Trending This Week – 3/22- 3/28

Happy Saturday, ladies! We have had some beautiful weather the last few days. I was excited to eat dinner on our screened-in porch last night.

Today is supposed to be pretty too, but next week the weather is going to change, so I’m enjoying some outside time while I can.

I’m popping in today to share what is trending over here this week. As always, Amazon is where most of us are ordering right now.

1. First up, this pink Faith tee was the most popular. I got mine in the mail, and I love it! The quality is really good. It comes in lots of colors, and it also comes in crew neck and v-neck.

Faith Tee (I’m wearing a small)//Earrings//Necklace//AE Jeans (I’m wearing a size 6)//Bracelet (I’m wearing the 8MM)//Bracelet//Sneakers (Order 1/2 size up)

2. Casual Oversized Shirt– I also purchased this top, and I’ll wear it this week with our weather turns cool. I will wear it with a white tank top under it.



3. Truth Bar– I love these bars, they’re a great alternative to a candy bar.

4. Rattan Earrings– I wore these a lot on vacation, and I will wear them with my spring and summer outfits.

5. Madewell White Tee– This one surprised me. I shared over on my Nordstrom Looks page. I love Madewell tees!

Speaking of Nordstrom, they’re having a spring sale, and I picked out some of my favorite pieces.

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Beauty For the Heart~~โ€œI want to see beauty. In the ugly, in the sink, in the suffering, in the daily, in all the days before I die, the moments before I sleep.โ€ –Ann Voskamp

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Just received my faith tee and it is so cute! Dolly Parton just said on the Today show this morning that Faith is the new โ€œFโ€ word and isnโ€™t that needed!
    Thanks for your uplifting post each day!

  2. I got my lightweight woven earrings this week! They are so fun! The pink faith shirt is perfect and Christ is trending!
    Hoping you and WYne post another video tomorrow. You are both so genuine and your faith is so deep. Please talk on,

  3. Great post, Cyndi! I ordered the Faith tee! I love it & the color. Unfortunately, the bars were out of stock.

    Going to enjoy the weather here today too…it’s 70* but WINDY! I’ll still take it! Have a wonderful Saturday! God bless you. โค

  4. I broke down yesterday and did some on-line retail therapy. I Love the Pink V-neck Tee…ordered one.
    Also, the Cabana Life Geo-Print in Pink was back in stock with 20% off and free shipping…so yep…got that too.

    Weather here was gorgeous yesterday and we went for a nice long walk.

    On Friday, my grandsons school did a Car Parade, so all the teachers road through the neighborhood in their decorated cars and shouting hello to all the kids. My grandson made a big sign that said, “I MIss You”… I think we all miss “normal”.

  5. I was so excited when I saw you post this Faith tee. I had just ordered it and it had already came in. I was like yes!!! I am trendy!! Haha love your style!!

    1. Just ordered the faith t-shirt in black and the over sized casual shirt in pink. Can’t wait to get them! Thank you and stay safe and healthy!!

  6. Hi Cyndi,
    I enjoy your blog. I just wanted to pass along a site that also has the faith tee. It is They are a small business and have lots of cute things. Check it out.

  7. Love the pearl necklace. How does the gold hold up? Does it tarnish? Been wanting to order it. Might be ordering the Faith T also but thinking white. Are they thick enough where the white wouldnโ€™t be see through? Thanks Cyndi. Enjoy your nice weather. We had that here in NW Oregon then the dark, rainy days came this week. Looks like itโ€™s here for awhile. The days are long, but just trying to be thankful as so many people are really struggling. When you are out of your 14 day quarentine from the ship do you plan to see your daughter and her family? We are staying away from our kids and families and itโ€™s so hard. I miss my grand baby so much. You look so cute in the faith T outfit.

  8. Hey Cyndi!
    I love reading your post every day! It is SOOOO encouraging to read a christian’s perspective on these difficult days.
    I actually have this “Faith” t-shirt. (grey) I wore it to a craft show here in Columbia, SC about a month ago and a lot of people ask questions. Great way to witness.
    Stay safe and well. keep posting!

  9. I definitely need some pink in my wardrobe… loving the Faith tee. Something we definitely need to hold onto in days like these.. our weather is going to warm up in the late 40โ€™s- 50โ€™s this weekend after a few days of cold and snow… bring on spring:)
    Stay healthy

  10. Thanks for all these Amazon shares. I want to order the faith T-shirt.

    Did it shrink when washed it?
    What size Did you order?

  11. Love, love those rattan earrings! Wore a pair yesterday for my Zoom call. 4 pairs for $12.99-canโ€™t beat that!