Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFT

Yesterday I mentioned that LOFT was having a sale so I thought I would head to LOFT for some dressing room try-ons. I found quite a few really cute things, so I’m sharing them with you!


First up is this black jumpsuit. I’m wearing an extra small, but I would want a small in this one. Check the website for the back, but you will need a strapless bra. I wear THIS ONE.

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFT Wrap dresses are flattering on most figures, and this one is a midi, so it comes several inches past my knees. I’m wearing a size 4 but need to size down to a 2.

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFT I absolutely love this striped top; it would be perfect for church or workwear. (I’m wearing a small but need an XS.)

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFT I had to try this gorgeous floral blouse on, and it was just as I expected. So many pretty colors and it would be perfect for the hot summer weather. (I’m wearing an XS.) My jeans are also on sale, you can find them here. (I’m wearing a size 27.)

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFTAnother great summer outfit. The blouse (I’m wearing an XS.) will need a strapless bra. It has pastel colors so it would be pretty with pastel pants or even white jeans. I paired it with the cute scalloped shorts. (I’m wearing a size 4.)

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFT Okay, this chevron dress would be perfect to grab and wear during the summer season. I would wear it with a cute pair of flats and a white denim jacket if the weather were cold. (I”m wearing an XS.)

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFT Yellow is not my color, but this is a stunning summer dress. It’s v-neck with a snap so that it doesn’t drape open. (I’m wearing a size 2.)

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFT I tried this top (I’m wearing an XS) on with a pair of floral fluid pants (I’m wearing an XS). I like both of them, but I wouldn’t wear them together. I think this cami would be pretty with these flowy pants.

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFT When I tried this top (I’m wearing an XS but I think I would prefer the small) on, another lady liked it so much; she asked to try it on. The eyelet detail is adorable!

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFT This dress (I’m wearing an XS) is gorgeous. I love navy, and the cap sleeve lace detail is such a pretty touch. It also has a cutout in the back; you can wear a regular nude bra with this dress.

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFT This is another great dress! The shirred waistline makes it figure flattering. (I’m wearing a small.)

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFTI paired another really pretty floral blouse (I’m wearing an XS) with pink shorts (I’m wearing a size 6  because they didn’t have a size 4). I should have tied the blouse; I think it would look better.

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFT These tie waist green shorts are a cute addition to your summer wardrobe (I wouldn’t wear them with this floral blouse because it has a tie too, I’m wearing a size 4.)

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFT This is a one-piece romper. I think it would be perfect for a warm weather vacation. (I’m wearing a size 4.)

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFTThis jumper was my favorite thing that I tried on!! Unfortunately, there is only a size 2 left online. Ugh!! I’m wearing a size 2, but I need a size 4.

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFT This floral dress is comfy and would be perfect for church. I would add a denim jacket or a white blazer because I freeze in church.

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFTThere are still a few sizes left of this pretty blouse.

Dressing Room Try-Ons: LOFTFloral Blouse (I’m wearing an XS)//Leith Flare Jeans (I’m wearing a size 27)//Ring//Halogen Sandal (TTS)//Handbag

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  1. I wore the yellow dress for Easter, and already bought the floral flutter sleeve blouse (black background) but haven’t worn it yet. I also bought the orange-y wrap dress but I didn’t like it on me so I returned it. I’ve bought so much from Loft this spring I haven’t had a chance to wear all of it yet! LOFT my favorite store – probably 95% of my wardrobe is from LOFT! BTW I think the yellow dress looks good on you. I kinda thought the same thing as you when I wore it Easter Sunday, but several folks commented how yellow looks good on ladies with dark hair! It’s a richer yellow (I probably could not wear a pale yellow).

  2. Just purchased the black and white shirred waist dress and a black romper that was on the site!! Can’t wait to receive it!! Thank you so much for the “try-on” session!! It really helps to make purchasing items so much easier!!

  3. I keep up with JoLynneShane’s blogs as well as yours, and pretty much my favorite entries are the “try-on” blogs. Keep including tem, please! They are so much fun.

  4. Hi Cyndi: love your wearable style. I’d like to know how tall you are so I’ll know approximately what lengths will suit me when u model it. Thanks!!

  5. Sweet friend, you look good in all of these! It really is helpful to see a real person in these clothes. Even though you’re tiny, you still have some curves–models tend to be sticks, so they give us no idea how the clothes will actually look on real people!

    Good luck with your office organization/re-organization. Wish I could be there to help you–that’s the kind of job that could be fun with a friend, but it’s SO MUCH to do by yourself! I know you’ll make it all beautiful. Love you!

  6. I love that floral tie blouse with the green tie shorts, but I would interchange the tie belt with a brown leather buckle belt and that would work beautifully.

  7. Oh my gosh!!! So many cute outfits! I was thinking the blue dress would be perfect for a not so formal wedding???

    Can not wait to see pics of your new office!

  8. I love these try on sessions. The navy dress and the eyelet t-shirt plus both jumpsuits would be my favorites. I’m a fan of the loft and because shipping is so expensive to us here in Canada I’ll be visiting their stores while over to the states early next month. I will be honest though… sometimes I go in and find the items a little old looking then other times I go in and I’m blown away by all the cute stuff. Good luck with your office. I’m sure you’ll have it done up nice and can’t wait for you to share your photos:) I’ve been purging since January lol but in just switching over the seasons of clothes it continued… I bag it and get it to Bibles for missions ASAP before I change my mind and think I need to keep something. My daughter and I are headed to a Nordic spa tomorrow our first visit can’t wait to be pampered and unwind.

    1. Hey Cyndi….Everything you tried on looks great on you. My favorite, the blue floral dress. I’m a little old for some of the outfits you tried on, as I’ll be 70 in October. But I have alwsys loved fashion and have tried to keep up with it all this year’s. Much luck in moving your office. I’m sure it will look wonderful when you finish. I know its a job and a half. Been trying to finish my kitchen since last August and as soon as we do one thing we have to do something else. It’s well in its way to getting finished. Hope you’re having a great weekend.

  9. I can’t believe I bought something that you styled, before you styled it! I recently purchased (40%off sale) the floral cap sleeve shell and paired it with the matching fluid crop pants. I wore it to a wedding shower and received many compliments on my “jumpsuit.” I love that I can wear each piece separately or together for many different outfits.
    This was a great post, thanks for the ideas!

  10. Wow! I love everything (except those orange flowy pants). That navy dress with the lace detail looks wonderful on you! You look great in everything, Cyndi!

  11. Wonderful post! I love all the pieces you tried on-the florals are so pretty and the grey striped jumpsuit is super cute on you!