Striped Sweater Dress

Happy Monday, ladies! We had a busy weekend over here. My sister and her family stayed with us, and we celebrated her birthday all day on Saturday. It was great to have them here for a few days.

Yesterday, we headed to church, and I wore this striped sweater dress. It was a very chilly morning, so this dress was a great option. It’s comfortable enough to wear all day.

Striped Sweater Dress

I tried several different boots before deciding on a tan over the knee boot. This seemed to be the best option with the navy in the dress, although I think a gray over the knee boot would look good too.

My tan boots are by Franco Sarto and are a couple of years old. I couldn’t find the exact pair, but I did link a few options below.

Striped Sweater Dress

I love the stripes and the back detail on this dress.

Striped Sweater Dress

Striped Sweater Dress

Striped Sweater Dress

I’m wearing a pair of Kendra Scott earrings. I wear inexpensive fashion earrings all the time, but I have several pairs of Kendra Scott earrings. These earrings last and never go out of style. They make a great Christmas gift too.

Striped Sweater Dress

Stripe Sweater Dress (I’m wearing an XS)//Kendra Scott Earrings//Ring//Franco Sarto Over The Knee Boots (similar options here and here)//Crossbody Bag

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Beauty For the Heart~~It seems if we have a pulse, we also have stories where we’ve been wronged and broken-hearted by the choices of another.

Unhealed hurt often becomes unleashed hurt spewed out on others. It’s so very common to be so very offended.

Even with Christians. Even in churches. Even with friends who used to pray together. And even in families that have Bibles in every room of their house.

But when someone, by the power of the Spirit of God, overrides the resistance of the flesh and the pull of unforgiveness – it’s shocking.

It’s one of the rarest moments in the life of everyone looking on. In the split second of a forgiveness utterance, evil is arrested, heaven touches earth, and the gospel reverberates not just that day but for generations to come.

Forgiveness is what brings the flesh of a human in perfect alignment with the Spirit of God, Himself. And none who sees this can walk away unaffected. -Lysa TerKeurst

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Hello. Grateful for your blog Cyndi and Love most of your outfits. This dress is fun but I would give it a miss 😐 Like the boots😊

  2. I am not sure about this look on you with those boots. The dress looks too boxy on you and eats you up. I would rethink wearing that outfit to church, as it is short, and those boots make that outfit look a little too ooh la la!😂 Trends I guess!😂😂. Thank you for letting us ladies see what looks great, and what is a miss at times for us 40 and over gals!

  3. Hi Cyndi. You are such a beauty in everything you wear. Looking at this dress took my mind back to my teenage years. My momma crocheted us twin girls multi colored sweaters and the sleeves were just like these. Striped in color and wide. Thanks for my precious memory this gave me. I miss my momma especially around the holidays!! God Bless. LOVE always….

  4. The tortoise shell necklace is sold out but I’d love to have the leopard print pants you have paired with the blue shirt. Any idea where I could get them?

  5. Sorry, Cyndi, but this dress is really a big miss. You’re usually on key and look so nice. I’d give that one back or shove it back in the corner of your closet. Thumbs down this time.

  6. What a cute dress!!! You look adorable in it!!! But most important today for me was your sweet writings on forgiveness. It is so very hard when it comes from life long friends who are also sisters and brothers in Christ. It’s a process, and a tough one, but i’m striving!!!! Thanks so much for the encouragement!!

    1. Ok, so is the ring on the index finger a new trend??? I thought is was a bandage at first! If it is a new trend I think I’ll have to sit this one out.

  7. Cyndi, your dress is fun and looks very cute on you! I love, love, love the Kendra Scott earrings! I agree her jewelry line is timeless. I have 2 pieces of Kendra Scott that I reach for on repeat. BFTH is so good. I’m going to print it off. Have a wonderful day and stay warm! 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  8. Good morning. Cute dress. It’s a little pricy for my budget but I do love sweater dresses. It looks cute on you. I have over the knee boots; however, I do not get to wear them too often because Texas weather in winter can be warm. Although, this evening we have a strong front coming. Blessings on your day. Also, I liked your inspirational message on forgiveness.

  9. Hello, Cyndi!🙋🏻‍♀️

    The arrow dress ( looks like a street sign) has to go! You can purchase better looking earrings.
    The boots look very nice, but looks odd with the dress.
    Have a good day!😃

  10. Cute dress and the boots look perfect with it. You sure are doing a lot of traveling lately and I hope you enjoy it. I use to travel in my twenties for one of the companies I worked for and didn’t seem to worry or stress over it but now I get so much anxiety about traveling. I guess that’s what happens sometimes with age or when we watch the news. Safe travels!

  11. Gorgeous dress Cindy and you wear it well! With navy being such a great fall and spring color you’d think one could find navy boots or booties, but nope, been looking for years to no avail 🙁

    1. Fotini, I was in Macy’s the other day and saw a pair of navy suede booties. I thought I’d mention it to you since you’ve been looking. Have a nice day!