Stitch Fix Outfit and a Giveaway

Hi ladies! We are back from Charleston and ready for a new week. Today I’m sharing a Stitch Fix outfit I recently received in my box. Both pieces are Stitch Fix brands, but you can request them in your next fix if you like the dress or shoes.

In case you don’t know, Stitch Fix is an online styling service that delivers a personalized shopping experience, for you and your family. Fill out your Style Profile and a Personal Stylist will handpick pieces to fit your tastes, needs, and budget—and mail them right to your door.

Each box contains a curated selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories for you to try on at home. Simply keep the items you love and send back the rest in a prepaid USPS envelope. Shipping and returns are always free—even for exchanges!

I only get a box every few months, but my husband gets one every month, and they pretty much nail his box every time. He rarely shops anywhere else these days.

Whether you have tried the service before or not, I’m giving away a $100 Gift Card to Stitch Fix so make sure you enter below!

Stitch Fix Outfit and a Giveaway

I wore this 41 Hawthrone dress to church yesterday. I love the brown leopard print. The dress is fully lined and is a silky material.

Stitch Fix Outfit and a Giveaway

I paired the dress with these Market & Spruce mustard color heels.

Stitch Fix Outfit and a GiveawayStitch Fix Outfit and a GiveawayStitch Fix Outfit and a GiveawayStitch Fix Outfit and a Giveaway

41 HAWTHORN Lorelei Shirt Dress (I’m wearing a small)//MARKET & SPRUCE Carolyn Caged Heel (TTS)//Earrings//Bracelet//Necklace (sold out)


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Beauty For the Heart~~“Satan has made it his aim to distract you from who you really are and what the purpose of your life really is. It is his focused objective to lure you out of the path of strength, life, and authority and into a course of intentional destruction.”  ~Lisa Bevere

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Ive never tried stitch fix because of cost, but would love to have someone pick out clothes for me. Kind of like Christmas!

  2. Love that outfit! Yes, I’ve had several Stitch Fix boxes – not for a while now, but I did enjoy them when I received them! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing all your ideas. I’m short so frequently need petite sizing. Sometimes I can get away with regular sizes depending on the cut of the garment. I like many of the pieces you share. I use Stitch fix & I’m going to request this dress. Hope it comes in petite sizes.

  4. I haven’t used Stitch Fix, but I have a friend who has worked as a stylist for them for years. My niece raves about them, so I need to give them a try.

  5. I love your blog! Been a fan for years! I also love StitchFix so winning a gift card would be a much appreciated blessing! Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. I have not tried Stitch Fix, but have been very tempted in the past. Seeing this shirt dress really makes me want to give it a try. I will have to empty my closet of some items before I start a subscription service!

  7. Gave my husband Stitch Fix for his birthday and it was great! The next boxes were not because the stylist did not follow the profile. Any hints on how to get great things every time? We gave up. Thanks!!

  8. I have tried Stitch Fix but it has been a while. I loved getting them. They were very stylish and so comfy! Since I hate shopping, I loved getting a fix without having to think about picking the items out. Now that I am working, maybe I should try it out again!

    1. I love that dress! The mustard shoes are perfect! The dress is versatile and could easily move into fall with a long cardigan and booties. Love,

  9. I have not used a subscription service – mostly due to my shape and being out of work/not having a perm position for the last 16 months. Gorgeous dress!

  10. I got a Stitch every few months as well. Have kept a piece or two each time. An unexpected combo in today’s blog, but it works great!

  11. I’ve never tried Stitch Fix. My husband had a work event coming up soon that I need to buy a dress for. How great it would be for someone else to pick it and accessories out for me!!

  12. LOVE Stitch Fix!!! They always send me items that I normally would never think to even try on or look at in the stores and I always end up loving them!

  13. I love your blog 🙂 Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us!

    I love stitch fix – I just received my box and love everything in it 🙂

  14. I’ve always wanted to try Stitch Fix so this would be the perfect opportunity to push me out of my comfort zone. Love the dress you are wearing! Looks great on you!

    1. Your dress is fabulous! I used to get stitch fix and haven’t for a couple of years. I might have to give it another try.

  15. I’ve been thinking of trying Stitch Fix for awhile now and $100 would certainly motivate me! Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. I love your style! I also like stitchfix. Many things you wear I have on my Pinterest boards. Keep things interesting!❤

  17. I enjoy Stitch Fix as they make it so easy to receive items, try-on pieces in the comfort of your own home, and return the items you don’t love.

