It’s Here! The Cyndi Spivey Blouses

Happy Thursday! It’s a pretty exciting day over here! I can’t believe I’m typing these words, but today I’m sharing 2 blouses with you that I designed in collaboration with Gibson. What??? This is crazy!

I am beyond humbled and grateful for this opportunity to work with Gibson, and I can’t thank them enough for working with me to create these blouses.

Also, thank YOU for being a part of this community. This couldn’t happen without you and I’m so thankful for each of you. I created these with YOU in mind.

Both of these blouses are perfect for the upcoming holidays. You can dress them up or dress them down, and they can be worn all winter long, even after the holidays are over.

Without further ado let me share my Cyndi Spivey Blouses with you. First, sizing tip: I typically wear an XS in Gibson blouses. I’m 5’6″ and 125 pounds.

The Cyndi Spivey Lace Mix Blouson Sleeve Top

I am a huge fan of details, and this blouse has perfectly placed lace details. It comes in two colors: Berry Red and Navy

It's Here! The Cyndi Spivey Blouses

The sleeves are a blouson sleeve, and the lace makes it oh so feminine.

It's Here! The Cyndi Spivey Blouses

It also has a high neckline and a high low step hem. If you want to do a front tuck, you can, but you can also wear it out. The back is long enough to cover your rear.

It's Here! The Cyndi Spivey Blouses

It's Here! The Cyndi Spivey Blouses

The Cyndi Spivey Lace Mix Blouson Sleeve Top in Berry Red//Black Jean//Black Bootie//Earrings//Leopard Clutch (similar here)

Here is the navy color.

It's Here! The Cyndi Spivey Blouses

I paired the navy blouse with burgundy corduroy pants and leopard heels.

It's Here! The Cyndi Spivey Blouses It's Here! The Cyndi Spivey Blouses

The Cyndi Spivey Lace Mix Blouson Sleeve Top in Navy//Burgundy Cordoury Pants//Leopard Heel//Earrings

Cyndi Spivey Velvet Lace Mix Holiday Top

This gorgeous velvet top is mixed with long sheer lace sleeves and a perfect puff shoulder detail.

It's Here! The Cyndi Spivey Blouses

It's Here! The Cyndi Spivey Blouses

This blouse can be worn with jeans, but it would also look great with a skirt or pants.

It's Here! The Cyndi Spivey Blouses

The velvet is oh so soft, and I’m swooning over those sleeves.

It's Here! The Cyndi Spivey Blouses

I wore a nude bra, and if you look close, you can see it, but it’s not overly noticeable at all.

It's Here! The Cyndi Spivey Blouses

I’ll be wearing this blouse to every holiday party this year!! Haha!

It's Here! The Cyndi Spivey Blouses

Cyndi Spivey Velvet Lace Mix Holiday Top//Skinny Jean//Sam Edelman Heel//Earrings//Clutch//Belt

I hope you love these blouses as much as I do! I can’t wait to see you in them! Make sure you check out the rest of the new arrivals at Gibson.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by my blog. I’m also on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram.

BEAUTY FOR THE HEART~~ Today, I dedicate this post and these blouses to my Mom who went to be with Jesus in 2009. She is the one who asked me to start a blog. I had no idea 10 years later, I would be sharing clothing that I helped create.

Mom was incredibly talented and creative, but more than that, she loved Jesus with all of her heart. She left a legacy for her family, and we are forever changed because of her.

Mom was always making our clothes and here we are in matching dresses. (Me, Mom, and my baby sister Traci)


Her children arise and call her blessed. Proverbs 31:28a

Thank you, Mom, I love you so much!!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. YAY!!!!!
    Your black velvet and lace top is SOLD OUT!!!!!
    I believe you have a following…
    Sad it is unavailable, but if “sold out” doesn’t indicate success, I don’t know what does.

  2. I just tried to purchase the black lace velvet Cyndi Spivey blouse and it’s sold out in every size! Although I’m very sad that I missed out on this gorgeous blouse, I’m so thrilled that your clothing line was such a success. You should be very proud of yourself! (Next time I’ll have to be sure to place the order right away!

