Kitchen Makeover-The Before Pictures

Happy hump day, ladies! I shared in my email a few days ago that we are beginning the process of a kitchen makeover.

I love my kitchen and my cabinets, but I would prefer white cabinets, so I’m having them painted. I’m painting the cabinets, White Heron, by Benjamin Moore.

This is a picture of white heron cabinets. I’m also doing similar hardware, except it will be gold.

I’m in the early process of picking out light fixtures, but I have some ideas.

Let me show you what my kitchen looks like today. I took some pictures with my iPhone, and I had some from last September when I did a post for Macy’s.

I’m not changing my countertops mainly because changing them would be a significant expense, and I think I can work with them.

I’m also keeping our island black, but the pendant lights will be replaced. I like something like this.

This light fixture over my kitchen table is going too.

I’m changing the tile backsplash to a white square subway tile. (My pink top is from last fall and no longer available.)

The painters are coming today to begin painting, so I’ll make sure to document and share the after pictures.

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Beauty For the Heart~~20 Things We Should Say More Often

1. I love you.

2. I believe in you.

3. You are worthy. You deserve it.

4. The best is yet to come.

5. Stay positive.

6. I was wrong. I’m sorry.

7. Please.

8. How can I help?

9. I’m here for you when you want to talk.

10. You can do it.

11. You’ve got this, and God’s got you.

12. Please forgive me.

13. I forgive you.

14. I’ve got your back.

15. I’m open to your feedback. Make me better.

16. You’re not alone.

17. Even if we disagree, we can still be friends.

18. You matter.

19. Thank you.

20. There is greatness inside you. -Jon Gordon

Have a blessed day!


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  1. HI Cindi – I have been searching for a hot pink sweater similar to the one you are wearing in this picture. Can you tell me where you found it?
    Thanks for your help!

  2. Been a busy week, just catching up on emails. I saw the kitchen post, quickly got out my handy BM paint deck, White Heron looks beautiful

    We have been toying with painting our cabinets, white seemed too stark, our island is also black and I did not want to replace the granite. This color is warm enough to go with our granite! Thanks for the tip. Look forward to seeing your reveal!

  3. The white cabinets are going to brighten up the kitchen so beautifully! You can live through a kitchen project–we just did it for 4 months but the results are so worth it. The only thing that I might question is white subway tile for a backsplash. Whenever I see this on HGTV I think of how dirty the grout will get and how hard it will be to clean.

  4. I love your countertops! I’m wanting to replace mine. Are yours granite? I think the white cabinets will look beautiful! I’m trying to talk my husband into letting me paint our oak cabinets! 🙂


  5. I am so happy for you and knowing you it has been meticulously planned and it will turn out beautiful. I am so anxious to see the finished product. Blessings!

  6. What a lovely idea to paint the cabinets white. What colour did you choose for your kitchen walls to compliment the white cabinets? I think the granite counters will work, and maybe pull a colour out from the granite to paint your kitchen walls to pull it all together. What fun!!!

  7. hi cyndi…do they remove your cabinets or do they paint them while they are still hanging on the walls? it will look beautiful!!!!!!

  8. Can’t wait to see your white cupboards. Mine are darker than yours and I was right on trend 10 years ago! Now I would love a white kitchen.

  9. You’ll love the white cabinets! I redid a small 1953 galley kitchen in white a few years ago and then same with a 90’s ranch kitchen in 2017 and absolutely loved both outcomes. Good luck through the pain lol.

  10. I love my white kitchen cabinets and white subway tile (I did a staggered pattern). Classic and cheerful. I think you have gorgeous cabinets that will be even more delightful (& cheerful) painted white. It WILL be worth the trouble.

  11. I can’t wait to see your cabinets painted!! You have beautiful cabinets and they will look soooo good white!! I also love an open, airy kitchen!!

  12. Can’t wait to see the ‘after ‘ pictures! I want to do the same to my kitchen but my husband is afraid it will be a mistake and we will regret it! 😜😂 I need your help to win him over!!

  13. I’m getting ready to remodel my kitchen. Can’t wait to see how yours looks.

    On a different note, I’m so sad. I ordered your black blouse almost immediately upon your post this last time. Got a notice it would ship and a week later got a refund notice and said it was out of stock!! I’m so bummed!!!😢

  14. Dear Cyndi,
    Thank you for all your wonderful posts. I am encouraged by you and appreciate all your hard work! Loving the list of 20 things today and I look forward to seeing your new beautiful kitchen!

  15. For lights you should check out Shades of Light. They are a little pricey but have some very unique and lovely fixtures.

  16. Your kitchen will be beautiful! I’m excited for you! I love your backsplash choice, as I feel subway tile is so classic. Are you painting them yourselves? My husband & I did our own about 5 years ago & love it. But it was a tedious process that took 2 weeks. (We also added beadboard inserts for decorative appeal) I hope you love your outcome! How fun! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  17. I too am thinking of changing my cabinets from dark to light.
    Can’t wait to see how your’s turn out.

