Day 16 Spring Fashion: Spring Athletic Wear

Happy Monday! We had a gorgeous weekend here in Kentucky, and it looks like we have mild temperatures all week. Hooray for spring!

Today I’ve got some spring athletic wear to share with you, I wear these pieces all the time when I work out, and I love them.

First, I found these tie-back tanks from Old Navy. They are great for my workouts, and I’ve already ordered the camo and blue animal print.


I have several leggings that I really like and these Core 10 leggings are in my top three. They’re comfortable and they come in several colors but black is my favorite.

I’m wearing a strappy sports bra from Amazon.

Next, I grabbed this water-resistant jacket from Old Navy. I wear it every morning to my workouts since the mornings are chilly.

These sneakers are my go-to sneakers right now for my workouts.

Whether you go to a workout class, workout at home, or like to walk, these are great athletic wear pieces.

Water-Resistant Hooded Utility Jacket (TTS, I’m wearing a small)//Tie Back Tank Top (TTS, I’m wearing a small)//Core 10 Leggings (TTS, I’m wearing a small)//Strappy Sports Bras (TTS, I’m wearing a small)//On Cloud Sneakers (TTS)

Now, head to Jo-Lynne Shane and see what she’s styling for our 23 Day of Spring Fashion!

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Have a blessed day!






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  1. Just ordered the jacket along with a jogger pant! Wish you could get the credit but I need to go through Old Navy Canada:( have a great day! The sun is shining here and it’s 64!! Finally

  2. Thank you for the BFTH. Needed it this morning. Struggling. Cute workout gear. I didn’t get your email this morning. Had to go to your blog to find if you posted today. Anything I should do on my end?

  3. Cute outfit. My daughter (who usually shops at Athleta and Lululemon) has now been ordering leggings from Amazon. She’s a cycle instructor and was looking for some fun crazy colored leggings but with good quality and she’s found a few brands she likes. I like the convenience of trying them on at home, plus a lot of our local retailers still have dressing rooms closed.
    Oh and congrats on the baby news! I can’t wait to be a grandparent some day.