  3. Cyndi, Congratulations on this collaboration! I know this has been a dream of yours. My mother made clothes for me and my younger sister too — and our dolls! I know you are missing your mom today. I will be getting that black velvet top if the price is prohibitive. Congratulations again.

  4. Congratulations Cyndi on the release of your two new tops. They are absolutely beautiful! And what a beautiful tribute to your mother. No doubt she is smiling down on you from above! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. LOVELY!! Your mom would be so proud! My only request is that you make them available in plus sizes also. I’m fluffy but still want to be stylish!

  6. Congratulations…well done! What I love most is your beaming face in the photos. 😁 The blouses are beautiful, the black one is my favorite. Looking forward to seeing your future creations.

  7. I have been following your blog all the way from Scotland for years now . My mum was diagnosed back in 2009 with bowel cancer which had spread . She is amazing and despite years of treatment and surgery she is still here influencing my life .
    Your blog has helped me through many a rough day and kept me centred . So lovely to see you entering to the design side . What an amazing challenge. I love your black top and the colour of the blue one is very eye catching .
    Sadly not available over here !
    Take care and keep inspiring ,
    L xx

  8. I’m so happy for you, Cyndi! Both of those tops are beautiful and definitely have your stamp! Congratulations on this new chapter. Love the picture!!! Your mom is adorable and so are you and your sister! Very stylish!


  9. Cyndi, the tops are lovely! The velvet will be beautiful for the holidays. Congrats on your collaboration with Gibson – your mom is looking down with love and pride for your blogging accomplishments.

  10. I recently was at a gathering in California for a family wedding. My sisters in law kept complimenting me on my outfits. I kept saying “Cindi Spivey “ inspired. I’ve introduced three of them to your blog. I love your combinations. I’m 70 but find very appropriate style for me. Keep up the good work. I’m grateful for your help. Congratulations on this new accomplishment.

  11. The blouses are beautiful.
    I especially like the red one!
    Perfect for the holidays.
    I bet you are so proud of
    this accomplishment. 😀

    1. The blouses are beautiful!!! What a beautiful picture of your Mom, sister, and you!! You look like your Mom and it is very apparent that you love Jesus just like her. Love and prayers.

  12. Congratulations! The blouses are stunning, and what a beautiful tribute to your Mom. Her legacy is carried on. God Bless.

  13. Congratulations! These are so you!! I know your momma would be so over the moon proud of you too! Well Deserved!!

  14. This so exciting! A great celebration and tribute to your mama! They are all gorgeous! I had to pick just one though and the black one it is. Already shipped! Thank you so much Cindy!

  15. CYNDI,
    CONGRATULATIONS ON THE LAUNCH! I know you must be super proud. I love that you thought of your “people” when creating the blouses.

    I read the post a little tearfully today because today is the 36th “anniversary” of my own father’s death. Sometimes it’s difficult to believe that he has be out of my life far longer than he was present in it. I’m sure your mom is still “with you” on days like today; at least I hope you feel her presence in the way that I feel mine (she joined my dad in 2006). Blessings to you on this day and as you celebrate next week!

  16. Congrats! They are beautiful. About time Gibson gave you the opportunity. Hopefully there will be many more opportunities for you to collaborate with them. Really enjoy your blog everyday. 🙂

  17. Love these blouses! I need to think of where I would wear one of them so I can buy one! Wonderful post. Moms are so amazing and important.

  18. Hi Cyndi,
    Congratulations on a beautiful creation! I love this so much and I am purchasing the blue blouse. I had a hard time deciding as red would be lovely for the holidays and also carry over into Valentine’s Day. Red is also my favorite color and I have several red blouses so I opted for the blue. Love, love, love this. Your mom would be more than proud!! Love the family photo…your mom was a stylish and beautiful lady!! Great job and Happy Thanksgiving❤️

    1. Congratulations! I’m so happy that you got to be part of this. Your fashion sense is such a help to so many! You are beautiful inside and out and I’d be willing to bet that your Momma is smiling down on you and so very, very proud!

