Love it or Leave it? The Jumpsuit Trend

Happy hump day! The jumpsuit trend has been around for a few seasons, but I feel like it’s finally becoming more and more popular.

While they can be a little bothersome when going to the bathroom, if you find one you like, I think they’re worth it. Today I’m styling a floral jumpsuit from EVEREVE that is on sale for under $60.

Love it or Leave it? The Jumpsuit Trend Love it or Leave it? The Jumpsuit Trend I wore this jumpsuit to church on Sunday, and because it was a little cool, I added this denim jacket. I also wore these earrings that looked great but I forgot to bring them with me when we did this photo shoot.

Love it or Leave it? The Jumpsuit Trend This jumpsuit would be cute for a date night, or even a casual summer wedding.

Love it or Leave it? The Jumpsuit TrendThe jumpsuit is super comfortable and I like that it has a snap at the neckline so that the v-neck stays closed.

Love it or Leave it? The Jumpsuit TrendFloral Jumpsuit (I’m wearing a small)//Earrings I’m wearing//Earrings I wore with the jumpsuit to church//Necklace//Clutch//Sam Edelman heels (TTS)

Have you tried wearing a jumpsuit?

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  1. Hi can you tell me what I could wear over this jumpsuit for a casual wedding I am going to on sept 19. A denim jacket would be too casual. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you

    1. I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten back with you. It has navy and off white in it so I would get a cute blazer in one of those colors to wear with it. I would make it a short fitted one. I hope that helps!

  2. I found a wonderful jumpsuit from Only problem is it doesn’t have pockets! I feel like you have to have pockets when wearing a jumpsuit. But the style is perfect so I’m sure I can get over it not having pockets. And for over half the price of other jumpsuits, you give up pockets lol.

  3. I know this is a silly question, but did you take these pictures at Churchill Downs? I am part of a history fellowship of teachers. We did a historic tour of your state a few years ago, and we visited Churchill and Keeneland among a lot of other places. I am just curious because I noticed the jockey statues in the background.

  4. I love the jumpsuit, and remember
    Wearing these in the 70’s and 80’s.

    You look beautiful in anything and
    Everything, even a brown paper
    Bag. Haha!❤️❤️

  5. Definitely LEAVE it. Even though I am just under 5’7 I am long in the waist so the suit gets pulled too tight in the worst possible places and the natural waist of the garment is sitting tooooo high. Also I remember from the early 80’s bathroom incidents with sleeves and backs ! 🤢

    You look awesome in them. No strange pulling or imagination robbing fit issues. Have a wonderful mother’s day

  6. i loved them the first time around in the 70’s and 80’s. Haven’t tried them since but I am petite so anything that makes you taller is good! Also off topic the itty bitty bootcut petite jeans by democracy are a great leg stretcher. One thing fantastic about jumpsuits I think is you don’t have to think about what to wear as a top since it is pants & tops in one piece. It is a jump in & go option. The only think I am not liking so much for me personally is I haven’t seen alot of sleeves in them this time around. I should do weights but Im packing to load up Thursday to move to our new home. There is always a reason I hate to do that. LOL! You look great in your jumpsuit !!!

  7. Hi Cyndi!
    I LOVE the jumpsuit trend! In fact, at the end of last summer, I purchased 2 and wore them lots. Now their a hot trend and I’ve added 4 more to my wardrobe! (Did I go overboard? Maybe!) Anyway, if I get a jumpsuit that’s more fitted and not baggy in the rear, 🙂 I look “put together” and taller. My body type does well in jumpsuits!

  8. Of all the jumpsuits I’ve seen, and it’s been a lot, this is my absolute favorite looking one! It is just beautiful on you!

  9. I love the jump suits (yours is so cute) and have tried a few on but they just look goofy on me-I’m just too tall- the fabric goes on forever-haha

  10. Love jumpsuits, even in the 70’s! Own 2 and have my eye on another. You look so elegant and classy Cindy! Love the pattern and colours in your jumpsuit,

  11. I Love jumpsuits … and love the one you are wearing! It’s the perfect style/pattern/color combo for you! You are way too attractive! 😊

    With your adorable hair ~ I would love to see you in a styled pony tail or partial updo, I think it would look amazing… not that it doesn’t look amazing every day!!

    1. DEFINITELY leaving this trend off of my own personal list. The one you’re wearing looks great on you, Cyndi. However, I still shudder remembering tying to hurry “ in & out” of a few super cute ones during those between class bathroom breaks in the 70’s. If I had issues with this as a young lady, cannot EVEN imagine what would happen as a mature one!!! Oh my stars!!!✨😂 Some trends can endure the equal tests of time along with “ tried and true.” Just do not believe this is one of them. Updating for a new era or new generation hasn’t circumvented the ongoing issues with this one. 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. I’ve gotta “leave it” when it comes to the Jumpsuit. I’m tall and they never fit right. You have to have the right body to sport a Jumpsuit. It’s okay though I don’t have to worry about the bathroom issue which is nice.

