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Hi ladies! I had hoped to share some pictures from the Bahamas with you today, but unfortunately, the weather was not good, so we didn’t get to stop at that island.

We are now headed to Aruba and should be there by tomorrow morning.

When we got on the ship on Sunday, it was cool in Fort Lauderdale. It was cloudy, and in the 60s and in my book, that’s cool.

I wore my white jeans, a graphic tee, and a denim jacket, and it was perfect for the weather. My graphic tee is Sub Urban Riot brand from Evereve.

They’re a little more expensive but they last and they don’t shrink. I purchased this graphic tee last year, and I wore it when we left our ship on vacation last year. It says, Weekend Warriors.

What I Wore Lately

Denim Jacket (I’m wearing a small)//Graphic tee (sold out, the same brand here)//Boot crop jean (I’m wearing a small)//Slide Sanal (TTS)//Earrings

Last night was a smart casual dress code for dinner, so I wore a black jumpsuit. It’s comfortable and lightweight. Some of the reviews say it’s thin, and I think you need to wear black panties; other than that, it’s fine.

The jumpsuit can also be worn as a beach cover-up.

What I Wore Lately

There’s some very unique artwork on the ship (behind me).

What I Wore Lately

Black jumpsuit (I’m wearing a small)//Slide Sandals (TTS)//Earrings (less expensive option here)//Bracelets//Bracelets//Crossbody bag (similar option here)//Necklace (Iridescent Drusy)

I’m praying everyone stays healthy as we continue to all be concerned over the coronavirus.

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Beauty For the Heart~~It’s a common struggle for people, especially women, to hyperfocus on our insecurities or to get stuck in the comparison game. We look at others and think they are more loved, more worthy, more important, more popular, and the list goes on.

We speak so negatively to ourselves that it feeds our insecurities, and we lose focus on who God says we are. As His children, we are fully known AND fully loved. We may have that knowledge, but we must reflect on it.

He knows all the things we struggle with and all the ways we believe we don’t measure up. He knows our flaws and insecurities.

He knows all the ways we have ever sinned and the sin we will continue to commit. And yet, He loves us anyway!

That is such a beautiful truth and one we need to reflect on when we get stuck on our insecurities or in the comparison game. @womenoffaith

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I hope you are having a great trip. I was curious about the luggage you purchased for your trip. I am in need of luggage and don’t want to spend a lot. I saw what you purchased on Amaxon and was curious how it had held up on your trip? Thanks!

  2. love the graphic tee. What does your say? Can’t read it. Also I hate white jeans on me even though I am not heavy I carry weight in my thighs. Any suggestions on brands to try? Thanks so much! Have a wonderful trip!

    God Bless,

    1. The tee says, Weekend Warriors. White jeans are tricky, I’m not a huge fan of them either but I have had luck with JCrew and a lot of people like Talbots. I’ll try to find some more this spring and summer that are reasonably priced.

  3. I love your cruise outfits! They are perfect!
    My hubby and I have a cruise booked to Spain and Portugal next month. Unfortunately, we are probably going to have to cancel. We are both well over 60 and my husband has a compromised immune system. We are heading advice and will cancel. Very sad we have to do so. We will actually postpone it until next year.

  4. Both of your outfits are great and I’d wear either one:) I really like your natural look in the denim jacket outfit. We thought we heard that Bahamas was not accepting cruise ships? ( but haven’t heard it confirmed yet) our medical officials here in Canada have advised all Canadians to not take cruises. Praying for your safety and good health. Enjoy your trip:) hope the weather improves for you as well. Thanks for keeping in touch with us while your away😀

  5. Sorry the weather didn’t cooperate for an outing yesterday, but I’m betting Aruba will be MUCH better! Enjoy your vacation and don’t give all the hype any attention 🙂 – it’s out of your control anyway. BTW, which cruise line are you traveling on? Just curious as we just went on a cruise in late Feb. on Princess and it was great. Now of course I’m curious about other ships :).
    Have fun!!

  6. Beautifully casual as always! Stay safe, wash you hands and have a great time. Praying for a wonderful and healthy trip. (What a combination, right?)

  7. Love both of the outfits! Keep us updated on your travels. My family has a cruise planned in April and Hoping that we don’t have to cancel. Safe travels!

  8. You look great in both outfits. 🙂 Have fun and stay healthy. I keep hearing no one should go on a cruise for fear of being quarantined on it for long time. I know you know this already. I get too seasick to cruise. I tried it once and never again. 🙂

  9. Beautiful as always! Hope you have a wonderful trip! Stay safe and wash your hands a lot ;-D
    Love BFTH

  10. Love the white jean look with the denim jacket. What size are you wearing in the jeans (you say “small” but they are not sized that way) ? I really was thinking of ordering them, I have the exact jean in the denim in 3 washes and they are my favorite cut/style. Enjoy Aruba 🙂