  19. Congratulations Cyndi! I know this is a dream come true for you. The blouses are beautiful and I want one in every color.

    I love that you dedicated these to your beloved Mom. That is the sweetest pic you shared. Best wishes on this new, exciting chapter!

  20. Huge congratulations Cyndi! These blouses look so beautiful and so perfect to dress up a pair of jeans! Loving the lace details! Just beautiful and can’t wait to see more of your designs in the future!
    Congrats again!!

  21. Cyndi these blouses are gorgeous and a big CONGRATS to you on such a special day. I’m sure your mom is just beaming with delight on your accomplishments:) I lost my mom just 7 years ago this November and so many times I want to pick up the phone to share good news so I know exactly how you feel. I’d love for you to share on your blog someday how all this came to be, and if we will be seeing more Cyndi Spivey fashions:)🤗🤗

    1. Thank you Karen! Yes I need to share the story someday. And I’m not sure about more fashions but I’m hoping. It depends on how well my blouses sell. 🙂

  22. Cyndi! I’m so very proud of you!!! This has been a dream of yours for a long time and what you have designed is so lovely!!! Beautiful work!! Your mama would be so very proud and thankful for how you and Traci have done such creative, beautifully appealing, and timely work that gives honor to Jesus!!!! Bless you & love you!! Carol

  23. I am so excited for you. I love these beautiful blouses, perfect for the holiday season.
    Love the adorable pic of you three girls. I can see where you and your sister got your beauty!
    Blessings, MG

  24. Congratulations–This must be a dream come true! And your mom was obviously a very stylish lady as well. I love the photo–she is totally rocking those awesome lace-up boots! Looks like you might have had some on as well. She got you off to a great start fashion-wise as well as being as example of the inner beauty that comes from following Jesus.

  25. I look at her daughter as a tribute to the nurturing mother yours must have been.
    My mom died when I was still in my teens, and it’s not easy to remember a great deal about her after all this time has passed. I know I have a deeper understanding and appreciation for her as I am grown now and a mother myself. How thankful I am for my family, the ones who went before and the ones who are around me now.

  26. SO PROUD OF YOU, sweet friend! Your mom would be so proud of you that she’d need to order these blouses in a bigger size–for sure, she’d be bustin’ her buttons! What a gift to the world that Miss Wanda encouraged you and Traci to start blogs. Her legacy lives on! Love you!!

  27. Congratulations, Cyndi! They’re both beautiful and such a perfect reflection of your personal style. I know your mother would be over the moon pleased for you! Enjoy the success! You deserve it! 💕

  28. Congratulations Cyndi! I know your mom is smiling big this morning and is so proud of her talented daughter. The blouses are beautiful! I miss my mom every day and she passed in 1996. I still forget and try to call her to tell her something important. Hugs to you and again congratulations!

    1. Big congratulations!
      How wonderful it is to have the opportunity to be grateful for the special people in our lives! Especially the ones who have made us who we are today! Beautiful post in every way!

  29. Congratulations Cyndi! Both of the blouses are absolutely beautiful. One thing that I love about your blog is that your beauty not only comes from the outside but more importantly from the inside as your heavenly Father shines through you! I too lost my Mom back in 2006 and I still miss her each and every day.

  30. Congratulations! Both tips are spectacular, festive, and yet versatile! I lost my Sweet Mama this March and find I miss her Earthly presence so very much…most of all whenever something particularly noteworthy happens. I am reminded that longing to be reunited with departed loved-ones helps us to long for Heaven so much more! Cyndi, your mama is certainly smiling down on you today! 💕

  31. Congratulations.. Love the blouses. So feminine and modest and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your picture of you, sister, and mom. Looking forward to seeing more of your God given clothing designs.

  32. Congratulations Cyndi! You’re truly blessed and that smile shows it all! Love the velvet for holidays! You’re inspiring me to add a little bling to my jeans with that Chico’s pic! Happy Holidays!

