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QVC is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shop, from everything to beauty, fashion, home, electronics, and kitchen. Today I’m sharing one of my new kitchen essentials and a new beauty product.

First up, I recently got these KitchenAid Non-Slip Mixing Bowls. I use these bowls all the time! The 4.5-qt bowl is the perfect size when making my favorite energy bites.

The mixing bowls are dishwasher safe, they have a pour spout, and of course, they don’t slip on your counter. They also have several colors to choose from.

There are three sizes, a 2.5-qt bowl, a 4.5-qt bowl, and a 5.5-qt bowl. Whether I’m making cookies, mixing pancakes, or making a salad, these are my go-to bowls.

Next, we are switching gears and talking about beauty products. Last month I shared the NuFACE Face & Neck Toning Device. This device helps to lift, firm, and tone.

There’s another NuFace product called NuFACE The Fix.  This uses microcurrent to smooth and firm the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 3 minutes.

The Fix and the NuFACE Mini use microcurrent to stimulate and approve skin’s appearance. Microcurrent is a clinically tested anti-aging treatment that mimics the body’s natural current and gives instant results.

NuFACE The Fix comes with Line-Smoothing Serum that’s important to apply before using The Fix because it acts as a conductor. The serum contains safe ingredients and is free from any no-no ingredients like some anti-aging serums.

This tool is great for areas that show fine lines and wrinkles, like the forehead, eyes, mouth, and lips.


Make sure your face is clean. No makeup, no skincare. I use it after washing my face in the morning.

Apply the serum to the treatment area, press the button that turns the device on, apply the two silver ball tips to your chosen area, and move the device back and forth in eraser-like movements.

The device has an automatic timer and will turn off after 3 minutes. NuFACE suggests three minutes to one targeted area for best results.

If you want those anti-aging benefits and fast, The Fix is great to add to your skincare routine.

QVC really is one-stop shopping when it comes to home, fashion, kitchen, beauty, electronics, and more!

QVC has $10 off a purchase of $25 or more for 1st-time customers with code OFFER. 2nd-time customers can use HELLO10 for $10 off a purchase of $25 or more.

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  1. Cyndi…last season you showed a white with black stripe knit top with I think 3/4 sleeves…real basic… but nice… do you know if that top is still available? I can’t remember where it was from …maybe Amazon ???

  2. What about these “mom” jeans , been there done that in the 90’s😀. What are we supposed to be wearing now? Still like skinnies.

    1. Hi Cyndi 🙂 First, I want to say, I look forward to your posts and beauty for the heart! Second, I have a question – Does Nuface sting or hurt in any way?