10 Most Shopped Items in January

Hi, ladies and happy Monday! It’s February, but before we jump right in, I’m taking a look back at the 10 most shopped items in January!

Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Lightweight V-Neck Sweater

Lightweight V-Neck Sweater (I’m wearing a small)//Madewell Jeans (no longer available)//Tan Booties

Colorblock oversized sweater

Colorblock oversized sweater (I’m wearing a small)//Madewell Jeans (no longer available)//Tan Booties

High waisted leggings

Athletic Tank Top (I’m wearing a small)//High Waisted Leggings (I’m wearing a small, my color is Army Green Splinter Camo)//Sneakers (I order 1/2 size up)//Low Cut Socks//Mila Medium-Impact Sports Bra

Goli Gummies

Goli Gummies

Tech Stretch Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

Tech Stretch Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt (I’m wearing a small)// 90 Degree By Reflex leggings (I’m wearing a small)// New Balance Sneakers// Under Armor No Show Socks// Mila Medium-Impact Sports Bra// Apple Watch

Tinkle Razors

Tinkle Razors

Twist Knot Pullover Top

Twist Knot Pullover Top//Madewell Jeans (no longer available)//Tan Booties

Athletic Tank Top

Athletic Tank Top (I’m wearing a small)//High Waisted Leggings (I’m wearing a small, my color is Army Green Splinter Camo)//Sneakers (I order 1/2 size up)//Low Cut Socks//Mila Medium-Impact Sports Bra

Popcorn Sweater

Popcorn Sweater (I’m wearing a small)//Madewell Jeans (no longer available)//Tan Booties

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Beauty For the Heart~~Quit trying to parent the whole world. Quit offering advice when exactly zero people asked for it.

Quit being shocked when people don’t share your morality. Quit serving as judge and jury, in your own mind, of that person who just cut you off in traffic.

Quit thinking you need to “discern” what others’ motives are. And quit rehearsing in your mind what that other person did to you. ― Brant Hansen 

(Quote from the book Unoffendable, I highly recommend this book.)

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Ladies did you guys miss this part from beauty from the heart?
    Quit being shocked when people don’t share your morality. Quit serving as judge and jury,

    It seems a bit hypocritical to read this and right underneath everyone’s comments is judging the performers, because that is what those two talented women are PERFORMERS’

  2. Wow! JLo and Shakira were fantastic! I loved seeing 2 talented and very shrewd Latina businesswomen on national tv strutting their stuff. I don’t think many realize how RARE that is for a Latina. Normally, we’re relegated to the roles of maids, nannies, drug addicts, illegals, etc. I LOVED IT and so did many of the viewers. I hope they’re invited back next year, rump shaking and all!

  3. I am not a prude or anything but I was a bit shocked watching the half time show, too. I found it to be completely hypocritical that they were pushing equality between men and women, were showing support for giving all children opportunities, and made a big deal about the first ever woman to coach in a Super Bowl and then had the type of entertainment that was completely contradictory to that type of message. The whole thing was not a good message for anyone. I can only hope they get enough negative feedback to force them to rethink their half time entertainment choices!

  4. Love your message. I agree with you on the half time show. Both Jlo and Shirkira could have dressed more modestly. This is prime time with lots of children watching. I enjoy your blog and fashion, thank you!

  5. We were also very disappointed by the lack of modesty the women at the Super Bowl halftime show demonstrated. We had lots of children watching the game and the halftime show with us and this was an opportunity for these women to service as role models. Unfortunately they sent a different message.

  6. As christians, we need to make wise entertainment choices. What is being viewed on television, is being supported by those that are watching… watch something that is pleasing to the Lord!
    Those people are talented in modeling trashy and disgusting behavior.
    You know what is being shown on television, yet it’s not being turned off??
    We all have a choice…!

  7. I can see why most were favorites. I need to order those gummies. I try to drink apple cider vinegar but … yeah 🥴

    1. Sometime in the opening of the show, they mentioned the first Superbowl halftime entertainment was Carole Channing. At halftime, my husband clicked off the tv in disgust and said “where’s Carole?” I had to agree. Jlo is so talented but hoochie mama I didn’t like it.

  8. I love seeing the popular items. Totally agree about being disappointed in the half time show.. We all got together at a friends to watch the super bowl and no one was impressed. It’s nice to hear people speaking up unfortunately little seems to change.

  9. I came to see what everyone purchased and found I purchased 3 of these items myself! The leggings are amazing. They don’t move when I’m running at all. The pink popcorn sweater is so cozy, perfect for those chilly days and I’m waiting for my color block sweater to arrive. Thanks for sharing all that you do! Love your blog. I look forward to it every day!

  10. What is so disturbing is that Super Bowl Sunday already is the biggest human trafficking day of the year. I’m sure this halftime show didn’t help at all.

    1. We were flying home out of Ft Lauderdale after a cruise. In the airport they made repeated announcements about human trafficking, particularly during large events. They asked travelers to be alert, announcing help was available if a traveler was in a bad situation. Yet, miles away at a large event it seems the message did not connect. We did not see the half-time show as we were still making our way home, so I did not personally see it. Certainly heard enough about it afterwards. Glad we missed it and caught exciting 2nd 1/2 of game.

  11. Our church hosted a Super Bowl Fellowship for families, With the TV screen off during 1/2 time, a devotional was given. Lots of food and the kids enjoyed board games!

    1. I always enjoy the look back post. I have purchased so many of the items that I have been on the fence about!
      I am ordering the book suggestion today after attending a church committee board meeting this morning! Haha!
      Thank you for your hard work on this blog.

    1. I agree Alice. I’m sure it grieved God’s heart. We all need the Lord. On another note, it was fun to see the items everyone is enjoying from Cyndi’s blog 🙂

  12. It’s nice looking back seeing what your most popular items in January were. Regarding the halftime show, it definitely was not family friendly. The 3 yr old that we were with said that the girls were shaking their booties. I encouraged him to play his game since football wasn’t on. I like the quote that you shared!

  13. I really need to read your Beauty from the Heart excerpt today. Thank you for the book recommendation. I just bought it.

  14. Love love love BFTH today! It’s so easy to fall in to the mindset that what we think is right, acceptable, etc. is how it should be, but we aren’t the morality police…it kind of goes with the saying “you do you”. thanks for sharing!!

  15. Totally agree about the halftime show we actually changed channels as our 10 year old son was watching the game with us!!
    Loved BFTH today ordering book now!
    Thanks for what you do!!

      1. The 1/2 time show was not exactly what I would think of to be an inspiration to our next generation of powerful, intelligent girls and young women. J Lo’s 12 yrs old dgtr sang with her. Having a stripper pole and those outfits didn’t exactly elevate the occasion to inspire girls not to be sex objects. In this day and age of #metoo, seems contadictory.

        1. Agree! I know millions don’t share my Christian values, but I’m so saddened though when I see (or hear about actually because I didn’t watch the Super Bowl) this type of behavior. Especially when it comes from someone that so many young women may look up to (although I don’t know why). But all I can do is pray that God will open so many deceived eyes before His return. 🙏🏻

        2. J-ho’s performance didn’t empower women it only enslaved women as being sex toys. I am so sorry for her and lack of self-worth. There are so many wonderful role models for our youth. The devil is very happy that he feels that he is winning:(