Working at Home in Zella Loungewear

Tremendous thanks to Nordstrom and Shopstyle for sponsoring this post.

Happy Thursday, ladies! I love sharing Zella workout clothes with you, and today I’m sharing some cozy Zella loungewear that’s perfect for working at home.

Zella is a Nordstrom brand that is known for comfort, and it’s a favorite of mine.

I’m sharing what a typical workday looks like for me as a blogger/influencer. I have been blogging full-time since 2015, and like any job, some days are a little crazy, but I do love the flexibility of being self-employed.

My day starts around 5 AM. I grab a cup of coffee, and before I get started with work, I have my morning quiet time and devotion.

Next, I check my emails and finish writing my post for that day. Then I head to the gym to workout.

I’ve shared before that I love to wear my Zella leggings, and I have several pullovers since it’s cold when I head to the gym in the early morning.

Cinch Waist Pullover (I’m wearing a small)//Zella High/Low Sweatshirt (I’m wearing a small)//Zella High-Performance Top (I’m wearing a small)//Zella High Waist Ankle Leggings (I’m wearing a small)//Sneakers (similar here)//Zella No Show Socks

After working out, I come home, shower, and get ready for a day of work. I get lots of packages! I spend time every day opening boxes.

My office is upstairs, and I take my boxes upstairs to open; if they’re clothes, I go ahead and hang them up.

The great thing about working from home is that I can dress however I want and sometimes I love to wear loungewear. Especially when the weather is cold and I know I’m going to be in all day.

Zella loungewear is comfortable, and since I spend a lot of time at my computer, comfort is a must. My day is spent creating content, answering emails, negotiating with brands, and researching trends.

This sweatshirt is ultra-cozy, and I love the pink paradise color. It runs large, so if you’re in between sizes, I recommend sizing down.

We keep the upstairs cool, so these fleece joggers help keep me warm! I usually finish most of my work by 5 pm. It’s important that I keep set hours because when you work for yourself, it’s easy to work 24/7!

Side split Crew Neck Sweatshirt (I’m wearing a small but it runs large, so I would prefer an XS)//Fleece Joggers (I’m wearing a small)//Long Sleeve Tee//Sneakers

Whether you work from home or love to spend your weekends in loungewear, Zella loungewear at Nordstrom is a great option.

Nordstrom has great customer service, BOPUS (Buy Online Pick Up from the store), curbside pickup, free shipping and returns, and NORDY CLUB MEMBERSHIP.

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Beauty For the Heart~~“We forget that God’s primary goal is not changing our situations or relationships so that we can be happy, but changing us through our situations and relationships so that we will be holy.” –Paul David Tripp

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Cyndi, I’ve been a subscriber for over a year now. I always look forward to your posts to brighten my day! You inspire me with your approach to beauty being our spiritual inner beauty first. Thank you for your ministry!

  2. Hey, Cindy! I like the loungewear! When you do posts on denim, leggings, joggers, etc., I often click on them, and the first thing I do is check the inseam. And that’s usually as far as I get because they’re too short! I’m not exceedingly tall, just 5’9”, but a 28” or 29” inseam is just not enough. I would love a post that includes denim and loungewear in longer inseams. Thanks!
    P.S. Sometimes the difference in regular length and tall lengths is extreme — 4-6”, and that is too much! Just 2-3” extra will do!

    1. I agree completely – so many of the fashions the bloggers show are for petite women because most are about 5’4″ – and even tho I’m not a giant, those styles and clothes are not always flattering. I guess I need to fin a tall blogger?! haha

  3. I love the Zella long sleeved tee, but I like mine longer. When I’m working out, I like to have my back side covered so that panty lines are not visible under the leggings! Hi-low tops are perfect to that end if they are long enough in the back. I try to walk/work out at my gym at least 4-5 times per week so I’m in my workout gear almost every day! I would love for you to style even more cute rear-end-covering workout wear!

  4. I am curious about your sneakers. I tried a pair of ON on, but ended up buying something else (that I love). Are they comfortable? Do you wear them when you work out? Love this post about your day. Also curious how many packages you return?

  5. The BFTH is a beautiful reminder of God’s Grace, Cyndi, thank you for this
    Also the Pink Paradise color is so pretty on you!

  6. Thank you for the “behind the scenes” look at your day. Fun to see a different perspective. I look forward to your daily emails and appreciate how polished and user friendly your blog is. You do a great job!

  7. random question, when you work from home in loungewear (or actually regular clothes too) do you really wear shoes or just for the pictures? This has always been something interesting to me as I also new a person who dressed up for work and then came home and put on a whole new regular outfit just to sit and watch tv vs putting on loungewear and i also thought that was interesting.

    1. I thought I would chime in here. I always changed out of my business attire and into jeans & top as soon as I got home. I had to prepare dinner for five and then I might go for a walk, to the grocery store, or have someone drop by, so I wanted to wear street clothes. I never thought to just change into loungewear. I’m retired now and even with Covid and staying home more I still put on jeans or chinos first thing in the morning until bedtime. My mom did the same and we were to change out of our school or church clothes into play clothes immediately after returning home. Habits die hard!

  8. It was fun to read A day in the Life of my favorite blogger! I can see how you have to try to stick to a routine otherwise your day can get away from you. I am off work on Thursdays and I tend to get all my appts in but today I’m taking it easy and going to color my hair 🙄
    I ordered those ON sneakers and should be getting them today. I want a white fresh pair of sneakers to inspire my workouts going into spring. Thanks for sharing and have a great day