  18. I have received many great pieces through stitch fix.
    Really cute sandals with your dress, like the color paired with the leopard.

  19. Wow!!!!! You got a lot of comments today. 🙂 LOVE the dress and shoes on you. The mustard sandals are great with the dress. I could see this dress going into Fall so easy with booties and later tall boots. 🙂 I haven’t tried Stitch Fix. I hate returns, so not sure if I’d like it. 🙂

  20. I’ve tried Stitch Fix but I can’t the stylist to get in sync with my preferences as to color and style. I keep thinking I’ll try one more time…

  21. I just signed up for the stitch fix giveaway! I’ve always wanted to try it! Thank you for your uplifting blog post❤️

  22. I love this dress on you! I like Stitch Fix, but boxes have been hit or miss for me. At least return shipping is covered.

  23. I liked the items from Stich Fix Have you ever tried cancel your subscription almost impossible. There isn’t a phone number to contact them. I had to cancel my credit card

    1. I’ve tried Stitch Fix twice and had great luck the 2nd time. I would love to try again before my New York trip and winning $100 gift card would be so helpful!

  24. Hello Cyndi!
    I love the dress!♥️ My heart is broken as well, Praying for all the families in Texas and Ohio!
    Have a good evening!

  25. stitchfix is a great service although Its hard for curvy girls to find styles that works. they alwayssend you the cutest stuff

  26. Thank you for explaining how Stitch Fix works – I have a coworker who loves it, and I’ve been wanting to try it!

    1. Hello Cyndi!

      I love the dress!♥️ My heart is broken as well, Praying for all the families in Texas and Ohio!

      Have a good evening!


    2. I love stitch fix! I get them about every 3 months. I definitely do around my bday and Christmas, fun treat. My person does a great job & its helped me get out of my box at times with clothes as well! Thank you for doing this giveaway, whomever wins will be blessed a lot!

  27. I haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet but several of my friends are getting monthly packages and I must say they look amazing.

  28. Love Stitch Fix!! I have had success with the Daniel Rain. blouses they send….the pants are hit and miss on me but i still love the service.

  29. I was getting my Stitch Fix boxes but felt the cut and styles were the same every box. The pattern may have been different but the cut was the same. I switched to Trendsend and love it. Instead of individual pieces they send outfits. I really like it much better.

  30. I love stitch fix because it gives me new options I wouldn’t choose for myself and I always end up keeping the pieces I think I will like the least!

  31. Yes, I have tried Stitch Fix for a year now and LOVE it. I only get it every 4 months but so far my Fixes have been spot on, only had to return a couple things so far. But then i give detailed instructions on what I am looking for and my ‘problem areas.” plus i have them ‘surprise me’ now and then to push me out of my comfort zone.

    Love the idea to pair yellow shoes with that animal print dress! Would never have thought to do that, either. So glad I found your blog/website!

  32. Cyndi, you continue to inspire me with the outfits you share us. I’ve learned so much from you! I really look forward to your posts every day, especially your Sunday posts. Bless you Sweet Friend!!!

  33. I love your blog. Been following for almost a year now and not only do I love your style but your daily devotional style Bible quotes keep me going.

  34. All about the Leopard print! Cute style. And I signed up for my first Fix delivery… hoping for good results. Thanks!!

  35. I tried Stitch Fix a few years ago and lost interest but this post made me rethink my decision. I love this dress!

  36. I wouldn’t have thought to pair mustard shoes with that dress but they look fabulous. See!! This is why I follow you!!

  37. Dress is cute on you! I first started following you on Pinterest a few years ago;) Thanks for giving me style inspiration! We’re close in age and size and I always love your posts/blog/instagrams etc! I’ve been receiving Fixes for over a year and look forward to getting my boxes every month!

  38. I’ve tired stitch fix In the past and received some cute items. You dress and shoes look nice on you. I also have begun faster way to fat loss today. Wish me luck.

  39. I haven’t tried Stitchfix yet, but it’s such a good idea. Actually, ANYTHING to avoid shopping with 4 kids in tow is a good idea! =D

  40. I love this dress and shoes. I love when I can copy an outfit top to bottom. I’ve always wanted to try Stitch Fix. You are too stinking cute.

