Day 15 Spring Fashion: The Perfect Floral Dress under $30

Yay for Friday! Not only is it Friday, but it’s the last day of winter; spring officially begins tomorrow. I’m over here jumping up and down; bring on all the sights and smells of spring.

Today I’m continuing with 23 days of spring fashion and styling the perfect floral dress under $30 from Target. For reference, I’m 5’5,” and the dress hits right above my knees.

The dress features a loose silhouette with a v-neck. I’m wearing my layered star necklace from Amazon.

A denim jacket works great with this floral dress.

My wedge sandals are from Target, and I love wearing them with casual dresses.

I also styled this dress with a slide sandal from Walmart. They have cushioned insoles, and they run TTS.

This bamboo handbag will be perfect for spring and summer. It comes in a pretty gift box with a cloth storage bag. I do have my phone and small wallet in the handbag.


Floral Dress (I sized down)//Wedge Sandals (TTS)//Slide Sandals (TTS)//Bamboo Handbag//Necklace//Bracelet//Denim Jacket (I’m wearing a small)//Earrings

Now, head to Jo-Lynne Shane and see what she’s styling for our 23 Day of Spring Fashion!

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Beauty For the Heart~~ If you’re wondering if God sees you and if he is listening to you, let me say, Yes!

Heaven is holding conversations about you right now. Angels have been assigned to you. The Father is at work on your behalf. Rest on that, friends. -Toby Mac

Have a blessed day!





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    1. Hi Kevin I got your email but I do get emails from anyone who hasn’t ever commented on my blog. I don’t get emails if they have commented before.

  1. Congratulations to you and your family Cyndi! I remember when Claire was born they grow so fast and Colt he’s so tall! You are all so blessed to have each other! Enjoy your brother’s B-day they are a mighty gift from God! Btw I love a floral dress, especially with a denim jacket. So feminine and looks great on you!

  2. Such a cute outfit and even tho it is a little short for us older ladies, it is still really a nice dress for vacation. I love the quote from Toby Mac – one of my favorite music artists of all time and what a wonderful testimony he has – so it meant a lot to me.

  3. Hi Cyndi: The dress is adorable! I could wear it now since I’ve lost 40 lbs in the last 5 months. Only have 3 lbs left to go. Looking forward to wearing cute clothes again. Congrats on the upcoming sweet baby girl. I have 2 daughters & 5 granddaughters. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL👍😁💖

  4. Love the dress, a friend of mine wore it a couple weeks ago. We have similar tastes and often end up with the same or very similar dresses. She said buy the dress we have the same taste. Just sorry it isn’t in a petite size. I have learned the hard way and only buy petite. Your grandkiddos are gorgeous, enjoy one of God’s greatest blessings as much as you can.

  5. This dress is so cute on you! And the picture of your grandkids – so adorable, such joy!! Congratulations to all!!

  6. Cute dress! Just wondering….is this too youthful for an almost 59 year old? In my head I’m still a kid, but I don’t want to look ridiculous..

    1. Tracy. I’m 59 too and love the floral dress but feel it would look too young for me. What did you decide? :). Cyndi looks great in everything.

  7. Cyndi, You look like a real life doll, simply too cute! I don’t wear many dresses, but considering this based on the price. Thanks for styling affordable fashions for us!

  8. What a cute dress and it pairs perfectly with a denim jacket. I saw that in Tar-jet😉 Happy weekend! XO

  9. I am so excited about the new baby! Alex hadn’t told me yet. Hope Courtney is feeling good. Congrats!!!

  10. This is so cute on you! Target doesn’t ship to Canada so anything you style from there is unavailable to us. ☹️
    I’m so excited for you and your family. Another little one to hold & love. Claire might need a little extra attention once her baby sister comes home.

    1. Its so disappointing Joanna isn’t it. We can’t order online nor can we cross the border. Target has such cute and nice things.

    2. Good to hear I’m not the only one suffering from Target withdrawal lol… can’t believe of all times for Target to stop shipping to Canada but just before the start of a pandemic.., I know my first stop when the border opens 😉..

  11. Cute dress, and congratulations on your newest grand baby addition. We just had our fourth grand child and are so in love!!

  12. Oh how I wish we still had Target in Canada. That dress is so cute. No Target and can’t cross the border.

    But also, congratulations on the new baby – what a blessing grandchildren are. You and I are both so lucky to have them living close by.

  13. I don’t know how I missed your announcement, but congratulations!! so exciting!! When is she due? Also, I don’t receive your responses to my questions unless i go back to your blog and look to see if you responded. Any idea how I can change that? Thx Cyndi 😉

  14. Congratulations on news of a new grand baby. What a blessing!

    I love this dress and ordered it today. I also am going to order the star necklace. Love your style.

    I also noticed a little change in your hair style. Looks like you are now parting your bangs a bit off center rather than off from one side and I love the new look.

  15. Congratulations on the news of another granddaughter!! We are also expecting our first grandchild in September!! Our daughter told us their news in my 53 birthday in January but I had to wait until she was far enough along to share the news! They heard the baby’s heartbeat yesterday for the first time and it was my daughter’s birthday so great day!! We can’t wait to find out what they are having! I love the dress and would order it but Target doesn’t ship to Canada anymore:( and I love the Knox Rose line.. it would be a perfect shower dress!

  16. I have been a subscriber for many years and all of a sudden I’m having issues. I wasn’t receiving your emails all of a sudden so I resubscribed and they are all going straight to my junk inbox. Do you know how I can solve that?