busy so I didn’t get a post out.

  6. The first blouse is so pretty. How did you find the fit of the American Eagle jeans? Were they all you thought they would be? Right on BFTH:)

  7. I love the BTFH. It’s easier to be kind than to be rude or mean. Though i’ts hard to be kind when we’re stressed or upset, being kind can turn a bad mood into a more pleasant mood in a hurry. Have a blessed day Cyndi!

  8. We teach the kids at church to THINK before they say something. Is it:

  9. Love the long sleeve black floral blouse, I just ordered it. Was wondering where you got the white floral blouse you recently had on in one of your insta stories, I loved it when I saw and have been searching to find it, but have had no success. If you wouldn’t mind, could you please share where that blouse can be purchased? I love your style and have gotten some wonderful new pieces from following you on social media. Thank you!