Friday Fashion-Amazon

Happy Friday! Of course, this is an extra special Friday because it’s a holiday weekend. Yay! We have a busy but fun weekend planned so I’m ready to get it started.

Today I’m sharing some Amazon Fashion finds. I have shared before that I don’t always love Amazon fashion. Some of it is too cheap for my taste. I want to get good deals, but if I wash it and it falls apart, that’s not a good deal to me.

I did find a few things that I really like, so let’s get started.

First up this Daily Ritual tee is a winner. It’s lightweight, and it comes in lots of colors. I’m wearing the animal print.

Size tip: I’m wearing a small and it’s a little snug so I would size up to a medium.

Friday Fashion-Amazon

Animal Print tee//AE Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Booties (on sale, order 1/2 size up)//Earrings//Bracelet

This sleeveless top is really nice and comes in a ton of colors and patterns. I picked this pattern since it looks fall-ish. The quality is good with this top!

Size tip: I’m wearing a small

Friday Fashion-Amazon

Sleeveless Top//AE Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Booties//Earrings//Bracelet//Necklace

In case I get chilly, I always have a cardigan close by and this waterfall cardigan is nice. It’s not too heavy, and it’s the perfect topper for a sheath dress or a sleeveless top.

Size tip: I’m wearing an XS. It says it runs small, but I don’t think so.

Friday Fashion-Amazon

Waterfall Cardigan//Sleeveless Top//AE Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Booties//Earrings//Bracelet//Necklace

I wanted to have a fedora to wear this fall and winter, and Amazon has this one that’s under $15. That’s a good price point since I won’t wear it that often.

Friday Fashion-Amazon

Fedora//Waterfall Cardigan//Sleeveless Top//AE Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Booties//Earrings//Bracelet//necklace

This shirt was a miss for me. I like a henley shirt, but the beige color looked peachy, and I don’t do peachy. It was also a little see-through. They do have more colors, and I think they would be a better option.

Size Tip: I’m wearing a small

Friday Fashion-Amazon

Henley Shirt//AE Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Booties//Earrings//Bracelet

If you’re looking for a lightweight quilted vest, this one is a great option. It has side pockets, and it’s under $30.

Size tip: I’m wearing a small

Friday Fashion-Amazon

Black Vest//Henley Shirt//AE Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Wedge Sneakers(on sale, order 1/2 size up)//Earrings//Bracelet

This color block cardigan is perfect for fall. It comes in several different colors.

Size tip: I’m wearing a small

Friday Fashion-Amazon

Color block cardigan//white tee (I’m wearing a small)//AE Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Booties//Earrings//Bracelet//Necklace

Lastly, this sweater comes in lots of colors, including some color block options. It has an asymmetrical hemline with large buttons. Bonus, it’s not itchy!

Size tip: I’m wearing a small

Friday Fashion-Amazon

Sweater//AE Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Booties(on sale, order 1/2 size up)//Earrings//Bracelet

Some of my favorite things from Amazon:



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  1. Cindi,
    I always enjoy your post!!
    You put a lot of time, effort
    and thought in every post.
    I know I can speak for all of
    us who follow you because
    you are the best! 😀

  2. Cyndi,
    I love seeing Amazon posts. This is one stop shopping for me! I do agree with you, I don’t want super cheap quality.

  3. I love these posts Cyndi! Thank you so much for doing all the work! I work full time, am in my late 50’s ,and have a 6 year old grandson and adult son that lives with me, so I really don’t have a lot of extra time to shop. I loved the Lark and Ro dress you featured during Prime Day and purchased it. I’ve received rave reviews on it. I may not purchase a lot of items online, but I certainly value your posts and opinions! Thank you.

  4. Love Shopping on Amazon! The quality is hit or miss that’s why it’s helpful to have bloggers do some of the research. Thanks for this post! Hope you do additional ones. Lastly, needed this B4TH today! XXOO’s Thank you, Cyndi! Have a great weekend!

  5. Absolutely loved this blog, so please keep doing them. I live an hour from any decent shopping and over 2 1/2 hours from major shopping like Orlando or Jacksonville. While I appreciate the good quality of name brands, spending that kind of money is not conducive to my retired lifestyle anymore. Also since I live in Florida I don’t get the wear out of winter sweaters but they are necessary, so spending less for quality is good for us southern girls. Thank you for doing the shopping for me! I know I bought at least three things from your blog today. Pray for us in Florida while we await Dorian.

  6. Cindy I ordered the Ceiliah shoes in black from Sole Society and they just arrived and I love them. Thank you for pointing them out to us.
    Have a safe blessed Labor Day weekend.

  7. I LOVE when you share Amazon fashion. And not just the good ones, but the misses too. It’s nice to see “real life” shots of what some of these look like and to hear your feedback on what works and what doesn’t. I bought a few pieces from SheIn a couple of years ago and only one of them SORT OF fit. But it’s really great to know which ones are from China and probably won’t work for the average American woman. Love your blog!

    1. I found you on Pinterest about 2 years ago and signed up for you email posts. I was looking for a feminine, modest look that wasn’t frumpy for a 56 year old. I love your style and fashion tips. I am now using many of them. I bought my 1st pair of camo pants through Nordstrom this summer and just bought the wedge sneakers online after going to Nordstroms and trying them on first. I had never heard of them before but really liked them. Thank you for your transparency and scriptures you share also.
      You have become a fun part of my day.

