What to Expect When You’re Facing a New Challenge- Part 1

Hey friends! Today I’m beginning a new series here on Sunday called What to Expect When You’re Facing a New Challenge. Dr. Jennifer Degler and I are talking through this together, and we are looking at Numbers 20-21.

Specifically, today, we are looking at one verse, Numbers 20:1.

Jennifer is a dear friend, and she is full of godly wisdom. She is the friend that I can go to and know when she gives me advice, it’s going to be godly advice.

Jennifer and her husband Jeff have encouraged Wayne and I as they know we have experienced deep hurts, and they have reminded us that God is not finished with us. They have been cheerleaders for us!

I can’t begin to tell you how much they mean to us!

If you’re interested in hearing more from Jennifer, you can follow her on Facebook. She is teaching her Sunday School class each Sunday morning at 9:30, and anyone can join.

All of her previous teachings are on that page so you can go back and watch them. Go HERE to follow her page.

Okay, we are keeping our videos short, so this one is under 10 minutes!

What unexpected losses are you experiencing right now? 

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. Thank you for the series and encouragement. Our loss is likely shared by many- my father-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer right when the shelter from home started. He is losing time with his children and grandchildren as he fights this illness. We are leaving goodie boxes on the porch, calling, and praying.

  2. Great video session Cyndi. The thing I’ve felt lose in is not getting to see my grand baby. I finally got my first grandchild and now can’t be with her because my husband is working still as a first responder. She was 7 months old last time I saw her. She’s going to be 9 months May 11 th. You can’t get back that time so I’ve grieved that a lot this week. Also my other daughter having her first baby due May 10 th Mother’s Day. I’m already grieving probably not getting to see him. Just hard. Thank you for your encouragement today. I do have to just cling to the Lord and be patient. We are all healthy and I’m thankful for that. Please pray for my daughter getting ready to deliver. I want her to stay safe during this virus going to the hospital.

    1. Kathy, I am in a similar situation. Our first grandchild was born in the middle of all of this also. She’s three weeks old. My husband and I haven’t held her nor were we able to be at the hospital when she was born. I don’t know how far away you hare in distance from yours, but we are about an hour away. We’ve been to “view” her from outside looking in at them. haha. it isn’t nearly enough but its sure better than nothing. Since my son and his wife aren’t going out at all right now while she’s so new, we’ve picked up some groceries for them and also cooked some things to take to them to try and help some. Maybe this might be something you can do if you are close enough. Please know you aren’t alone in this mess. Prayers for your daughter about to deliver also.

  3. Thank you Cyndi for these encouraging videos. I look forward to the next five. I’m so glad my family and I have God in our lives to keep us encouraged and looking to him in these trying days.
    Karen ❤️

  4. Thank you for the wonderful message that you and Jennifer gave us today. Also, you did a great job of being host for your church. I enjoyed your pastor’s sermon. Sounds like you all are doing great things for your city. Take care and God bless you.
    I’m following from Illinois!

  5. It was wonderful to hear Jennifer and you speak about the challenges we are all experiencing today. I went through a period of anxiousness this past week, and could not understand why. My wonderful husband was able to calm my nerves by pointing out the fact that we have been closed up in this house for almost 6 weeks, and dont know when this will all end. We took time to talk about the blessings we have as we are closed off from church, family, and friends. A nice home to quarantine in, warm weather that most of the country isn’t experiencing yet, and peaceful and serene surroundings to help us relax. More than anything else, we are able to connect to God without feeling isolation from Him. Thank you for allowing me to speak about gratitude and reminding all of us that this too shall come to pass.

  6. Great blog today with Jennifer! You are both so wise. I love your fashion blog daily and always look forward to reading it. 💝

  7. I loved the zoomed devotion today! Thank you ladies for these words of wisdom. My take aways from this message: Turn to God always especially during these trying times and, make daily commitment to “infuse hope” into each day.

    Again, thank you and God Bless!
    Alecia Coburn (following from Idaho) 😊