  41. Cyndi! I love your blog and especially your inspirational comments! Keep up the hard work! I honk your beautiful inside and out!

  42. I love this dress! It can be worn in any season of the year, just add a denim jacket and booties for fall or a leather jacket and tall boots for winter. It’s really flattering on you!

  43. I love that dress and the shoes!
    I love reading your blog and your daily encouragement!
    I would love to win the gift card to give to my sister who is always taking care of everyone else but hardly ever does anything for herself.

  44. I live this dress! Unfortunately, I have not had the best of luck with Stitch Fix. I get a box about twice a year. I wish I could get that dress!

  45. I’m blown away by how often lately your Beauty for the Heart is exactly what I need to hear! Thanks so much for your sweet words of encouragement every day!

    Love this dress! I’m a Stitchfix regular and always enjoy seeing your finds!

  46. Great clothing tips and ideas! I have a special section with lots of your outfits and “ put together” that I use for ideas when I look into my closet for an outfit for any part of the day. Thanks!

  47. Stitch fix is my guilty pleasure. It is so much fun to see what my stylist can find for me each month. They’ve also sent some fantastic things for my husband but on a less frequent basis.

  48. We did StichFix for my husband (Xmas) and it was a big success. He wore one of the shirts yesterday to church and I thought, “Oh that’s a good looking…wait…STITCHFIX!” Highly recommend the male service. If I win, I will use the gift card for him!

  49. I haven’t tried stitch fix because I already have too many clothes BUT I think it’s a great idea for my husband. I had no idea they did men’s boxes! It’s impossible to get him to the store. He is in desperate need of some nice casual clothing. This might be the answer.

  50. Love your style! I haven’t tried Stitch Fix before. But would consider it after seeing this cute dress on you.

  51. Love love love that dress!!! I tried Stitch Fix in the past but it seemed like they just didn’t get me, my body shape or my style. That dress is really a cute one though! BFTH was great too. . . . . I do get distracted some times. Thanks for the reminder 🙂 Have a magnificent Monday!!!

  52. Love the dress! i have never tried Stitch Fix but many people at work do it and I always like their outfits, thinking i might have to give them a try.

  53. I have thought of subscribing to Stitch Fix several times but have really been afraid to. I am difficult to fit and also picky!!! I didn’t know they had the service for men as well but I don’t think I should tell my husband! He has more clothes than he knows what to do with!!! The guy loves to look good:) Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card. That would sure spur me to subscribe!

  54. I have used stitch fix but not in a long time! I’ have kept a few pieces that I have loved and kept a few that I then never have worn. I love that dress that you are wearing, so maybe it’s time to give them a try again!

  55. I have always wanted to try Stich Fix but have been to chicken 🐓….and I love your mustard color sandals—my favorite color!

  56. Such a cute dress. I tried Stitch Fix and I loved it though I thought it was a bit expensive. I never thought about getting a box just a few times a year. Good idea!

  57. Nice dress! Not sure about the shoes. Do they have purses? I’d like a purse in that shoe color. I’ve never tried Stitch Fix, but my cousin is a remote stylist for them, so I would be interested to try it!

  58. I used to do
    Stitch Fix a few years ago. They nailed it the 1st time and I still wear those pieces to this day! From then on it just went downhill and I wasn’t happy with the stylist choices. I have been wanting to give it another try but not willing to spend the money, so this would be a great opportunity to do so.

  59. How fun to have a chance to win!
    Love the dress, although I’m not crazy about the color of the sandals.
    You always manage to make things look great.

  60. Ooh I would love to try it for me. Sounds like having your very own stylist. I love that dress on you! Have a blessed day!

    Xo Cindy

  61. Hi Cyndi, I tried stitch fix for 3 boxes, and found one item in each box to keep. I have stopped it for awhile, because I really don’t need anymore clothes right now. It was fun to look forward to getting them in the mail, and see what they chose for me. Will definitely try it again, if I have a special event to dress up for, or if I need something different in my wardrobe. Thanks for your post, I really like the dress. Sending blessings your way!! Cindy

  62. Cyndi,
    I think that dress looks wonderful on you. It could even go into fall with a cardigan and boots. I have friends that subscribe to stitch fix and love it. Maybe it’s time I gave it a try!