  33. Congratulations! This probably feels like a long time coming, but I can’t think of anyone more deserving. Love the velvet top! You are positively beaming in your pictures. 🙂

  34. These blouses are beautiful, how exciting! Congrats to you!! I love your heart, and you are just beautiful inside, and out! I can’t wait to see what is next for you!

  35. Cyndi,
    One word for your new line: STUNNING! What an amazing opportunity and you deserve every bit of it. I’m sure this won’t be the last time that a line of clothing has your name on it. You have impeccable taste and amazing capacity for design.

    The picture of your mom with her daughters (and the story behind it), how precious! What a legacy. Your mom would be so proud!

  36. Cyndi, I’m so excited for you! Your blouses are so classy and festive! You are a precious person…sounds like you follow in your Mom’s footsteps! God bless you!

    1. You are beaming in these photos!! Know your mom has the biggest smile of all on this special day. Congratulations!! You have alway said you dreamed of having a clothing line of your own so here is to dreams coming true!!🥰

  37. CONGRATULATIONS! I know your mom is so excited for you right now! ❤️

    And these blouses … Gorgeous! 😍 Finally! A blouse that is beautiful and feminine but covers everything. What else is there to say?

    Praying Gods blessings on you and that you will have the opportunity for additional collaborations with Gibson.

    1. What a beautiful tops these are!! Gorgeous and yes you should be so proud! I’m sure your mom is as well as I truly believe God allows them to see the “good stuff.” My oldest (son) also passed in 2009 (June). Not a good year at all. I hope the black one stays in stock. My husband is laid off so no extra spending right now. If he gets one of these positions he’s currently interviewing for, I’m treating myself to the black one for sure!! Congratulations on the beautiful blouses!

  38. Both blouses are beautiful. Love the black one…..your Mom was a beautiful lady and stylish, your are blessed to have a Mom to look up to. My Mom was also a christian and I was raised in church and thank her for Godly teachings. Love your blog

  39. What a very touching post and congratulations on these two beautiful blouses. I would order both Of these in a heartbeat but since they have full length sleeves and I’m petite I’m afraid the sleeve would be too long. But so glad to share in your excitement!

  40. These blouses are beautiful. They will be perfect for the holidays. I have followed your blog for quite awhile now and have learned so much. Your mom would be proud and happy for you. Isn’t it great how moms are always our biggest supporters and cheerleaders?

  41. Congratulations, Cyndi! I am so happy for you. The blouses are beautiful and I can’t wait for the black velvet to arrive for the holidays.

  42. Cyndi, I’m interested in both blouses. Could you tell me if the lace arms on both blouses run loose or tight with the lace. I’m a L sometimes in tops and sometimes XL depending on the cut.
    The blouses are just beautiful, and I love the dedication to your mom. Blessings, Amanda

    1. The lace is loose and not real tight. I do think the Gibson brand runs a little big so you might size down. Especially if you order the Cyndi Spivey Lace Mis Blouson sleeve top

  43. The blouses are beautiful! Congratulations!!
    Sweet tribute to your Mom. I can relate- mine also made some matching outfits for me and my sister; Mom passed away this summer.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  44. Awww, Thank you Cyndi for sharing a picture of you, your mom and Traci!!! Beautiful mom with her babies, nothing better!!!! Congratulations on the blouses. Both are beautiful!

  45. Awww, Thank you Cyndi for sharing a picture of you, your mom and Traci!!! Beautiful mom with her babies, nothing better!!!! Congratulations on the blouses. Both are gorgeous!

  46. I lost my sweet Mom in 2000. I miss her every day! I’m sure your Mom is smiling down on you and your beautiful blouses and is so proud of you. Congratulations and God bless you!

  47. Congratulations cyndi!
    Love ❤️ your blouse! I’m 5’10 and the heels at almost 4”are too high. Do you have any other options for shoes with this gorgeous outfit? Thank you!

