How To Shop Women’s Clothing on Amazon

Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop for just about everything – books, beauty products, and even basic cleaning supplies. I also shop women’s clothing on Amazon, but there is a learning curve.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for fashion on Amazon. There is some very inexpensive clothing from China-based brands like SheIn. We’re talking pieces as low as $10.

If you read the reviews, people often complain about inconsistent sizing, cheap materials, and even faulty craftsmanship, and believe me, I have seen this first hand.

The great thing about shopping Amazon fashion is you usually get the items quickly (if you’re a prime member) and you can find some great deals on designer fashion.

I have had a lot of luck with Amazon swimwear! I have these swimsuits, and I like them all.

So what brands are good options on Amazon? Here are some that I have found to be the most reliable:

I recently shared this tank top from one of the cheaper brands. It’s a hit or miss with this brand, but this one was a winner.

How To Shop Women's Clothing on AmazonV-neck Sleeveless Blouse (I’m wearing a small)//Lace Bralette (I’m wearing a size medium)//American Eagle Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6, regular)//Madewell Sandals (TTS)//Earrings//Necklace//Water Bottle

Okay here are some of my hits and misses from Amazon.

This jumpsuit looks comfy, but the sizing is off for me. The small was too small, and the medium (I’m wearing) is too big.

How To Shop Women's Clothing on Amazon This top has stripes that don’t match, and I’m wearing a small and it’s too tight. It’s going back.

How To Shop Women's Clothing on Amazon How To Shop Women's Clothing on AmazonI wanted to like this jumpsuit but the crotch was too long, and it hangs off one shoulder. It’s not comfortable for me.

How To Shop Women's Clothing on Amazon How To Shop Women's Clothing on AmazonThis tank dress is not bad, but I would wear it as a bathing suit cover-up. I do like that it has pockets.

How To Shop Women's Clothing on Amazon I like this dress, and it is a hit for me, it runs small so a medium might work better.

How To Shop Women's Clothing on Amazon How To Shop Women's Clothing on AmazonI’m not sure what I was thinking here. This dress is paper thin and feels cheaply made. This one is going back. I have on a regular bra, but it would need a strapless bra.

How To Shop Women's Clothing on AmazonThis one is so bad!! You can’t see the stitching but it’s terrible, and the pattern doesn’t match at the seam. This one is going back!

How To Shop Women's Clothing on Amazon How To Shop Women's Clothing on AmazonThis dress is not bad but it doesn’t do anything for me, and the stripes are slightly off on the side.

How To Shop Women's Clothing on Amazon This jumpsuit looks okay but the material is paper thin, and there’s no snap or button at the neckline. If I sat down, it would gape open — not a fan.

How To Shop Women's Clothing on Amazon How To Shop Women's Clothing on AmazonThis dress is cute, and again it would be a great bathing suit cover-up. It comes in lots of colors and prints.

How To Shop Women's Clothing on AmazonI wanted this jumpsuit to work, but the stripes don’t match at the seams. It looks worse in person than the picture even shows.

How To Shop Women's Clothing on Amazon How To Shop Women's Clothing on Amazon

Prime Wardrobe is a great option. You try before you buy. You choose up to 8 eight items, you only pay for what you keep, and it’s free and easy returns.

Have you had luck with Amazon Fashion? What brands do you like?

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  1. Oh my gosh, mismatched stripes and patterns is a huge pet peeve for me and deal breaker. I’m glad I’m not alone!!!

  2. I want to thank you for making the point about stripes that don’t line up. I see it more and more in clothing. Since I had a mother that sewed there were many things that she taught me about garments. So patterns that do not line up correctly drive me crazy! Just being honest. Most people don’t know about these issues so thank you again for addressing it. Thank you for doing this blog.

  3. Navigating Amazon fashion seems like such a hassle — the inconsistencies are bizarre. I think I ordered a couple of clothing items from there once and was unhappy — probably won’t ever order again unless they get it figured out.

