Stylish Work From Home Outfits with Nordstrom

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom and ShopStyle.

Hi ladies! Most of us are spending quite a bit of time at home these days. Many of us have had to switch from working in an office to working at home.

So, today I’m teaming up with Nordstrom to create some stylish work from home outfits on my Nordstrom Looks page that will keep you comfortable but also looking good.

Stylish Work From Home Outfits with Nordstrom

I love a pink cardigan this time of year. It’s still chilly, but the color keeps me thinking of spring and warmer weather. I also love slip-on sneakers, and snake print is still trending this year.

Stylish Work From Home Outfits with Nordstrom


If there is one outfit that I wear year-round, it’s a variation of black, denim, and leopard print. Since I’m working from home, I added leopard print slippers.

Stylish Work From Home Outfits with Nordstrom

If I decide to stay inside all day and want to wear loungewear, this BP cozy top and joggers will have me looking stylish. And the slippers will remind me to relax.

Stylish Work From Home Outfits with Nordstrom

You Can See All These And More On My Nordstrom Looks Page.

Be sure to sign up for The Nordy Club so you can start earning points toward Nordstrom Notes today. There are other great benefits too, such as beauty & style workshops and priority access to style events (like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.)

Don’t forget that Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns, as well as curbside pickup — which is much needed right now with our current situation.

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Beauty For the Heart~~Helps to remember the objective:

We’re staying in
so we can go back out.

We’re staying apart
so we can get back together.

We’re loving one another

So we don’t make one another

All our hard todays
are for a lotta happier tomorrows. -Beth Moore

Have a blessed day!


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    1. me too. shows where my comfort lies. since a most horrendous case of shingles this has gotten to be what i call comfort clothing.

  1. Enjoyed the video yesterday and I think you and Wayne did a great job. It looked very casual like you were in my living room visiting with me. So no negative thoughts about that , Cyndi! All the clothes and accessories shown today are right on for work at home . The BFTH is so very timely. I hope you can continue the fashions through out all this upheaval.

  2. Hi Cyndi,
    I just wanted to tell you that I too was encouraged by the video you and Wayne did. That particular Scripture verse is one of my faves!

  3. I need some new slippers! Love the leopard print.
    The hardest thing for me to do will be to go back to wearing normal shoes. As much as I love shoes, my feet are really enjoying wearing slippers all day…

  4. Didn’t find that same pendant necklace. A cross is what came up. Can you try to repost the link?
    Enjoyed the video yesterday.
    Am not proud to say I lounged in my pjs yesterday all day. But I can look back at Saturday and call that a productive day, I spent it painting bathrooms and hall. Am grateful to be at work still; I know there are many others who wish they could be.

  5. Cute lounge clothes which might get alot of wear over the next few weeks – hopefully not months. Is it just me – when I opened the link to the joggers & muted (Camo?) sweatshirt, there was a striped tee. I also couldn’t find by searching. Can you repost a link? Thanks Cyndi.

  6. Cute lounge clothes which might get alot of wear over the next few weeks – hopefully not months. Is it just me – when I opened the ink to the joggers & muted (Camo?) sweatshirt, there was a striped tee. I also couldn’t find by searching. Can you repost a link? Thanks Cyndi.

  7. I so enjoy these blogs! Nice to have something positive to read. You are clearly working hard and helping others. God is really using the two of you! Keep it up. I got the top you have on (black from JC Penny and you had it with jeans and 3 different shoes) on my last day of work. When I got home, it was waiting for me and bright a smile during these uncertain times. I bought it in leopard print and it’s adorable. Can’t wait to wear it when I can go back to work at Salon!!
    Thank you for the video you all did yesterday. It was so encouraging. Keep on keeping on and glorifying God! 🙏🏻😊

    I love the “relax” slippers today!!

  8. Cute relaxation ..always love classic black and pearls.
    We are enjoying a white morning in Chicago with several inches
    Of snow.
    Praying for all and as Wayne said”there’s another in the fire”.

    1. Thank you for your video yesterday! It was an answer to my prayer to the Lord for some encouragement & I was encouraged!
      Thanks for all you do to help us feel good on the outside & inside !! The Lord is good!!!!!

  9. Thank you for the post. Keeps us from wanting to keep our pajamas on all day since we have no where to go. Prayers for you and your family

  10. Loved your video yesterday! I shared it with several people and they all loved it too. And you are so right…God is so much bigger than all this! You two are adorable!! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I really like the pieces you shared today! I would like to have a pair of summer slippers, and the ones you pictured are so cute. I will be checking them out. I’m looking forward to your and Wayne’s next video!!

  12. I am all about comfy wear right now. I have been getting plenty use out of my joggers. I love the options you’ve given us today. Our province (NS) Canada put us under state of emergency yesterday so things are constantly changing. Only essential services are open and most started to close beginning of last week. No gatherings of more than 5 people. Our parks, beaches, and trails, and playgrounds, are all closed. We have to date 28 cases in the province. Anyone even traveling outside our province and coming home (within Canada) must self isolate for 14 days. praying you all stay healthy, and take care:) I love looking forward to your blog each day. I have decided to do my spring cleaning and go through my spring and summer clothes to help pass the time . I usually exercise from home or go for walks so that’s at least a constant as well as workiing from home.
    Great BFTH

  13. I’m in San Antonio Tx and everything is pretty much closed here too and both my husband and I are working from home, except for my 23 yr old daughter who works for HEB our largest grocery store chain in Texas. Luckily they are paying extra per hour but I hate that she is still exposed to the general public but she is happy to have work and feels like she’s doing something to help, so I’m proud of her. I love the snake slip on shoes and have some but like the platform sole on the ones you posted. I did also take advantage of the Nordstrom sale and ordered a few Sam Edelman sandals for summer. But then for some reason, I felt guilty shopping during this time?

    1. I live north of Houston so maybe it’s a Texas thing – but II feel guilty shopping during this time too. Still click on all the cute things and add to my wish list for better days.

  14. Thank you for all you do. Your video yesterday was good. It was nice to hear your voice! I hope you’re staying safe. I live in Florida and all our bars and restaurants are closed for eating inside, but we are able to get takeout.
    I was wondering if you could help me out. I have followed your blog along with Jo-Lynne for a long time, With everything going on I just realized I have not received any posts for Jo-Lynne!! I tried to get back in with receiving her emails and the computer tells me that I already exist!!
    Is she okay? If so, is it possible for you to help me by contacting her to
    get me on the email list again for receiving her blog??
    Thank you.
    P.S. I also receive Deborah’s Fabulous after 40 emails. Please help.

    1. I had the same issue with Jo-Lynn a few weeks ago…and checked my Spam and there she was!! No idea how that happened. No problems since.

      1. Thanks Penny Jo. I checked my spam and nothing from Jo-Lynn.
        Thanks Carolynn. I saw that I can visit her online, but I would forget to do this on a daily basis and the emails are right there like Cyndi’s so it’s more of an automatic thing every morning. Actually it seems like her emails discontinued long before this virus started………..and it just dawned on me!!!! Short term memory loss.

    2. If, for some reason you don’t receive her emails, you can still visit her blog online & you will see she’s been posting regularly.
      With so many people off work & school & being at home, it seems like the Internet & other systems are getting overloaded & there have been some delays.

      1. Thank you Cindi! I knew I could count on you. Stay busy and stay safe. Keep up the positive attitude and don’t stop your beauty from the heart!

          🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. I work from home on a regular basis. So I am loving all the new cute, casual outfits! Question – are the AG jeans actually worth the price? I could use some good jeans.

    Thank you for all you do!
    Leigh Manis
    Southwest VA Girl!