10 Easy Ways to Look Younger On A Budget

Happy Monday! This past weekend was a whirlwind for us, but we are now headed to Charleston, South Carolina for a few days before summer is over.

Today I’m sharing 10 Easy Ways to Look Younger on a Budget. I think all of us can agree we are not trying to look like teenagers, but we do want to look and feel our best as we age.

There are simple things we can do that will accentuate our features, and also give us a fresh, younger look and we don’t have to spend a ton of money doing it.

Striped Blouse (I’m wearing a small)//White Shorts (I’m wearing a size 4)//Wedge Sandal//Bracelets//Earrings//Handbag (similar here)

1. Exfoliate your skin– As we age, our skin dulls. Exfoliation is a must. Exfoliate at least once a week and your skin will thank you.

2. Cut some bangs– Not only can they hide our wrinkles, but they soften our face and give us a more youthful appearance.

3. Polish your toes– Aging can change our toenails. To keep them looking their best in your sandals and peep-toe boots, make sure they are manicured and polished.

4. Pick up a “trendy” accessory– Accessories are game-changers for women over 40. Add some trendy jewelry, handbags, or shoes to your outfit, and you will instantly look younger.

5. Pick pink for your pout– Dark color lipsticks can age us so lighten up your look with a soft pink lip color.

6. Use a Brow pencil– Eyebrows thin as we age, so make sure you add some brow color to your eyebrows. Don’t draw a line. Use eyeshadow or a good brow pencil and fill them in.

(Also if they’re really thin, microblading is a great option.)

7. Slim down your eyeliner– It’s best to leave the extreme cat eyes and thick eyeliner to younger ladies. Too much eyeliner draws attention to the lines around our eyes.

8. Lighten up your foundation– It’s important to use a good foundation that matches your natural skin color. Remember we are going for a natural look as we age.

9. Slip on heels– Heels (even a slight heel) elongate us and gives a slimmer look. Wedges are a great heel that are easier to wear.

10. Wear Colors that Flatter YOU- Do you ever notice when you’re wearing a color that flatters you, people will compliment your appearance. Wearing the right colors can help you achieve a younger and healthier look.


11. Smile- A smile can make everyone look and feel better!

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Beauty For the Heart~~“And he said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.” Mark 6:31

Where you devote your attention determines your outlook on the world. Jesus told us how to maintain a sense of reality – to rest in His presence. – Andrew Hallam


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  1. Good morning! I just want to say “Thank you!” Reading your blog makes me happy! It’s everything that I love. Faith, family, and fashion, and so much more. Keep doing what you’re doing! Many blessings to you and your family!

  2. Cyndi – thanks for all your fashion, makeup and life tips. I’m 69 and love reading your blog & checking out what is trending. Please, keep showing us how to be fashionable no matter what age we are. Blessings to you and your family!!!°

  3. I turn 51 this year. Last year after fighting having gray hair coming in like a storm (and hair that grows so fast that I couldn’t keep up) I decided to quit coloring. That was a bit of a tough transition especially when people would say “oh, but you’ll look older”. Then there are the myriad of women who aren’t letting themselves go gray and I would think “ughh did I make a mistake”, but I decided to embrace it and just be confident with it. Still haven’t found a hairstyle yet (having thick, coarse, kind of curly hair makes it hard to decide). I think it’s so important that we just rock where we’re at in life and embrace our choices and style. Love your tips.

  4. It’s interesting too read so many positive experiences with microblading. I would love to try it if I knew it would look natural on me. Part of the problem is finding someone you trust to perform it, plus I’ve heard it hurts like ####. I wish I could get up the courage.

  5. Cyndi,
    Thanks for the great suggestions! I actually tried the microblading this past year and I’m so glad that I did! It made my eyebrows look so much better. One other thing that I thought of is that a primer before you put on foundation is a great tool for smoothing lines on your face. I also loved your suggestion about current accessories.
    You are the BEST!

      1. Thank you for all of your great ideas! I say that all the time-I don’t want to look like a teenager but I don’t want to look like an old hag either. Lol. I love all of your posts and copy many of your outfits. You always look great but classy and age appropriate. I just turned 51 and I don’t feel that old but I don’t want to look like I’m trying to keep up with the teenagers!

  6. Great post Cyndi, thank you! I started filling in my brows after following your blog and agree it makes a big difference. I’m a slow learner, lol but getting better. I prefer shadow vs a pencil. I have dark hair, and have found that dark brown shadow looks better on me than black. I’d like to try the Beauty Counter exfoliator if you would share the product. I’m hooked on their overnight resurfacing peel! Thanks for your energy.

    1. If you love beauty counter like I do you have to try the gel eye brow brush. It’s works and stays put. I love it! Brows really help brighten the face.

    1. Sheri I use Maybelline Warm Me up #235. It looks good on everyone!

      It’s not “clean” beauty but I can’t find a lipcolor that I like better than this one.

  7. I am probably one of your older readers at 70, but my doctor told me this year at my check up I appear to be in my 50’s. I do believe you are a big help to me in looking younger and help me not dress like an old lady. I do think I do all of the tips you listed so that help. I’ve had micro needling twice and love it. Thanks for all your help.