  8. Great post Cyndi! I just ordered two sleeveless tops, perfect for this Texas heat we will have for another month or so! I followed your link so hopefully you get credit. Love the Amazon posts and knowing what you recommend, thanks! Have a great weekend with your sister!! 🙂

  9. I actually love and appreciate these posts. I have shopped on Amazon and find it overwhelming. I’ve been lucky to find a couple of cute, well-made items, but I had to really search. Thank you for searching for us!😂 Also, I have returned items through both the Kohl’s store and the UPS offer (where they package and ship for you, just like Kohl’s). I love them both! It’s so easy, they give you a receipt with tracking, and my refunds were made very quickly. Have a great weekend!

  10. Thank you for sharing Amazon finds. Ordering can be stressful if you don’t know the brand. Some things are sized ridiculously or poor quality. I just received the animal print t shirt you styled a few weeks ago and I love it… also ordered and received the Amazon essentials cardigan true to size and very soft.. I’m 5’3 and the longer length was great:)
    Can you soon do a purse post for fall? Have a great weekend.
    Karen ❤️

  11. I love this post Cyndi. I know that I can trust your opinion in finding quality at a good price on Amazon, to save me that head ache. Please do more of these posts. I love ordering from Amazon. Especially liked the animal print shirt and sweater with large buttons. Enjoy your weekend with Sis and family.

  12. On the blue or teal sweater you are wearing I’m always Confused do you wear a shirt underneath that type of a button up sweater? Or I should say maybe a T. Or do you just put the sweater on

    1. I’m not wearing anything under it but I think a tank would work fine if you want to wear something. When it’s really cold I like something under my sweaters.

  13. thanks for this great post. I agree sizing and quality is dubious with Amazon, so having your thoughts on the items is so helpful. I purchased the color block sweater and the vest.

  14. Love the Amazon posts! Keep them coming! I have the same concern as far as quality. Returns are now easier with Kohl’s accepting Amazon returns. Have you tried this yet? One of the things I love about Amazon is the color options. I get so tired of everything coming in gray, black, white or beige, only. I want some color, but my fair skin limits what is most flattering. Thank you for doing the shopping for me and yet, I get to purchase color options which are best for me.
    Enjoy your family this weekend!

      1. Thanks for your Amazon finds today! I love online shopping but not a fan of having to return what doesn’t work. I’m expecting a porch full today! 😬
        Have a great weekend with Traci and family!

  15. Nice post, great info! On another note, I hit that reply button every single time I’m scrolling though reading the comments. I guess it’s right where my thumb hits the screen when scrolling!

      1. Aha, I was sure I couldn’t be the only one doing that! If only the reply button was in the middle instead of on the right…

  16. Love the Amazon posts! It helps take the guess work out, because there is so much on there. Maybe an Amazon post on only cardigans?? Please? Lol.

  17. I love your style, how do you do the front tuck so well with shirts and make it look so nice? Maybe a blog about tips???? Also love that you mix up different price ranges and different stores.
    TY –

  18. Going to try the animal print tee. It would be a nice transition piece as we are still having 100 degree temps in South Texas 🥵
    Thanks for sharing these Amazon finds and enjoy your day!

  19. Thanks for sharing quality items with us! Amazon can be tricky, and I hate returning online purchases and wondering if they got back, etc. I guess I’m showing my age because I still like going to a store and looking and trying on clothes. I will purchase online occasionally, but I have to love it to chance it, which I really need to get over because so many of the brick and mortar stores are closing :(.
    Have a great family weekend!

    1. Oh I’m the exact same way!! I love the whole experience of old fashion shopping, especially going into unique boutiques! I’m digging my heals in and still rarely shop online. So I always look to see what Cyndi shares and look for similar items. TJ Maxx and Marshall’s always seem to have what I’m looking for too. Happy shopping

      1. I need to stop online shopping. I keep telling myself I’m only going to buy what I can actually go and try on at a store but then I see something cute…60% of the time it doesn’t look good on me though!

    2. Sharon, I understand, you do what is best for you. Obviously, shopping online is my business and I couldn’t run my blog without all the women who shop from my sight. It all evens out!

      Have a great weekend!!

  20. Good morning. I love getting my daily dose of fashion from you!
    When shopping Amazon, how do you tell a “deal” from a “dud”?
    Thanks and have a blessed day!

    1. Patty most of the time, I have to order it and try it out. I do check the ratings and the matereal, etc.

      Part of what I do is buy and try it on so I can recommend it to my readers.

      Have a great weekend!

  21. Yes! I love it when you do the Amazon shopping. Sometimes I need something for an event and to see what youve already shopped for is great! And of course the bonus of Prime..;)

  22. I like it when you feature less expensive options for stylish clothing. I have ordered clothing from Amazon before and it is hit or miss with quality. It’s nice to have recommendations like this from you.

  23. Thank you for this post. I agree about finding quality at a good price. I appreciate you taking the time to find items on Amazon that are worth purchasing! Thank you Cyndi! 😘 have a fun weekend with Traci & her family!