Holiday Gifts from Chico’s

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Happy Friday ladies! I’m excited today to be teaming up with Chico’s to share a casual outfit and some holiday gift ideas.

This time of year I’m looking for cute gifts for family and friends and Chico’s has some great options.

First up, I’m wearing an embellished graphic tee. I like that it’s long sleeve since it’s getting cold here in Kentucky.

Holiday Gifts from Chico's

I styled the tee with a pair of tweed cuff ankle jeans. Chico’s sizing is a little different in their jeans. They also run a little big so if you’re in between sizes, I would size down.

Holiday Gifts from Chico's

I love the detail on the cuff of these jeans.

Holiday Gifts from Chico'sHoliday Gifts from Chico's

Since it’s the holiday season, I added a velveteen moto jacket to this outfit. I love a moto jacket!

Holiday Gifts from Chico's Holiday Gifts from Chico's

This black handbag is a fun addition to any outfit.

Holiday Gifts from Chico's

This outfit would be great for a lunch date with my girlfriends.

Holiday Gifts from Chico's

Velveteen Moto Jacket (I’m wearing a 00)// Embellished Tee (I’m wearing a 00)//Earrings (these are clip-on)//Tweed Cuff Jeans (I’m wearing a 00 but need to size down)//Tweed Shoulder Bag

If you’re looking for some gift ideas make sure you check out Chico’s Holiday Gift Guide.

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I’m so thankful to know that God is with us, no matter what our day holds, He is with us.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I love this outfit! Probably because it’s red, white and black. I’ve shopped at Chico’s before. I particularly like their jackets and jewelry.

  2. I love Chico’s! I have been following your blog for a few years now and look forward to reading it every day. I am one of the 60+ers now so it’s great to see clothing more age appropriate for me such as Chico’s ☺. There is also Chico’s Off the Rack-their outlet shop on line. I have also recently “rediscovered” Cold water Creek, and really like a lot of their clothing (which seems to run a spectrum of ages/styles.

  3. I enjoy Chico’s clothing and yes they are a little more pricey than some of the lower end stores but they have great sales.Their clothes last forever. Someone mentioned already that the sales people are very helpful. Thank you for showing this outfit. And they do have petites now too.

  4. I don’t typically shop at Chico’s but this tee caught my eye. Then I clicked on the link and saw $65 for a tee shirt. Yikes! I just can’t justify that. But the whole outfit looks great on you, Cyndi 🙂

  5. So glad you are including Chicos in your go to store finds!
    It is one of the few places I shop regularly. Good quality, fair prices and practical and fashionable clothing.
    Have fun in Nashville!!!

  6. I love the nude pump you have on I’m today’s and didn’t see it listed. It looks very feminine and classy on your foot. Could you tell me who it’s by please? Love your style recommendations. The younger girls have great things…but they don’t always look best on ladies over 50.

    Thank you!

    DeBrie Kuhn

  7. What a great red jacket. The jeans are
    super on you Cindi! I have always been
    Confused on the sizing of Chico’s. I am
    5’ 2” tall and weigh 110. I’ve tried size O
    and it’s to big. I may have tried a
    double OO but not sure. Not my store I
    guess. 🙄
    You and Jo-Lynne always give us plenty
    of suggestions. 👍🏼

  8. This entire outfit from head to toe is darling! I have loved Chico’s for years but you don’t find many bloggers who showcase their stuff. Thanks for choosing them for a post. Reminds me to go check out their new stuff. That tee might just find it’s way to my closet.

  9. I love Chico’s and shop there mostly. Their clothes are so stylish and I’ve often wondered why you haven’t teamed up with them. Glad to see you styling some of their items!

  10. I have shopped Chicos for many years and I like their clothing. This outfit looks great on you. I have found that people who work there are always very helpful.

  11. Chico’s was my mom’s favorite store! She had a personal shopper there, and they were so good to her as her health worsened, so I have a soft spot for the store. I find they are great for good quality basics, like black pants, or white shirts. I usually don’t care for their jeans, but those you show are trendy and cute. The sizing is odd. I usually wear a 0.0 to 0.5.

  12. I do shop at Chico’s on occasion; years ago, I bought almost everything I wore there (was into linen then; not so much now b/c I have to iron my own stuff!). Also, I’ve sorta moved away from the prints they feature. But I especially like their outlet stores.

  13. We don’t have a Chico’s here but when we visit the states I have gone in, but never bought anything as it felt older to me( like other comments) but this outfit I’d definitely wear. It looks cute and the red jacket gives it a nice pop.. sounds like their sizing is a little crazy…

  14. I’m thrilled to see you featuring Chico’s, Cyndi! They’ve been my go-to retailer for years & half of my closet is Chico’s. And you look fabulous in this outfit!

  15. Thanks for the variety! I don’t shop Chico’s much. They seem a bit dated and too matchy-matchy for me. Your outfits are cute but could probably find similar pieces at the other retailers you mentioned. Thanks for asking for our thoughts!