  63. I have yet to try Stich Fix. All my friends rave about it but I just haven’t taken the plunge. They all look great and I’ve even gone on the site and started the sign up but never complete it. I’m on a budget and I can’t justify the cost of the service and the clothes. IS it really worth it? Should I just do it?

  64. Hi Cyndi! I love your Blog! Thank you for talking time out of your day to give us fashion tips. I especially like the way you end your blog with Beauty from the heart!

    I have used Stitch Fix and just love it!

  65. I have-not used Stitch fix, but enjoy learning about services such as this. Thanks for the encouraging words in your Beauty for the Heart sections!

  66. I have been so tempted to try stitch fix but haven’t done it yet. I love the leopard print dress. What a beautiful fall color!

  67. I used Stitch Fix a couple of years ago, and still have pieces from those boxes that I use a lot. Maybe it’s time I tried them again!

  68. Thanks for the opportunity to win a stitch fix gift card!
    I love your blog and relate to your style. I’ve been following you for a few years now!
    God bless you as you encourage and inspire others! In Him, Susan

  69. Cyndi, This outfit looks fantastic on you. I’ve often thought about trying them, but have not gathered the courage. I think my body type is too hard to dress/style…so I hesitate to take the chance. Then, I see you in this outfit and think, maybe they can get it right??? Maybe I should take a chance? I’m on the fence. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and God!

  70. I’ve always wanted to try Stitch Fix but just haven’t taken the plunge yet. I really like what I see styled and would love to try it.

  71. Hi Cindy. I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog a few years ago while I was doing a search on Pinterest for Stitch Fix reviews! Cute dress!!

  72. I love all your choices and your style – I have not tried Stichfix but think I will give a try because I need a little Umph to my wardrobe!

  73. Love Stitch Fix. I’ve used them for years and they typically nail my style with every Fix. I’m very detailed on what I’m looking for which I believe helps my stylist.

    Also … your Sunday post was spot on! Thanks so much.

  74. Stitch Fix has always been kind of hit or miss for me, also. The box I received last week is the first box I have received where I loved every single item they sent!

    I love the leopard print dress! It looks great with those shoes!

  75. I love this dress! I didn’t realize that Stitchfix is sending boxes to men now. It’s nice to know your husband likes what he receives. I’ll have to remember that for a future gift for my husband!

  76. I haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet but it would be fun to try it. Judging from how cute that dress was in your post, I think I would give it a try. If it isn’t a hassle to return things, I would do it. Really though the mustard heels were cute with the dress!

  77. It seems like everyone around me has tried Stitch Fix and they all seem to love the selections and ease of it. I filled out my profile a few months ago,, but have not hit the submit button just yet. Maybe this is the incentive I need!

    Thanks for your posts; I have been inspired and am adding pieces to my wardrobe that are a bit outside my comfort zone (animal prints for one!) and I am really pleased with the outcome.

  78. I haven’t tried Stitch Fix. All the pics I’ve seen from them have really cute clothes. That dress is adorable on you!

  79. I have tried it but only ended up liking 1-2 pieces so stopped trying it out. Though to be fair, sometimes the clothes were too big so I just sent back.

  80. Love the leopard print dress. Have used Stichfix a couple of times. More misses than hits but think it just takes time to figure out my tastes. Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card!

  81. I tried Stitch Fix and it was kind of hit or miss. Nice idea for them to offer it to men now. I think it would be fun to have my husband try Stitch Fix since he doesn’t really like shopping.
    Loved your Sunday post yesterday! Thank you!

  82. I love that it’s a leopard print but kind of unique in the color of the brown and the style of dress.

    I’ve used Stitch Fix in the past but not lately. May have to try it again. 😊

  83. Have not tried Stitch Fix before, but it sure sounds like a convenient way to update one’s wardrobe. I love your style and your blog posts are always so positive & uplifting! Thank you for sharing!

  84. Love receiving your blog post in my e-mail and I always look forward to it. Thanks for sharing your style and your faith!!

  85. Love the dress! My DIL and son both do Stitch Fix. I am amazed at how well the pieces they get match their personalities. I need to try it.

  86. Cyndi, I love your blog and look forward to it every day!! You have inspired me in every way. I love your style and your beautiful heart!!

  87. Both my husband and I use Stitch Fix and love it! I do not like to shop and make color/style decisions. My stylist does a great job of sending me what I like and look good in!

  88. Adorable dress! Thank you for always being so vocal about your faith, it’s a joy to receive your posts. Thank you for the opportunity and God bless!

