7 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit: Women Over 40

Hey ladies! One thing I know for sure is staying fit in your 40s, 50s, and beyond is not easy. I wish there were a magic pill that we could take to keep us fit, healthy and give us lots of energy! Unfortunately, there’s not one.

Today I’m sharing 7 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy. I am not an expert on staying healthy, but I’m trying to do everything I can to feel good as I age.

7 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy

1. Set Small Goals – Don’t try to change everything at once but try making a plan. If you’re not exercising, set a goal to exercise 3 times a week.

I’m all about setting small goals. If it’s too hard to attain, then I get frustrated but small goals that I can attain makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

2. Exercise – Speaking of exercise, we need it! Keeping active at this age is a must. We all know a sedentary life isn’t good for us, so do whatever you can to move your body.

I try to work out 3 to 4 times a week. I do barre, cycling, flow, and HIIT. I’m also a VIP member of the Faster Way to Fat Loss. If I can’t go work out, I use their exercise at home, and I also love their meal plans.

If you’re interested in getting healthy or losing weight check out the FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS HERE.

3. Strive for a healthy diet – What we eat can significantly affect our health as we get older. A poor diet can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

I try to make sure I get lots of protein. Protein is an important building block for bones, muscles, cartilage, and skin.

I limit bread and sugar. I allow for “grace” days, and when I mess up, I start over the next day. Having a meal plan for the week helps me stay on track.

4. Get enough sleep – I am a stickler for getting my sleep. We know our body needs it, and when we sleep and sleep well, we feel better physically and mentally and perform better during the day.

5. Take care of your teeth and gums – Our teeth and gums are so important to our overall health. I’m a dental hygienist by profession, and I saw a direct correlation between patients who had healthy teeth and gums and those who didn’t.

Make sure you have regular checkups, and of course, floss your teeth!

6. Manage Stress – This is hard because we all have stressful days, weeks, or even months. Stress can trigger unhealthy changes in our bodies.

For me, I like to start my day with a quiet time. I read my Bible and a devotion. This gets my day started off right, and when stresses arise (and it will), I feel like I handle it better.

7. Keep a positive attitude – So much of how we feel starts with our mind. Having a positive outlook can make all the difference!

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Beauty For the Heart~~ I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  Psalm 139:14

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!






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  1. Great blog today! The best thing I did for my health in 2021 was join FASTERWay to Fatloss – thanks unto you Cindy! They em corporate most of what you mention in this blog. Love the lifestyle of whole food eating and workouts FWTFL has given me. I know focus on progress not perfection, water intake, consistency, and a positive mindset instead of stressing over everything I eat and every little pound I didn’t didn’t lose. Heading into 2022 I’m ahead of the game of health and wellness. Thanks again Cindy!

  2. Great advice. I’ve been exercising for over thirty years. I’m a young 67. Most people think I am younger. It’s all because of exercise and watching my diet. I’m into organic food and supplements which helps your immune system. I thank God he’s blessed me with this discipline.
    My daughter is a dental hygienist too. (I’ve always taken care of my teeth too. I’m a health nut.😊)

  3. Thanks for the great information and post. About how many calories do you eat a day and how many grams of protein do you eat a day?

  4. Wow..thank you so much..another amazing post and wonderful inspiration for all of us women experiencing joy, struggle, pain and hope.
    Love + peace to all.

  5. Great post today! And yes it gets harder the older we get which doesn’t seem quite fair lol!! I commit to working out at least 4-5 days a week but during the summer I usually take Friday’s off. I was starting to feel a bit of exercise fatigue. I will say I noticed a difference when changing up my workouts .I feel like if we do the same things day after day for too long we reach a plateau and stay there! Adding a fun activity too helps to break up the typical workout.. I started playing tennis again this summer and it feels great! Love your workout outfit! Also will you be sharing any pieces from the Nordstrom sale?

  6. Thank you for sharing your 7 tips. I made an order of the supplements you mentioned,
    Have a good week!

  7. Great reminders! I am 61, and one thing that has become crystal clear over the last 5 -10 years is that in this season of life you really need to pay attention to your body and adjust accordingly! The amount of sleep you need, the levels of caffeine and sugar/sugar substitutes you can handle , and the types of food that your body can process. It changes continuously!

  8. A great post. I am on week 5 of FWTFL and LOVE this program, also. I know the FW says to ignore the scale but is that even possible? I have been eyeing the scale you talk about today. I think maybe you have mentioned it before. I am trying to hold off weighing until the 6 weeks is up. Your workout outfit is so cute and I too think the pony tail is perfect for the look.

  9. Thanks for the tips Cyndi! I love your hair in the ponytail. Could you do a post on ways to wear your hair up that look trendy? I have fine hair and struggle with pulling it all off my face. I need help!!🤪

  10. You look great! How many calories do you eat each day, and how much protein, carbs, and fat do you eat? Do you carb cycle or just try try to limit carbs everyday?

  11. Thanks for all the reminders. Also interested in where you got your leggings and black tank. Very cute!

  12. I have struggled with my weight for years. I have tried everything and everyone has such conflicting opinions on what a healthy diet is. Can you give some direction on what really is healthy eating?

    1. I have as well. I finally tried the FASTERway to Fat Loss. I’m on week 5 of the 6 week round. My eating has dramatically changed and eating Whole Foods has become a way of life all ready. I’m losing inches and sleeping great. I discovered this program from Cyndi.

    1. Good reminders. Don’t forget Gut Health and FASTERway to Fat Loss! It’s the best program I’ve ever done – and I’ve tried just about everything out there.

  13. Great tips! Can I add one more? WATER! Drink lots of water. I feel so much better when I’m hydrated. It’s great for skin, hair, nails, your whole body!!

  14. Thank you for this post! I agree and I love your post! Where did you get your tank and leggings? Adorable outfit! 😀 Have a blessed day 😇

  15. I enjoy reading your post each day and have learned a lot! Today was especially helpful.
    Thank you for sharing.