  16. I do like Chico’s..I like their variety of clothes from sporty to dressy. I think most of their clothes have a classic look and are timeless. I’d enjoy seeing you style from Chico’s.

    Have a great time in Nashville with JoLynn. Safe travels home.

  17. Everything looks wonderful on you, Cyndi! There a a few stores I just can’t seem to shop and Chico’s is one of them.

    Enjoy your friendship time in Nashville!!

  18. I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE CHICOS! You cannot go wrong with their fashion choices. It’s my secret place for finding beautifully made clothing that no one in the office or at church is wearing. ESPECIALLY the Final Sale section on their website, I have found AMAZING deals here too. Thank you for bringing a focus to their store but now I worry everyone knows my secret. Sending blessings!

  19. I, too, love Chico’s and shop their VERY often! I hope you continue to show outfits from them. I love your style, and it is fun to see what you put together with Chico’s clothes. Have fun in Nashville!

  20. Chico’s is my go to store. They have the best tees I’ve ever found. Yes, some of the things look older but they have great basics.

  21. I do Love Chico’s! I purchased their leopard pants this summer and love the fit. I also purchased their white pull on slacks, also a great fit.
    Love the cuffed jeans you have on.

  22. I agree with several other comments–I like Chicos, but it’s a little hit or miss because some of the items look older. I guess I have trouble putting the things that would be for me together in my mind. I had seen the jeans and jacket you styled today online, but I didn’t think about combining them. So cute! I also noticed online that they had some REALLY good deals on jewelry, esp. stretch bracelets, that would make great, surprisingly inexpensive gifts. So glad you did this post today.

  23. The outfit is really cute on you and I love to wear pumps with jeans – these suit the outfit. I have been seeing from other bloggers I follow thicker cuffed jeans – I think these ones with the embellishment are really nice and they look great on you.

    I never shop at Chico’s (but may have to start!) and don’t typically shop at Walmart, Target or buy clothes at Amazon. I know a lot of your readers shop at these places, but I would love to see more clothes from other stores. I love Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Boden, Lululemon and have ordered from Sezane (their returns are free in the U.S.) in the past and recently discovered MM Lafleur… I don’t buy a lot of things but will spend more for quality (because sometimes Hubby does the laundry and things don’t survive).

    1. This is a cute outfit. I love the detail on the cuff and the long sleeve tee is cute. The velveteen jacket could even be dressed up with some skinny black pants and a bit of bling for the Christmas season. Love that you expose us to different sources, Cyndi. It opens the mind to possibilities.

  24. Cute! I have jeans similar to those that I put up because I thought the rolled cuff looked more summery. I’m also always worried about getting cold. lol! I guess I’ll pull them back out.

  25. I love every single piece of this outfit and only recently went into Chico’s to buy a pair of cute readers. I thought their clothes were for tall women because my girlfriend use to shop there and she was tall but I see they also have petites. I am going to try these cute jeans. This is exactly why I’ve followed you all these years; the store options and variety is really important to me. If these jeans work out, I will have another place to shop thanks to you! Enjoy your conference.

  26. You make Chico’s look good! I will shop there and occasionally find something I like but I do find a lot of there stuff feels “older’ and I’m just not ready to dress that old yet. The items I have purchased are of good quality, and I’ve been very pleased with them. This out fit you have on is so very cute! Love love that red jacket!

  27. Hi Cyndy,
    I love the outfit from Chico’s
    We have snow where I live most of the winter… so you have any other footwear options that would work that would work?
    Thank you!!!!

  28. I love this outfit and love shopping at Chicos! I would love to see you style more outfits from Chicos. I have so many of their clothes and always get compliments.

  29. I love Chico’s. They have stylish, quality clothing. Great value for your money. So glad to see you finally styling these pieces.

  30. Cyndi,
    I do shop at Chico’s. I agree they have some cute items. I think they are reasonably priced plus often have very good sales! I really think those jeans are cute! Thanks for sharing your style and message. Thank you so much!

  31. Cute outfit as always, and I am in love with the red velvet jacket!
    I do shop at Chicos, however, it is hit and miss for me. I seem to find more things in the spring and summer, and not so much in the fall and winter months. That also could be because I generally like spring/summer clothes more because I have such a dislike for winter! I do like that Chicos has a lot of petite sizes in shirts because I have short arms and that is very helpful for me!
    Have a great time in Nashville!

    1. I love this outfit and love shopping at Chicos! I would love to see you style more outfits from Chicos. I have so many of their clothes and always get compliments.

      1. I will shop Chico’s but it’s a hit or miss for me as well. I also think many of their items cater to an older woman and don’t feel I want to go there yet. I do like their jeans, tee shirts and jewelry. The quality of their clothes is very good and they have good sales. Love the outfit you styled today.