  89. The leopard print dress is sooo cute! I am going to look into Stitch Fix, it may be a good option for shopping since so many of the big retailers in our area have closed their doors. Praying for peace and acceptance in our nation.

  90. Love the shoes! I am a shoe lover myself. 😊 I have not tried Stitch Fix, but would love to some day (and for my husband too).

  91. I have definitely tried and loved Stitch Fix but have never tried for my husband. I will definitely be hooking him up!

    Thank you for sharing today and the ‘Beauty for the Heart’ is especially timely today. Thank you, Leigh

  92. I used to use Stitch Fix but haven’t in a few years now. Seeing the cute items you’ve posted, I probably need to start again!

  93. Yes, my prayers are with the Elpaso and Dayton victims and families. Such a senseless act of evil. Your dress is very classy on you. Be Blessed today Cyndi!

  94. I love Stitch Fix! I get a box every other month – just enough to add a couple of pieces for each seasons. Sometimes I buy the whole box, and sometimes just a piece or two. I’d love to get it for my husband!

  95. Thanks for the gift card opportunity to try Stitch Fix. Love the dress
    Praying for peace in our nation and so sad that we can’t feel safe anywhere…..Not even a Walmart.

  96. Cute dress! I saw 3 ladies wearing leopard print at Mass yesterday. Thank you for keeping me current on the trends! Both of my busy daughter-in-laws use Stitch Fix and love it!

  97. I have not ttied stitch fix but it sounds fun because I don’t like to go shopping. I would love to win the gift card. Thanks so much for your blog. Blessings

  98. Cindy, I look forward to your blog every morning! You are like a breath of fresh air, and your style is very much me.
    I have tried stitch fix in the past, and enjoyed receiving my fixes.
    God Bless!

    1. I have not ttied stitch fix but it sounds fun because I don’t like to go shopping. I would love to win the gift card. Thanks so much for your blog. Blessings

  99. Looks great, Cyndi! I love when dresses are lined. It makes them so much easier to wear in my opinion. 🙂

  100. Love the blog! I have to admit I use a lot of your pictures for my stitchfix stylist because sometimes I can’t describe adequately in words to the stylist what I’m looking for.

  101. I love Stitchfix because I find things I love that I usually wouldn’t have tried on my own. I get a Stitchfix monthly.

  102. Cyndi, thank you for the positive, encouraging words that you always post along with your fashion help. I appreciate your spirit and your attention to making our inner selves as lovely as we strive to be on the outside.

  103. I love Stitch Fix…a little bit too much as more than half the clothes in my closet came from there! This dress is so pretty and looks fabulous on you!

  104. Love the outfits you show from stitch fix……who is your stylist. I have tried but last couple of times the style just didn’t match mine.

  105. Your always so stylish, I did not know Stitch Fix offered this service to men…..wonderful service!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  106. I haven’t tried Stitch Fix, but I am thinking of trying it for my husband. Does your husband love it, and does he find that they send him things that fit him well? I might have to try it for myself, too! You look fabulous, as always!

  107. I’m retired (yay!), but sadly don’t need a lot of new clothes now (boo!). It still sounds like an intriguing way to shop.

  108. I’ve never tried stitch fix, or any box subscriptions. Looks like a great dress that would transition well into the fall!

  109. I tried Stitchfix several years ago but only for two boxes. In hindsight I should’ve stuck with it longer so the stylist could’ve gotten to know my style and fit. Lobpve the mustard cage shoes you’re wearing!

    1. I tried to enter the giveaway, but when I click on the link it won’t let me enter a comment and says the site is unsecure? No one else may have this issue? Just thought I would mention it. Love the dress!!

  110. I’ve tried it once, but I need to do it again. I think they have some wonderfully unique pieces that you can’t always get everywhere.

  111. I’ve never tried Stitch Fix so i appreciate the details/explanation. I agree with everyone about this dress on you, but let’s not overlook those shoes!

  112. I would love to try Stitch Fix — I love seeing your outfits and have used them many times for inspiration! Thanks!

  113. As a newly retired Grammie, I would love to try Stitch Fix and get my “new” style going. Not a working girl anymore, but sure don’t want to sit around my house in PJs. 🙂

    Thank you for this opportunity!!!!

