What I Wore To Our Women’s Event

Happy hump day! I have to admit that I’m exhausted this morning. Planning and leading a women’s event takes a lot of time and energy, but I love being a part of them.

Last night, we hosted a Galentine’s event to celebrate friendships. I had planned on taking more pictures, but of course, I start talking, and the rest is history.

I was disappointed that I didn’t get a picture of the chocolate fountain we had in the middle of the room.

Anyway, we started decorating at 2 pm yesterday, and I left the church at 10 pm last night!

What I Wore To Our Women's Event

What I Wore To Our Women's Event

We had lots of sweet treats for everyone to eat, and I think they enjoyed them!

What I Wore To Our Women's Event

One of the best parts was my sister was in town and was able to come to the event. Since she is my best friend, it was fun to have her there.

What I Wore To Our Women's Event

I asked my sister if she would snap a picture of my outfit, and this was the best we could get. The blazer online at Evereve looks light pink, but it’s more like my picture. It’s a neon pink!

My graphic tee says, The Sky Above Me, The Earth Below Me, The Fire Within Me. It’s from Evereve, but it’s not online yet.

What I Wore To Our Women's Event

Harley Blazer (I’m wearing a small)//Graphic tee (not online yet)//7 For All Mankind Jeans (similar option here)//Black Snake Print Heel (I sized up 1/2 size)//Earrings//Bracelet

We have had events in December, January, and February, but we are taking a break, and our next one isn’t until June. I need a break!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.

Guard your heart, ladies, and make sure you choose your friends wisely.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. It’s so easy to throw a white t-shirt and say, “all done”. I love the neon pink with a black t-shirt!! Also, that dessert tray looks delicious. 😋

  2. What a lovely event! I know it was a lot of work, but a work of love. I was part of a centerpiece committee for 3 different events all in 3 days. Just setting up the centerpieces for 100+ tables in less than an hour took a small village but it was fun and exciting and so rewarding when the 1200 attendees entered the ball room. Pink is my favorite color and the jacket you wore is making me think I NEED ONE. Adore the tee and the heels dressed up your fashion, but then YOU look adorable in everything. Thanks for being YOU.

  3. Love the saying on the tee shirt:) and wow that pop of pink. So nice to have women gatherings like that and especially to share it with your sister. Who’s the oldest? My sister and I refer to each other as big sis and little sis ( I’m the little). Will watch for the shirt on line!

  4. Love the hot pink blazer…that’s one of my accent colors. so, gotta ask – and you’ve probably already mentioned this at one time or another on your blog – but who’s older you or you sis???

  5. Sisters do make the best friends don’t they! Even though mine is no longer with us I will cherish that one most of all!
    I miss her terrible.
    Love the neon! I’ll have to pickup one of those t’s when they arrive..Thanks for the photos of your events..looks like it was a hit!

    1. Hi Cyndi, Nothing is better than when an event really comes together. You look happy!
      That color is Large! Haha! A must have for me! Good color on you too!

  6. Hey lady! I love your blog. Did I miss your white cabinet reveal or have you not posted it yet? I soooooo want to do mine too.

  7. Love the jacket!! Is the room you had your party the same as your worship area? So many churches use a multi functional space now.
    Anyway…everything looks lovely!