  13. Love it! I bought the 3/4 sleeve off the shoulder one you styled a week or so ago from Ever Eve. I’m 5 feet tall and was afraid it was going to be too long on me. But with a 30 inch inseam and the jogging ankle hem the small fit me perfectly. I got it in the navy blue. I plan on wearing it to my daughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner. I love how it can be dressed up with a belt and jewelry or worn casual. I will get a lot of wear out of it. Thanks for sharing it, Cyndi.

  14. You look darling in that jumpsuit but I say NO to them. I find them hard to fit correctly and just too much trouble to wear out …with using the bathroom!

  15. I’ll be ‘leaving it’. Been there, done that in the early 70’s and never going back. They were one of the most uncomfortable style of clothing! And if you had t hit the bathroom! Sometimes it was a struggle. So, enjoy, for all of those who love it, but I will be leaving it.

  16. I own several jumpsuits
    in a variety of colors and styles because I LOVE THEM!! The one you’re wearing in the photo is so totally adorbs! The yellow floral print against the dark blue is fun, fem, and versatile…church, shopping, work, cocktails, etc. Great job, Cyndi! Thank you.

  17. You look great! I love them on other people but I tried one from Target last week and the crotch is really long on me. 🙁

  18. This is so pretty. I bought a jumpsuit two years ago and it was a bust pattern so this year I just purchased a plain short sleeve black one that I’ll wear my denim jacket over.. I’m looking for one to wear to our daughter’s wedding rehearsal if not I’m going with a maxi dress…

  19. I think you look amazing in jumpsuits and I really want to try this out. Kinda like wearing a dress – one and done! 🙂

  20. I have been on the fence about jumpsuits but I wanted to try one. I found a cute one at Loft. I got a petite medium since I’m short and short waisted. It fits well except the legs are really roomy! It has the smocked elastic in back so no buttons or snaps to mess with. I’m wearing it to my friends surprise party this weekend so we’ll see how that works!

    1. Angie could you post the link to the jumpsuit you ordered from Loft? I love Loft and probably need a petite one as I’m short.

  21. I love the look….the idea….of jumpsuits, but I have not forgotten the bathroom issues. Waiting forever in a long line, finally getting in, and trying to frantically disrobe without popping buttons. The inevitable dangling of the sleeve into the toilet or the wall-mounted waste bins. Trying to gather it all up and hold it so you don’t clean the gross floor with your outfit while somehow trying to do your bathroom duties one-handed and praying the fabric doesn’t wrinkle after being bundled up. No thank you. Love the looks you’ve been styling, but it’s just not for me.

    1. Oh my gosh that is EXACTLY how I would describe the trials and errors of the jumpsuit! I also love the look and have tried on a few that I really liked but alas, I’ve left them at the store because when it comes right durn to actually wearing one all day or all night, I choose practicality over fashion. My OCD cannot handle undressing in the little bathroom stall while maneuvering ever so carefully as to not let the jumpsuit touch the dirty floor it toilet. Way too much trouble!

    2. Thank you for reminding me why I don’t need a jumpsuit. The look is cute but you are spot on about the bathroom issue. Further problems result when there is no hook for your purse or you are carrying a clutch! Too much to handle! LOL

    3. I simply buy it in two matching pieces, (flowing pants/top) tuck in the top, add a pretty wider belt, and voila, no nightmarish bathroom issues, and no pulling or hanging crotch, and you cannot tell at all, as it still looks like a full, one piece jumpsuit.

  22. You look adorable in EVERYthing, including the jump suit. I am a long waisted, long leg chunky girl, so i would have to try some on. In the past, they are usually to short waisted. I do better with the big leg pants and a separate top, and can sort ofget the same look. So, even tho your issues are different than mine, try that Sharon B!!! you may have better luck!!!

    1. I’m tall so they always pull at the crotch. Not a good look, nor a comfortable one. If anyone knows where you can buy a tall or long one, I’d appreciate the heads up. I love the look and ease of them on others.

  23. I have the same problem as Sharon B. above, plus, I’m a little thick in the middle. Jumpsuits are problematic for those reasons. But I sure enjoy checking in everyday to see what you’re wearing. Real clothes, accessories, shoes on a real person! The jumpsuit is so attractive on you!

  24. I love jumpsuits. Some make me look wider than I am. Although I love the print, I feel this one would too.
    I found a black one for our cruise in feb. It was so comfortable and slimming, and a fun twist on formal night. I dressed it up with gold jewelry and heels.
    I also purchased a floral top and pants from the loft. Together they look like a jumpsuit but more convenient when visiting the ladies room. I get compliments on my “jumpsuit” often. Thanks for sharing!

  25. This jumpsuit is so pretty! I like the look of them, but usually on other people. Like dresses, because I’m short-waisted, jumpsuits don’t fit me well, or at least none I’ve tried do. If I get the waist in the right spot, the “rise” is too long, or vice-versa, if that makes sense. I do think they’re smart, and like a dress with legs :).
    Excited to see your office when you’re done, and Minted is a great site. I did not know about the service you mentioned – that’s great!