  114. Love the Stitch Fix dress on you! Thanks for posting such wonderful and uplifting comments. Your faith shines through and I appreciate your fashion advice for us “older” women! Have a wonderful week!

  115. I would love to try this service and it sounds like as a working mom, this service could help me look fashionably put together even when in reality i’m running ragged all over the place.

  116. I love this dress on you, Cyndi! I haven’t done the Stitch Fix membership yet and this dress gives me incentive to try it out. My heart too is so sad today. I feel so helpless.

  117. I get a “Fix” every other month and it is fun because they send me things I wouldn’t normally think of for myself!

  118. The leopard print dress is beautiful! Starting school soon (3rd grade teacher)and would love to spruce up my wardrobe with Stitch Fix. Thanks!

  119. I just tried Stitch Fix for the first time and I really liked it! I kept almost everything and the price point on all my items was very reasonable. Looking forward to my next Fix!

  120. Thanks to Stitch Fix, I found the Tribal brand of work pants. Perfect for me after having my 3rd child. 🙂 love the outfits you post on your blog. So very classy!

  121. I love your style! I’ve never tried stitch fix, but I’ll be starting a new job in September and it would be awesome to give it a try! Thank you for sharing your fashion and your faith!

  122. I have tried Stitch Fix before but it’s been awhile. The cloths I received weren’t practical since I stay home. But I’m willing to try again. I really love that leopard dress you are wearing. You look great in these colors.

    1. Love this dress on you! Have never tried stitch fix, but this gift card is giving me the incentive to try it, thank you!

  123. I love the dress and shoes! I like Stitchfix for the convenience! I have had good luck with finding cute clothes from them. I love. Or having to shop.

  124. I love the leopard print, moreover, I love dresses. I also love the shoes, I just rarely wear opened-toe shoes; God has a really great sense of humor and evidenced that by my toes, HAHA.
    Thank you for all you post, it really helps me with piecing together my wardrobe. Have a blessed day.

  125. I have tried Stitch Fix a couple of times. It would be exciting to win to see what would arrived in a new box. Love the dress you received!!!!

  126. I get a stitch fix box every several months with most of the items I receive I love. Would love to win the $100.00 gift card, but if not will continue to love reading your post. Blessings!!!

  127. I have tried Stitch fix. I’m like you and dont get boxes super often, but I ALWAYS look forward to getting them. It is so fun!

  128. I have never tried stitch fix or any other subscription for clothing. I would love to though! I love the dress you are wearing!

  129. I love anything animal print including this dress! Perfect for transitioning into fall.

    I have tried Stitch Fix before.

  130. I like the dress. I’ve used Stitch Fix several times and find it very hit or miss. I send back more than I keep. They are not always good about reading the note I leave and sending pieces I want.

  131. I love the chocolate-y colored leopard. I saw blue leopard on Banana Republic and that’s beautiful. I do get Stitch Fix app. every quarter. My stylist totally gets me now but it took a while. I love everything I get.

    1. I love Stitch Fix! I don’t like to shop so box services are a great way to get fashionably dressed. The dress is so cute!

  132. I’ve been doing stitch fix for awhile now and it seems like they are really hit or miss. I like getting the boxes though and seeing what’s in there.

  133. That is the cutest dress and I never would have thought to pair it with those shoes! Thanks for helping me “see” different ways to put outfits together.

  134. I have tried Stitch Fix before. I’m not currently using it, but have thought about going back on a regular subscription at some point.

  135. I tried it a long time ago when they didn’t have petite sizes, so the things I received didn’t work, even though they were really cute. Now that they have petites, I would love to try it again.

  136. Love seeing your stying of clothes‼️ Most of all reading your beauty for the heart is such an uplifting part of my day!!!! Thanks!

  137. I am just swooning over this dress! You look so pretty Cyndi- your Stitch Fix stylist did a great job choosing for you!

  138. This dress is really cute… anything Leopard! Have an awesome day with microbladding. Oh and looking forward to seeing you fireplace and the room when completed!

    Have a Blessed Day🙏🏻

  139. I have not tried Stitch Fix but I would love too. My daughter does a box every other month and seems to like it. Thank You for your post and the encouragement you share. 🙂

  140. Super cute dress Cyndi….love anything Leopard! I have not tried Stitch Fix but seems very easy and painless when you know what you like.
    Looking forward to seeing your fireplace and the room when completed!