  4. I recently purchased clothing items from Amazon based on several bloggers featuring their clothes. I was very careful to only purchase things that said “free return shipping”. To make a long story short(er), I found it necessary to take a screen shot of the item when I purchase it and the “free return” statement as on 2 different items, the 3rd party seller didn’t want to pay for the return shipping and offered me only 1/2 the purchase price! Amazon handled the situation very well, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing clothing there anymore – just too much to keep track of.

  5. Unfortunately, some of the higher end, brand names are starting to use cheaply made fabrics for their clothing to save money. I noticed 100% cotton is now pilling, which should not occur. . I have had to complain to high end retailers about this, as I am in the fashion industry. I have a close friend who shops at a Goodwill, as the clothing high end brands there, are made with quality fabrics and workmanship.

    1. Thanks for the post Cyndi – I have experienced the Amazon hit and miss show! But I happened to read a NYT article about The brands you’ve mentioned here. My favorite wrap dresses are from Lark and Ro! At this stage in my life, I go to thrift shops and Ebay for used and new higher quality clothes and add trendy accessories to modernize the look. Blessings!

      1. I agree Norma. I decided to accompany my friend on a “Thrifting Girls Day,” and could not believe the beautiful, quality high end clothing at Goodwill. I left with a beautiful, genuine leather purse that you can still purchase today at the retail price of 220.00$. I bought a gorgeous, floral high end blouse for 3.00$, and I could go on and on. Was a lot of fun!

  6. You know there’s something wrong when you, who normally wears an XS, needs a M. ‘Nuff said. That’s a sure “return,” which can be a hassle. I like Nordstrom and Zappo’s for online ordering — free shipping both ways. Otherwise it needs to be ON or Target, where I can return in store. Thanks for the review. Probably because I used to sew way back in my 4-H days, I cannot abide stripes not matching. It’s a total dealbreaker for me. I know people who don’t even pay attention to that.

  7. I order a lot of things from Amazon, but not clothes. I just don’t buy things I can’t try on, mainly b/c sending them back is a hassle to me. I have come to really trust your advice, and have had good luck with Social Threads, Their things are pretty good quality for as inexpensive as they are, and they fit pretty well. I just find if I buy cheap things online, I don’t wear them, or I’m always pulling and adjusting something. Thanks SO MUCH for giving honest appraisals, Cyndi! We appreciate it!

  8. I’ve been tempted to order Amazon fashion. Thank you for answering my biggest concerns about ordering fashion from Amazon: Are their garments quality workmanship and are their sizes accurate? Reading “No” to both of these questions is a deal breaker for me, so thank you for your honesty. I do shop on-line for clothing, but it’s not worth the hassle to do so if I’m disappointed with a company’s product more times than not. I prefer quality over quantity, and quality doesn’t always mean expensive. I watch for sales and promotions all the time. Have a great day Cyndi!

    1. When I went to the link for the animal print dress, the description stated “…easy access for nursing.” Say WHAT??

      Realizing that jumpsuits are IN once again, all I can think of is that no matter how attractive, you have to basically undress to use the restroom. No thank you.
      I also had to smile at your being unsure of what day it was. I did the same last night. My graduating Senior granddaughter’s final choir concert was Tuesday evening; traditionally they have been on Thursdays, and between that, and lack of sleep, it took a few beats for me to figure out that it was Wednesday night! So I’m very glad to know it’s now Thursday morning, “Friday Eve” as we call it at work, and I am very much looking forward to the weekend. May it be productive AND refreshing, and feel as long as this week has!

  9. Thanks for this post Cyndi. Amazon is definitely overwhelming for me – so many choices and lots of brands I’ve never heard of, so it is helpful to get your feedback about good brands.

    You always look amazing in your posts, but it is nice to know you have your share of “misses” along with the rest of us!

  10. Cyndi

    Have you linked that rug in these shots and would it work under my dining room table?? How’s the price? Thanks

  11. I did buy the tank you have in the first picture! It is a hit :)!! I purchased it in the “apricot” color and will look great with jeans and sandals!! Can’t wait to wear it!

