Fall Outfit from Social Threads

Happy hump day, ladies! Today I’m sharing a fall outfit from Social Threads. In case you aren’t familiar with them, Social Threads is owned by two ladies (sisters-in-law), and it was born out of their frustration with shopping.

They provide one-stop shopping and the most fashionable on-trend clothes at great prices. Make you sure you check them out HERE. (Use Code CYNDI10 for 10% off anything at Social Threads)

Today I’m styling a houndstooth cape/cardigan with black jeans and high top sneakers.

This cape/cardigan has ribbed sleeves and an over-sized look. Perfect for layering!

In case you haven’t noticed, high top sneakers are all the rage these days, and I am loving these vintage star high tops. They run TTS.

I’m carrying their messenger bag in black. (It will be back in stock this week!)

I’m also wearing high-rise skinny jeans. They have a washed black color that’s perfect for fall.

My Look

(Use Code CYNDI10 for 10% off anything at Social Threads)

Cape/Cardigan (One Size)//Skinny Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Z Supply Tank (I’m wearing a small)//High Top Sneakers (TTS)//Messenger Bag//Bag Strap//Necklace//Earring//Bracelet

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. I like the shoes! You know, I kind of think different people have different “vibes” that are not defined by age so much as by personality. And I think that means that what looks great on one person can look all wrong on another, and it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint exactly why. Not so much about age. I’ve seen 70ish bloggers look sophisticated in coated black leggings, while a younger blogger might look too overtly sexy and cheesy. Just depends on the person, and on how the whole outfit is put together.

  2. Great outfit! You rock those high tops .. I may not have styled them with the cape🤷‍♀️. I just wore my wedge sneaker shoes the Caslon pair today and the are so comfortable! Have a great time enjoying the great outdoors 💕

  3. I love the items of the outfit, but not the combination. The cape is too dressy for the shoes and just looks “off” when it’s all together. However, that being said, I agree if it makes you feel good, then by all means, wear it!

  4. I agree! Wear what makes You feel happy. I think the houndstooth cape is too dressy for the outfit though. I’d pair the high tops with a leather jacket or jean jacket for that edgier look of the sneakers.

  5. I love the outfit! One thing I’ve learned is never say never….I remember when the wedge sneakers come out…..I said I’d never wear them and now I love them. The outfit you featured today is over $300 so that’s totally more than what I could ever pay. Yikes!

  6. Love your outfit. I have a pair of Taos leather high top sneakers that I wore last winter and I love them. They have a good arch and are very supportive. I am 77 years old.

      1. Cyndi,
        You always look so darling and I totally agree that age shouldn’t define your style of dress. I’m 76 and LOVE bright colors and pretty styles. Frumpy clothes and dull colors make me feel sad! Every woman should determine the styles that make her feel good about herself.

  7. I agree with your assessment of fashion trends, Cyndi. I personally am baffled as to why one woman would judge another on fashion, as long as what she is wearing is modest, and well-fitting. My guidelines are I wear whatever fits my body and will not embarrass my family or disrespect my God.
    That being said, a lot of opinions I think, are either regionally or culturally influenced.

    1. Cute outfit and if you like your high tops it really doesn’t matter what anyone has to say about them! Maybe why I never ask anyone what they think! 😉
      Hope you are enjoying your Anniversary trip. Fall hikes are the best! Have you ever tried Golden Goose sneakers? Fun styles and a great variety.

  8. You look darling! Love the outfit and the high tops. I would wear them and I’m 72! They gave a bit more stability for older ladies. Just my opinion.
    Have a wonderful day

  9. Love it love it love it!!!! The high tops just make the outfit to me!!!! I can’t wait to try a pair!!!!

  10. Cute outfit, yet the high tops would look better with joggers, graphic tee, and a light jacket -IMO 😌!
    Wishing you a great hike today!

  11. Love the cardigan with the skinny black jeans. I’d pair them with black suede booties. That’s just me! 😘 MAKE IT a great day!

  12. I like this outfit, as you styled just like the model for Social Threads did. Not sure about the high tops but I haven’t tried them yet. I like wearing my wedge sneakers right now, but I’m 59 and also like to dress trendy but I don’t spend a lot on trendy pieces because I may not wear it again next season.

    1. I’m with Gloria…I’ll stick with wedge sneakers. Somehow, wedge sneakers don’t make me feel like I’m “trying” to be trendy… And, yes, fashion is absolutely a personal thing and I think Cyndi pulls off the high top sneakers wonderfully!

  13. I smiled when I read high top sneakers are back. I still have mine from the 80’s ( or was it the 90’s?) because I have dressed up as an aerobics instructor for Halloween a few times ( minus the thong leotard)or Richard Simmons and they are in my costume box.

    Your outfit is cute as always, Cyndi!