My Favorite Jeans

Happy Tuesday, ladies! Can you believe it’s December 1st? While I know it’s been a long year with Covid; I still can’t believe the year is almost over.

One of the questions I often get is, “What are your favorite jeans?” I style a lot of jeans, but I typically have a few pairs that I wear repeatedly.

It changes regularly but right now, these five pairs of jeans have been on constant rotation, and I thought I would share them with you.

1. Liverpool Abby Ankle Skinny | Okay, let’s talk about the distressed ones first. Distressed jeans are definitely on-trend. The more distressing, the better. I don’t want to overdo it, but I like having a pair of jeans with some distressing.

These jeans are priced at $98.

Liverpool Abby Ankle Skinny (I’m wearing a size 4)//Black Turtleneck (I’m wearing a size 00)//Fleece Lined Sherpa Vest (I’m wearing a small)//Marc Fisher Booties//Earrings

2. Gap Sky High Rise Universal Jegging with Secret Smoothing Pockets | These have no distressing. They’re a dark jean with secret smoothing pockets. These are a great dressier jean!

These jeans are $59.99 with 50% Off + Extra 10% Off With Code GAPCYBER.

Gap Sky High Rise Universal Jegging with Secret Smoothing Pockets (I’m wearing a size 27)//Tartan ruffle-trim woven top (I’m wearing a small)//Leopard Heels//Earrings

3. Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution Skinny Black Jeans | I love wearing black jeans this time of year, and these are one of my favorite pairs. These are a mid-rise jean, and they shape, smooth, and lift in all the right places.

They are priced at $78.

Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution Skinny Black Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4)//Pink Sweater (I’m wearing a size 00)//Black Boots//Earrings

4. Wit & Wisdom Luxe Touch High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans | Some of the Wit & Wisdom jeans stretch out after wearing them, especially around the knee area. These do not!

They keep their shape, and they have a bit of whiskering to give them the look of well-loved faves.

These jeans are priced at $78.

Wit & Wisdom Luxe Touch High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4)//Turtleneck Sweater (I’m wearing a small)//Marc Fisher Booties//Earrings

5. Liverpool Los Angeles Abby Ankle Skinny With Exposed Buttons Eco | These jeans have exposed buttons, and they use a fraction of our natural resources.

  • This certified denim is Aniline free and recyclable
  • All tags are made from recyclable materials
  • Harmful pumice stone free
  • Buttons and hardware are chemical-free

These jeans are priced at $89.

Liverpool Los Angeles Abby Ankle Skinny With Exposed Buttons Eco (I’m wearing a size 4)//Sweater (I’m wearing a small)//Boot Socks//Sherpa Lace-Up Hiking Boots//Earrings

One thing you’ll notice is I still wear skinny jeans the most often. I do have different styles, and I’m hoping to do a post on my favorite bootcut and flare jeans soon.

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Beauty For The Heart~~ Biblical HOPE is not in the sense of an optimistic outlook or wishful thinking without any foundation. Biblical hope rests on God’s promises. -Gloria Stucky

For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O Lord, from my youth. Psalm 71:5

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Love this post! I received Liverpool jeans from Stitch Fix and have been a fan ever since; they’re so comfortable. Recently discovered Mavi jeans and absolutely love them! Have a nice evening!

  2. I love all the jeans that you shown. I am wondering about the Chicos pink sweater that is a cashmere blend. I cannot wear wool but I see it has some wall in it. Would you say this is a scratchy and irritating fabric or is it fairly smooth and soft?

  3. Great post! I love my AG skinny jeans and never thought I would spend that kind of money on jeans! I wear them so much though that the price per wear makes them affordable and I did purchase them on sale. They do not stretch out ever like other brands seem to do on me.

  4. You need to try Driftwood jeans! Great stretch but go back to original shape when washed and such fun designs!!! The BEST!!

  5. Liverpool jeans are my favorite jeans!! And, I love the skinny jeans. Thanks for your inspirational verses and quotes.

  6. I too find the Wit and a wisdom jeans stretch out especially at the knees. I love the stomache area with Ab solution, but hate the stretching out. I’ve never bought another pair. You said the regular jean color didn’t stretch out, but I was wondering about the black ones. Also do the black ones hold their color? I only wash in cold and never dry my jeans. Love all the looks. Enjoy the snow. I’d love to have snow right now. So peaceful and quiet. We have heavy fog, cold and the sun coming out later. Suppose to be sunny and cold all week.

  7. Cute stuff and always cute on you! I was interested in the leopard vest and boot socks but the links weren’t working for me. I also smiled at the comment asking about $98 pricing of jeans. If I’m willing/able to spend that amount, I’m not going to explain why. 😊

  8. I know skinny jeans are still trending and basically are never going away. But I’ve never found a pair that do not bag at the knees (and I’ve tried every price point) so I just don’t wear them or buy them anymore. I find the flared ankle jeans are my best option and I am loving that they are available now. I hope like skinny jeans, they become a classic style and are not just a “trend”. Have a great week.

  9. I wear 6 in almost every brand of jeans. KUT FROM THE KLOTH is my fav brand and again in size 6. Do the Liverpool brand have any stretch like the Kut jeans, would you say they fit similar?

  10. I had never heard of Liverpool before. I just received a pair of Liverpool pants in my stitch fix box and they are the nicest material! I’ll have to try the jeans too!

  11. Happy December! While I feel blessed with the gift of life, I will be happy when this year is over.
    Thanks for the Jean post and I do love the Liverpool jeans. I found mine on sale at TJMaxx and they’ve been my go to jeans. I also love the Wit and Wisdom jeans and would like a black pair, but always hard to find them in petite sizes. But speaking of which, one of the petite bloggers shared some Sophia Jeans from Walmart and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and the price of only $24 dollars. But they sell out quickly for those who need to wear petite jeans. Enjoy the beautiful snow. It’s finally cold in South Texas today. Time to break out the sweaters. 😀

  12. Please do a post on bootcut jeans soon. Skinny jeans don’t work for everyone. Bootcut is flattering to most shapes. Thanks!

      1. I’m also gravitating to my skinnies, especially with boots, and no distressing for me, though it looks good on you!

        Our pastor sAid Sunday bday that HOPE is the “confident expectation of life as God wants it.”

        A Blessed December and Advent to you and yours……