  48. How wonderful to be blessed with this opportunity. I just ordered the velvet one! I love the long sleeves and can see it styled many ways.

  49. Hi Cyndi- Congratulations on the collaboration with Gibson! Both blouses are lovely and a reflection of your style 🙂 Your photos highlight the blouses so much better than the ones featuring Gibson models! Have a great day!

  50. You are so so talented and beautful Amd classy! Your tops are you ! Congratulations on your gorgeous creations! Your mom is so proud of you ❤️❤️

  51. Beautiful, I especially love the velvet one. Nothing screams holidays like velvet. My mom also sewed my special Christmas clothes when I was young and I even did for my girls when they were real little (always velvet for Christmas). My mom has been gone for 2 1/2 years and I also miss her so much. I love when you mention your mom – it helps to know others still grieve as I do. The other day i was driving somewhere with my grandson and was thinking, who could I take along for the day for some adult company and for a split second I thought – I’ll just call Mom she would love to come. We truly were best friends and I miss her for all the big things but all those little moments we shared too. I was speaking with a friend last week at her mom’s visitation and she looked to me for some uplifting advice – I couldn’t give it to her – just that it changes but doesn’t get easier.

    1. I have been following you for several years so know designing your own line has been your dream. Now that it’s comes true I hope to see more of your designs. These tops are both pretty but I will order the black velvet one. Know your Mom is so proud of you today even though not here to let you know how proud she is.

  52. Congratulations, Cyndi! Both blouses are gorgeous! (I particularly love the velvet one). I’ve been following you since the beginning am so happy for your success.

  53. Love the blouses. Just ordered the velvet one to wear for the upcoming holiday festivities. Your mom would be proud!

  54. Cyndi, I’m so very excited for you. Daily you are a blessing and I know your Mother would be so proud.Your creations are beautiful and I am about to place my order. Have an awesome day!💓

    1. Congratulations.. Love the blouses. So feminine and modest and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your picture of you, sister, and mom. Looking forward to seeing more of your God given clothing designs.

  55. Congratulations on the beautiful development of your partnership! Lost my mom a year ago this past Sept. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could pick up the phone for a quick chat. You and I have both been blessed by moms who loved JESUS more than life itself. I have every confidence your mom has gathered her friends and she’s looking at you saying, ‘That’s my girl!’ Congrats again and special blessings to you and your family!❤️

  56. You should be proud, these blouses are beautiful and your Mom would be so proud of you and your love for Jesus also!! So happy for you, Have a blessed day!!1

  57. These blouses are absolutely gorgeous! So happy and excited for you. I know that your mom is smiling and sharing this with you. So many blessings!

    1. All the blouses are beautiful. Hard to choose just one. Congratulations on your new adventure in clothing and yes, your Mom is very proud of you!!!❤️

  58. Oh Cyndi, these blouses are beautiful! I’m so excited for you and so proud of you! You are such an Inspiration! Such a beautiful tribute to your mother, I know she would be so proud of you!

  59. Congratulations, Cyndi!! The blouses are beautiful. I have followed your blog for awhile and have never commented, but just wanted to say thanks for your fashion tips and for sharing your love for Jesus. I know your mom would be so proud.

  60. Cyndi, Congratulations to your new accomplishment! Your mom is certainly smiling down on you. You have done so much since you’ve began blogging and I’m so happy I found your blog 5 years ago. Thanks for being so genuine.

  61. Congratulations 🎊 on your blouses. I have followed you for a few years now and absolutely love your style and tips. I’m 46, a Pastors wife and a new Nanny! 😅 I love clothes and dressing cute for all occasions. I guess that’s why I follow you because we have common things in life. Your mom would definitely be proud!! 😊 God bless on your new adventure 🙏🏼❤️

  62. Oh Cyndi, congratulations! I’m so happy for you! Both blouses are gorgeous! What a sweet dedication to your beautiful Mama! I love it when you share some of the legacy she left here on earth! Praying for you today in your excitement and you emotionally reflect over missing your Mom. Be Blesses in Him! 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