  12. Thanks for the honest review. I did order a Daily Ritual jersey dress and the quality was great. Having said that it’s not worth the hassle of not knowing what you’re necessarily getting… I’ve had great luck with Universal Threads and Knox Rose from Target… pieces that look high end but a great price and wash and wear well:) I’ll splurge when I need to for more staple pieces and accessories.
    Have a great day and just so you know you even made those misses at Amazon look good:)

  13. Wonderful post. I’ve been hesitant to buy from Amazon because the prices are so low and I’m such a hard fit. Everything I buy needs altering, and cheaper clothes usually skimp on hems and seams so there isn’t room to alter. When I was younger I made all my own clothes. Now I’m in a bracket where I can afford more expensive clothes, but I only buy classic styles I’ll wear several seasons.

  14. I really appreciate your comments and honesty. Like you, I’d rather have fewer items but items that stand the test of time. So, investing (without being over the top) in timeless, well made clothing is the approach I’m taking. I may spend less on something trendy knowing that my time keeping it in my closet will be short lived!

  15. This is a great honest post, and I appreciate it so much! This is real- this is what real women experience with online shopping and let’s be honest, it’s not just with Amazon. Just another reason I really prefer to shop in person, you simply cannot feel the material, or see the true color etc. online. I know, I know, people love shopping online, and I do too for items I already know about – like toothpaste and toilet paper LOL, but…
    Thank you for your honesty! I agree that I will pay more for quality – especially for wardrobe staples, than less, for often disposable clothing. And I’m one of those who wants the stripes to match up – I feel the higher quality clothing manufacturers pay attention to those details.

    1. I try to be open minded when purchasing clothing online and in stores. I haven’t ordered anything from Amazon though and probably won’t after reading your post. I have actually purchased 2 tops this Spring from Walmart (gasp!) that another blogger recommended. They were the Time and Tru brand, stripes match perfectly and the tops were less than $10 each. Score! I also purchased a great lightweight long sweater from Target as a transitional piece this Spring. It was from the A New Day collection, ivory with black stripes (that match!) and it was under $25. These pieces have washed well and I’m pleased with them. I have my more expensive items for special events and nights out but I don’t feel the need to wear that quality on a daily basis. As always, thank you for your inspiration!

  16. Oh great post for REAL hits and misses! Thank you!! I got a bathing-suit that I liked from Amazon, but the jumpsuit I ordered was a definite miss!

    Cruisin’ my lane today….

  17. Being petite means trying on everything almost. Pants I wouldn’t order online unless it was a paperbag kind that wasn’t fitted or had one pair and wanted a second pair. Tops I would if they had an xs . I like dresses but don’t wear a lot. In July when it really gets hot, I do more than other times. I love dresses on Sunday when going to church. My favorite things are shoes, cute tops and earrings to finish out white jeans, khakis, light weight crops, itty bitty bootcut jeans, etc. in the summer. You did find some great items on Amazon – enjoy!

  18. So glad you did this. There is no way bloggers can keep all the outfits they feature on their blog. My mother always said that if stripes and checks did not match up then it was not a quality piece. It drives me nuts. I will not buy anything that doesn’t match up. I agree ‘you get what you pay for.’ Don’t get me wrong, I will buy cheap items at times but I do so knowing they will not last. Again, thanks so much for doing this. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you for your honest reviews of Amazon clothing. I don’t usually buy clothes online since I’m petite. I like to be able to try things on instead of having to send everything back and start over. However, I have purchased their down Amazon basics jackets for myself and my kids and they are great quality for a low price. I also recently purchased a dress for my daughter in basic black that had good reviews and am very happy with the look and quality.

  19. I love that you are so honest. I’m seeing many influencers styling Amazon clothes as a great buy. You’re right! You get what you pay for and Amazon clothes for the most part seem cheaply made. I bought a top that looked fine but the material started to pull apart at the seam first time wearing. (FYI My arms are not big.). An honest review of the pieces you style is greatly appreciated. If someone still wants to buy a piece, then they at least have the info.

  20. Great post! I have had NO luck with Amazon fashions. I am petite and am noticing I need petite sizing more and more although I used to be able to wear regular more often. Maybe things are getting generally taller or I’m more particular about fit. At least with Amazon prime, you can send it back at no charge.

    Have a great day!