    I understand that your sister has a blog.
    I also live in the Nashville area and would love to have her email or blog website.


  18. Love the plans! I noticed the light fixtures you linked have a matte black with gold trim option. That would look amazing with your new gold hardware! Hope it all exceeds your expectations:)

  19. I am so positive you will love the end result. My daughter had her cabinets painted two years ago and I still marvel at the difference it made. Would love to have mine painted, but husband doesn’t agree. Have fun with your project!

  20. Love BFH❗️ Your kitchen ale over will definitely be worth the inconvenience. When we did ours, it was like we had a whole new house.

  21. Your kitchen will be much brighter with light cabinets. It’s well worth the money & disruption. I was just wandering if Chantily Lace might be too bright a white for your countertops. Would a creamy white compliment the browns better?

  22. Thank you so much for this post! I have almost the exact cabinets and I am meeting with the painter next week! I am painting my kitchen, my den, all the cabinets, built ins, trim and doors. Walls will be sea salt and everything else will be white. Time for a new updated look!

  23. I have white cabinets with gold hardware similar to what you describe and I think you’re going to love them! They give a spacious and light feeling to the whole space. Thanks for your list of positive things we need to be saying more often, and for your whole ministry!

  24. I think the white cabinets will look great. We have honey oak cabinets (1980’s) that are still in excellent condition. We will be renovating this spring with new paint, doors and trim, and flooring. My hubby loves the oak so that will stay original just like him. Lol. Anyways I would like to know your paint colour in your Living room if you don’t mind? I like the White Dove you used in the family room.

  25. I love your kitchen as it but it will be spectacular with the white cabinets. Can’t wait to see the transformation!! Hugs and blessings on your day!

  26. We also painted our cabinets when we renovated our kitchen a couple years ago. Just a heads up that the smell of the cabinet paint is very, very strong. It’s much different than the paint that goes on the walls. We actually left for a family vacation ( we were gone a week) while they were being painted and our painter said it was a good thing because I’m not sure we would have been able to stay with the smell. We came home it it still was quite strong. Excited to see your after pictures. It’s amazing how different a space can look with a little paint. I love white cabinets!!

  27. I painted my oak 1991 vintage cabinets white. Took me the better part of a year, but it was worth the wait. Made it look so much brighter! You will love it!

  28. Are you going to completely remove the backsplash or tile over it? I know there are two schools of thoughts and it’s on my bucket list. I want to remove ours but my husband fears the damage to existing drywall.

    1. The old tile will be easy to remove. And no need to worry about the existing drywall as it will be covered with the new tile.

  29. I love white cabinets – when we gutted our kitchen 3 years ago and did a total to the studs remodel I chose white shaker cabinets and love them. I did go with a very pale gray subway tile – it was a compromise with my husband who said there had to be some contrast or it would be too clinical looking for him – LOL. It was a good compromise and I’m so happy with all of our choices. I’m not a “farm-housey” kind of decorator – I like what I like and try to stay away from trendy. I believe white cabinets are classic and not trendy.
    Good luck with all the mess, and keep the end in sight as it can get overwhelming. We were kitchen-less for 3 months and I nearly lost my mind until the day they started installing the cabinets and I could see the vision coming to life.
    Very excited to see your after pics!!!

  30. Your cabinets are beautiful, but you will love the white. I painted my oak two years ago and have no regrets. The space seems larger and the brightness just cheers me up. Look forward to seeing your after pics.

  31. Cyndi,

    Your kitchen is beautiful now! Painting the cabinets White Heron and adding gold hardware will make it look even more amazing. Love your taste. Thanks for sharing 20 things to say…a nice reminder to put kindness into practice!

  32. Cyndi we moved into a home almost two years ago that had dark cabinets in the kitchen. We painted them white and changed out the hardware. It is a bit of a process to go through, but I absolutely love the way they turned out. My kitchen is definitely brighter and airy looking. I can’t wait to see your after pictures!! 😊

  33. I really like the warm and inviting feel of the beautiful maple cabinets, but I realize that the trend is to paint everything. It will look nice, too.

  34. I can’t wait to see white cabinets. My granite is about the same color so I will be able to see what my kitchen might look like!

  35. My painters are coming in February 17th. I am also going from oak to white. I am excited but nervous. I wanted this done before Spring so i can start my “outside” projects.

  36. I can’t wait to see your finsihed cabinets! We have had our countertops and flooring redone, so now I want to have my cabinets painted , too. Looking forward to your “after” pictures!
    Love the list of 20 things to say more often….I am going to print it and keep it handy!

  37. I see you have gotten on the Farmhouse Style bandwagon. I love that style. I am doing the same thing. Can’t wait to see your final project, I know it will look amazing

  38. Your kitchen is beautiful and will look very nice when it is done. We went from maple cabinets to white cabinets 4 years ago and I love it. We got our cabinets refaced. Once the actual work started it took 4 days from start to finish. I am looking forward to your after pictures.