    Have a Blessed Day

  141. I have not tried Stitch Fix, but probablt should. I get terrible anxiety when shopping for myself, and usually end up just going back home!

  142. This dress is really cute! I would love to try Stitch Fix. I have thought about it in the past. Hope you have a blessed day!

  143. Love the dress from Stitch Fix. It will work well for the transition to fall, too. I use Stitch Fix several times a year.

  144. I have not tried stitch fix, I have thought about but that’s as far as I have gotten…..Your dress is really cute!

  145. I have never tried a styling service. You style such pretty clothes, such as today’s outfit, I think it may be the time to try one. It sounds very convenient in every way.
    I appreciate all of the scripture and lessons you post. They are most helpful.

  146. I’ve been wanting to try Stitchfix for some time and this dress may have just convinced me to go for it. Love it!

  147. Love that dress. I believe it can be sporty or dressy with shoes and accessories. Looks great on you with your coloring. Not to teen or granny looking either!

  148. I have never tried Stitch Fix but I should because I don’t like to shop. If I need something, I search it on the internet, find the best price and have it delivered to me. You always look so classy in your clothes. If they could do that well with me, I would probably sign up (if my budget would allow it.) Thanks for the post!

  149. Love your blog, it is so inspiring and fresh. And best of all, we are neighbors. Keep up the wonderful work.

  150. I have tried stitch fix but it was about 2 years ago and purchased some pants from the box they sent. Returned the rest of the items..
    . Very nice clothing! Haven’t tried it lately though.

  151. I love the mustard colored shoes with this! I will have to get some! I have tried Stitch FIx off and on over the years. I find it very convenient for this full time working mom of 6! Well..only three are still home, but the other three still need Mom!!!

  152. I’ve contemplated all summer about trying Stitch Fix. This dress gave me the push I needed! Have a great day!

  153. I have not yet tried Stitch Fix, I’ve just gotten back into the work force and could really use some style help. Love the animal print dress!
    Everyday you inspire me not only in fashion, but in how to be a better person. Thank you!

  154. I love this print. The brown color is animal print subdued. Not so out there. You look great in it and everything you wear!

  155. Love the dress. I used to get stitch fix but I haven’t received one in awhile. Maybe I should schedule a fix.

  156. Ive known about Stich Fix for sometime but wasn’t sure if it was for me. Perhaps Ill give it a try.
    Love the dress!

  157. I like how it’s an animal print but toned down if you know what I mean. Love that color shoe with it too. Looks great:)

  158. I use Stitch Fix occasionally. I usually don’t have much luck, but every once in awhile I get several pieces I really like.

  159. Hi Cyndi, I< Never tried Stitch fix but have always wanted too. I could npt leave a comment for some reason. please add me to your list for the free gift card. I love your blog and loo forward to your post. Fondly teresa

  160. I have used Stitch Fix for about a year and get a box about every three months. It has really expanded the quality of my closet with well made classic items that fit well. It is like Cyndi plus, helping me shop. Have a blessed day.

  161. That dress looks gorgeous on you! I have wanted to try Stitch Fix for a long time, I get caught up in waiting until I lose some weight. I think I should stop waiting 🙂

  162. My heart is so heavy too for all those in El Paso and Dayton. I’m constantly reminded that this world is not our home, it’s a battle ground where Satan still has power.

    I have used stitch fix in the past and really love all the pieces I’ve kept but it was a bit expensive so I stopped :(. It’s would be fun to try again. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Have a a blessed day aw well.

  163. Love the outfit, dress would be good transition piece for fall! I get a stitch fix box every other month as well and some of the items are so unique and have become my favorite pieces.

  164. I didn’t realize Stitch Fix did boxes for men. I’m going to check it out for my husband! Thank you.

    I love the dress!
    Have a blessed week.

  165. I really enjoy reading your blog! I love all your outfits and look forward to reading where they are purchased. I have never heard of Stitch Fix but I’m very curious about how the box is tailored to each individual. Would love to win this so I could check it out.

  166. I tried it while I was working at a bank. It didn’t really work for me then. I’m no longer working now so my wardrobe is much more casual 🙂

  167. I used stitch fix about 10 years ago
    I really liked some of the pieces but it was a little too expensive for me. However, I would love to try it again.

  168. I have heard of Stitch Fix but never tried it. My daughter has and likes it. Would love to win this so I could try it out.