6 Amazon Beach Cover-Ups

Happy Tuesday! I’ve been on a mission to find some cute but inexpensive beach cover-ups to take on vacation, and I think I’ve found several that will work.

I purchased all of these beach cover-ups on Amazon, and it’s obvious I like black ones.

1. First, I’m wearing a Beach Cover Up Shirt. I had to steam it after I opened it, but I think folded neatly, it will be fine. I would feel comfortable walking around in this shirt.

6 Amazon Beach Cover-Ups

Beach Cover Up Shirt//Bathing Suit (I’m wearing a small)//Hat (similar here)//Earrings//Sandals (TTS, Desert camel)

2. I love a Sarong Wrap, and this one comes in several colors. I like to have a white one with colorful bathing suits, but I’m going to order a white one in the one below because it doesn’t wrinkle as easily.

6 Amazon Beach Cover-Ups

Sarong Wrap//Bathing Suit (I’m wearing a small)//Hat (similar here)//Earrings

3. This strapless beach dress can be worn as a cover-up or a dress.

6 Amazon Beach Cover-Ups

Strapless Beach Dress//Hat (similar here)//Earrings//Sandals (TTS, Desert camel)

4. Pom Pom Beach Cover Up is one of Amazon’s top sellers. It comes in lots of colors!

6 Amazon Beach Cover-Ups

Pom Pom Beach Cover Up//Bathing suit (I’m wearing a small)//Hat (similar here)//Earrings//Sandals (TTS)

I wore it last year on our cruise.

6 Amazon Beach Cover-Ups

Pom Pom Trim Chiffon Cover-Up (One size fits all)//Bathing Suit (I’m wearing a small)//Sunglasses (the blue lens is no longer available)//Panama Jack Hat//Earrings (option here)//Sandals

5. This Beach Sarong with Tassels is polyester, so it’s not going to wrinkle. It comes in lots of colors! I’m going to order a white one in this one.

6 Amazon Beach Cover-Ups

Beach Sarong with Tassels//Bathing Suit (I’m wearing a small)//Hat (similar here)//Earrings//Sandals (TTS)

6. I love this T-Shirt Dress Swimsuit Cover-Up. It’s so comfortable, and it has side pockets.

6 Amazon Beach Cover-Ups

T-Shirt Dress Swimsuit Cover-Up (I’m wearing a small)//Bathing Suit (I’m wearing a small)//Hat (similar here)//Earrings//Sandals (TTS)

Which one is your favorite?

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. I like the shirt, the pom pom and the strapless dress. I’m going to order the pom pom one. Thanks!!

  2. All this gets us in the mood for summer. Would you please give the name of the self tanner you use again? I thought I had saved it but can’t find it. Looking at your pics reminds me that I need to order it soon!

  3. I bought the pom pom cover up last year after seeing it one of your posts. I absolutely LOVE it!!! Very flowy and comfortable and looks so cute for a tropical vacation. I’ll be packing mine again this year….and maybe buy another one in a different color. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Thank you for this post! We are heading to the Caribbean in a few weeks so I have time decide on a few of these lovely options!

    So glad to hear that Traci & her family are safe.💕

    Enjoy your trip! ☀️

  5. Loving #3 and #6 I need them we some friends that got a pool last summer and they pool parties they would be perfect.
    Have fun on your vacation, wish i could get my husband to go on a cruise.

  6. I like the first one and the strapless one. i love your suit too but i just look at the sun and get tan lines and those lines would be BAD! Ha

  7. Cover ups #5 and 6 are my fav but you could make a brown paper bag look stylish! Enjoy your vacay and looking forward to hearing about it afterwards.

  8. I’m so thankful a friend told me about your blog!! I love all of your fashion tips and your Beauty from the Heart!! You are an inspiration and please keep doing what you are doing!!!

    I live on the lake in Georgia and I have bought several of your bathing suit cover ups. It was too hard to decide on just one. 🙂

    Love and Blessings!!

  9. Love them all.. but numbers 1&5 are my personal favorites . We aren’t traveling this spring but I’m always looking for cover ups as we have a pool and visit the beaches around us during the summer months. Plus we’d like to get away on a summer getaway but we are waiting to see what this virus does…
    Have a great day.. mild and rainy here.