    1. Thanx so much for your tips they matter and make a big difference in my life especially since hitting 45 last month lol 😆 😘

  8. Love your tips. I am trying to do everything you suggest. When you smile the whole world smiles with you!!!

  9. Please tell us how you style your bangs. I do have bangs and my stylist leaves them alittle longer when he cuts them so in 3 weeks I am blowing them out of my eyes. Can you spill your tricks as you grow out. My stylist gives free bang trims but it is so hard to just get there again as busy busy summer.

  10. I love these suggestions, I do them all ! You are beautiful, I love your blog & the fact that you are not a fairy to be a Christian . Because of you I think I’m ok at 62 !!

  11. I really like your since if style. I am a young 58, old is not in my vocabulary! Looking forward to your fall/winter style.

  12. Love all these tips! Would love to have my eyebrows microbladed but am terrified that they will be done wrong and I will end up with giant caterpillars on my face!

    I have never been one to wear lipstick except for special occasions but now that I am getting “older” my lip color is fading to the point I feel like I don’t have lips any longer. What shad of pink do you wear?

  13. Great tips! I agree eyebrows are very important! But I have a hard time getting away from the red lipstick! I have always worn it and probably always will. But I do use pink tones in the summer. Have a great trip!

  14. Great tips. I never even considered a brow pencil until recently. I can really tell the difference. I have always leaned toward a more natural make-up so I use a light touch on the brow pencil as well.

  15. Great tips friend! I recently had my brows micro bladed and my eye liner done! Best thing ever! I’ve also started keeping my hair a tad lighter. Anything too dark or harsh can age you instantly.
    Have a wonderful vacation Cyndi!

  16. The last tip, ‘smile,’ is so true. It really enhances someone’s appearance. I think I would add, “whiten your teeth,” to that list, too. People notice teeth.

  17. Great tips that won’t break the bank. I agree about the smiling it really does make you look younger. But if I’m being honest it’s something I need to work on. It’s not that I frown intentionally but many times I find when I really have a lot on my mind (which is too often these days) I tend to not smile. So I really try to make it a point to tell myself to SMILE! Have a great trip! Praying for safe travels.

  18. Great advice Cyndi! I grew my bangs out a few years ago………….might have to cut them back in LOL! I just turned 50 this year and when I went to see my parents in their retirement home, the ladies there thought I was in my late 30’s. I totally took that compliment and ran with it! 🙂 I think confidence in what you are wearing helps too. You do You.

  19. Great post, great tips. Eyebrows are key! I keep thinking I’m going to have micro blading done, but just keep on filling in. There are other things in the higher price category I want more than that 😉

    Hope you & Wayne have a wonderful time in Charleston!

  20. Hey there! Thank you for being such an inspiration on a daily basis… I look forward to your posts everyday. My hubby has terminal cancer so our days can be heavy. I truly look forward to your words from your heart and from the Lord. You have no idea how sometimes I just need that little bright light to get thru the day. You are that light for me! Have a fabulous vacation and blessed day! You are my angel today!

    1. Tamara, thank you. I am humbled by your comment. Lifting you and your husband up right now to the Father. Gripping His Hem for you both.

    2. Tamara – I know that’s not an easy thing to deal with and I pray for God’s strength, comfort and peace for you both in Jesus name!

    3. Tamara……Praying for you and your husband. Just visited my cousin yesterday who’s husband also has terminal cancer, so its real and I will be lifting you in prayer along with them. I’m glad Cyndi’s BFTH can help you each morning. She’s the best.

  21. Cyndi, these are great tips and I’m doing all of them, so I guess I’m on my game! Thanks for sharing them again as they are great reminders! One tip I might add is work on good good posture. I say this b/c I struggle in this area myself. Have a wonderful last Summer Hurrah in Charleston!

  22. Great tips! And yes, I was in high school when bushy eyebrows were in (Brooke Shields style), but in the 90s, didn’t we all over-pluck?!😩 Oh well, a Benefit eyebrow pencil is one of my besties now!

    Have a great time in Charleston!

  23. What a great post! and bonus – I do all those things so I’m feeling pretty good right now – :).
    A little secret I learned about 5 years ago about brows…I still have good brows, but they have lightened to the point of almost disappearing. I was discussing this with someone who told me she used “just for men” beard dye to color hers. I pondered it, gave it a try and WOW – what a difference. I can do this at home about once a week instead of going to the salon. It works really well, is relatively inexpensive and once you get the timing right it makes such a difference. Just thought I’d share that with everyone bc my daughter and I both do it and it saves me so much time “putting on my brows”.

    1. Hi Sharon, Thanks for the tip! I had never heard of using beard dye but I’m interested in trying it. What do you use to apply the formula to your brows?

  24. I love the title of this post!!! This is my daily mantra, how to look young on a budget!! Great tips! You’re such an inspiration!!

  25. Hope you know how much I enjoy your blog posts!!! I appreciate your suggestions on looking younger, and absolutely LOVE that you share your faith. My daughter and son-in-law are headed to Charleston in about 3 weeks. I’m anxious to see where you go and what you do so I can share it with you. Blessings sweet lady!!!