5 Ways To Get Volume in Your Hair

Hi ladies! I get a lot of questions about my hair, and one of them is always how do I get volume in my hair. So today, I’m sharing 5 Ways to Get Volume in Your Hair. If your hair is volume-challenged, try some of these tips and see if it helps.

5 Ways To Get Volume in Your Hair

1. Change Your Part.

Change your part to create volume at the crown. Chances are, you have a favorite place to part your hair, and it’s where your hair likes to fall naturally. The problem is, that’s also where your hair lies the flattest. Flipping your part to the opposite side creates instant volume at the crown.

2. Back-Brush It.

Back-brush the roots of the under-layers of your hair for soft volume. Teasing gets a bad rap. It doesn’t have to mean aggressively back-combing your hair with a fine-toothed comb to create massive tangles.

You can actually create soft volume by back-brushing the roots, using a large comb or paddle brush instead. I use this comb and back brush underneath my hair to create volume.

If I back-brush the crown of my hair, I use this brush.

3. Blow-Dry Upside Down and to the Right and the Left.

This works because blowing drying upside down automatically lifts your roots. I also move all my hair to the right, blow-dry those roots, and then to the left. I do my final smoothing with a round brush.

4. Use Root Boosting Hair Products.

This is one of the best ways to get volume! Use products that boost the root area. My two favorite products are Oribe Dry Texturing Hair Spray and Puff Me.

I use one of these products after my hair is dry but before I add hairspray.

5. Use Velcro Rollers at your Crown to Create volume.

Velcro rollers are great and can add volume. If I feel like I need a little extra boost, I’ll add a few velcro rollers around my crown area after my hair is dry and keep them in while I put my makeup on. A few minutes later, I’ll have some extra volume. I use the large purple sponge rollers.

These are my favorite products that I use over and over again:


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  1. Thank You!! Love the tips and love your hair! Just curious, Is your hair layered all over. If so, how long is the first layer.

  2. Great suggestions! Does anyone have any additional product recommendations that would be at a lower price point? Thank you 🙂

  3. Hi Cyndi,
    I am assuming that you color your hair, as do I. How do you conceal your outgrowth? My gray roots put me in such a stupor. I color every five weeks, but those last two weeks, ugh! I’ve tried a couple products but not been that happy with them. Blondes can conceal it so much easier than we brunettes.

  4. Hi beautiful lady! Your smile is magnetic! I loved this post & have very fine, thinner than before blonde hair & am always trying to find more volume! Im going to order the Puff me & try the dponge rollers for sure! Have a super blessed day & stay inside! We have 8 degrees here in NM!

  5. I was curious about the rollers. You mention sponge rollers, but the link is for velcro rollers. I use velcro rollers but feel like they might be damaging my fine hair so I was interested when you mentioned sponge rollers and if you have a link for them.

  6. Its definitely trial and error on hair products.. I have used so many over the years! I like volume, but flat hair if that makes sense- lol (the rollers help achieve that )
    Thanks for the tips – Your hair always looks great !

  7. Thank you for sharing this, as I’ve always loved your hair. At age sixty, I am finally able to grow out my hair. I thinks it’s because I now use better products and tools and I don’t wash it everyday. But we have very hot summers in Texas so I’ll see how long I can handle it being long.

    On another note, I’ve noticed your skin looks very smooth and I see a difference in it. Would you be willing to share what treatments you’ve had done and what you think works best?

    1. Gloria…..Go into Cyndi’s archives, as she recently posted her Morning skincare routine and her Evening skin care routine. Hope this helps if she doesn’t answer back. She does have nice skin.

  8. Love these tips, and the listed products!!!! I have extremely flat hair, and can’t wait to try some of these!!!!!

  9. Good morning! Several years ago on your recommendation, Cyndi, I began using Aquage Uplifting Foam. I continue to believe it’s the best I have ever tried!

  10. Thanks so much for the tips! I will definitely try them. I ordered the purse strap from yesterday also a great idea

    1. Do you feel like the dyson hairdryer is worth the cost? If so in what ways is it better than others. I’m trying to decide if I want to get it. Thanks.