God Is More Than Enough

Hi ladies! I was reading back over some of my posts, and this one came up. I love the video at the bottom of my post, by Ann Voskamp, and in case some of you haven’t watched it, it’s worth watching.

I needed it this week, and my guess is some of you might need it too.

Most of us have lived long enough to experience brokenness and hurt. Each of ours is different, but you are not alone. We’ve all been hurt; we’ve all experienced pain and brokenness.

You aren’t the one person who has done more than what God can forgive, or you haven’t gone through the one thing that God can’t redeem.

Trust me, from someone who has messed up and also experienced deep hurts, GOD IS MORE THAN ENOUGH.

While I understand that when you are in the midst of a difficult season, the pain can seem overwhelming, but you will get to the other side, and when you do, you CAN and WILL be whole again.

So today, ladies choose joy. Know that God is for YOU. Don’t let the enemy steal, kill, and destroy! Stand firm, you’ve got this. I’m praying for YOU.


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Have a blessed day!


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am going to share this because I have several friends that are carrying heavy hearts, loads of guilt and just plain sadness love you Cyndi!

  2. God was more than enough today as I watched them wheel my husband of 41 years off to put radiation into his eye to kill a melanoma. It was scary but God was with us. He cane through surgery and we are waiting to go home. God is enough!

    1. Thank you for being you and for sharing this! My mom and dad were married 61 years until my dad passed away suddenly five and a half years ago. Ever since then myself and my siblings have been there to help my mom. I did everything with my mom and unfortunately mom passed away last week. Losing my dad was so tough but losing my mom is so difficult. I am so thankful that my mom and dad love Jesus and are with Him! I know they are also with my older brother who only lived 30 days after birth. God is definitely enough!! He is everything!!!

  3. Lost my mom nearly 20 months ago (yes, I still count the months). A heartache that never heals. Yes life has gone on, but it isn’t the same, and I am not the same. I’m so thankful for the cross. Thankful that Jesus defeated death and that I will see my beautiful mother again but oh my the ache of missing her is nearly overwhelming sometimes isn’t it? Yes, Jesus is enough. More than enough. I couldn’t get through this life without Him. Thank you for your posts. Blessings dear lady!

  4. He definitely is enough. It’s just hard when your struggles seem unending… 28 years and still counting! But I know God is faithful 😊

  5. Thank you for the amount of time, effort and love you put into your posts. Yes, God is big enough and we need Him every day. We live in a fallen world and all suffer the consequences of sin. When I face difficulties in life, I must remember that Jesus suffered more than I ever will, yet He never sinned. I deserve nothing good in this life but he has showered me with His grace in so many ways.
    I love that God is always good… Even when it doesn’t feel good to me, I know he is working to mold and shape me into the image of his son.

  6. A year and half ago my hubs and I moved in with my parents to help take care of my mom. She’s had congestive heart failure. I’ve loved on her, bathed her, fed her, done her hair, helped her dress. On Sunday Feb 9th she took her last breath. Wow, losing a mom is really something!!! I lost my brother three years ago and that was tough, but this is different. And our home feels the lack of her presence. I’m thankful she loves Jesus and is with Him and my brother now. God is Enough; He’s everything!!!

  7. Thank you for this today! I need to read this.. My mom is in assisted living facility and it is extremely hard on me.. She’s my best friend. I love her so much! It’s hard watching her decline with Alzheimer’s!! 😢 I miss my mom!! While she is here in body, she’s not here in mind.. God bless you always!!


  8. Thank you for your boldness to use your blog as a platform to share your faith so lovingly… So happy I came across your blog:)

  9. Thank you for your post this morning. My husband and I have been dealing with various health issues recently and at times it has seemed so overwhelming. This was a nice reminder to put it in God’s hands and know that he will get us through it! Have a blessed day, Cyndi!

  10. The words expressed in video were spoken beautifully!! Thanks for sharing it today because I needed it!! I am lucky to have you in my life and I hope to meet someday!! Thanks for always thinking of us!! God is awesome because He created you!!!!
    May you continue to walk in God footstep and to keep giving us your wisdom (though Him)🙏 You are my mentor!!! You are best!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤗😊❤️

  11. Thanks for your post today. We have been through a rough patch lately with my Husband’s employment and various sicknesses, I am trying to choose daily to trust Christ, but this reminder of his love, mercy and power ministered to my soul today. Thanks for your inspirations in clothing and for our spirits!

  12. I really enjoyed listening to this video this morning!! Will definitely buy her book .. Blessings to you Cyndi and your family

    1. Thanks for your great verses today you must have known I needed this.Going thur some really tough health issues right now and having a really hard time,but I know I’ll get thur this and be stronger.LOVE YOUR POST AND YOUR FASHION.