Best Vacation Hats on Amazon

Hello ladies!

I know we have all been searching for the best swimsuits and dresses for summer and vacation, but today I’m talking about something that is often neglected…….. vacation hats!

Not only do the hats you bring for vacation protect your hair and skin from the harsh sun, but they can take your beachwear look to the next level.

I’ve rounded up a selection of the best hats on Amazon, from the best wide-brims to regular baseball caps.

Best Vacation Hats on Amazon

Straw Hats

One | Simplicity Wide Brim Hat

This wide brim hat has a wind lanyard and adjustable head size.

 Two | Furtalk Roll-up Beach Hat with UPF 50+

How sweet is this? This hat comes in at under $25 with over 4,000 5-star reviews! 

Three | Furtalk Panama Hat

This hat is made of breathable paper straw, making it lightweight and flexible; I love that it has built-in UPF to protect your skin and hair.


Four | UPF 50 Wide Brim Visor

A good straw beach visor is a staple for your beach bag, and I love that this one is only $19.99!

Five | Convertible Hat to Visor

This visor is convertible and serves as a 2-in-1. This would be perfect for any sporty water activity! 

Six | Pineapple and Star Vienna Visor

The bow on the back of this one is adorable! 

Baseball Hats

Seven | American Flag Hat

I love to have an American Flag Hat, and I like the USA on the side.

Eight | Be Kind Hat

This hat comes in every color you could ever want! I love throwing on a baseball cap for a pool day with the grandkids!

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. I love hats!!! I started wearing one in my late 30’s early 40’s when I realized my head had gotten sunburned while in Florida 🙈! Love the straw ones that everyone wears.. they not only protect our heads but our ears!!! My husbands dad had ear cancer due to days laying in the sun ! I had honestly never thought of that before!! So yes hats , glasses and sunscreen and I’m all set!! I actually just added another one to my collection that allows you to lay back on your lounger without the rim interference! That was annoyance but not this summer 🙌🏻🙌🏻

    1. Loved your bible verse today! Love all the hats. I do notice I get a headache from the sun if I don’t wear one!! Thanks for all the cute suggestions! Have a great weekend! ❤️😃🙏

  2. Love all these hats! I have one to add to your roundup, it’s the C.C. Brand beach hat. It’s a super cute wide brim straw hat with a black ribbon trim. Best of all each one has a cute beach phrase like “hello sunshine”, “good vibes”, “do not disturb”, etc. I found mine in a gas station on my last beach trip, but they are also available on the website ( Check them out!

  3. Hi Cyndi,

    I’m not a hat person, but when the sun is hot and I know I’m going to be out I will put a baseball cap on. Maybe I need to try a straw hat to see if I like it better on me then a cap?? Have a blast with the grandchildren this weekend!!

  4. While baseball caps can be cute they are not protecting your ears from the sun, a common place for skin cancer to occur. We forget to put sunscreen on our ears.

  5. Why is there comments from myself and others on this NEW post from 2021 commenting on hats???? LOL This was like this on another post not long ago. I’m sticking with what I said a year ago.LOL I don’t look good in hats nor like my hair flat once I take them off,(I have short hair style) so I just don’t wear them. I know I should though.

  6. I really miss you doing the 10 things I’m loving right now on Friday mornings. That was my favorite of the week

  7. I love how you formatted this post to include a picture of the item with each description! Often I am having to count the descriptions to figure out which picture I want to see!! Please format future posts this way!

  8. I like hats and esp on other people. I occasionally wear a ball cap but i hate how it makes my bang area look when i have to take it off so I choose when to wear accordingly. I have a smaller floppy style straw hat that I also like to wear but it always seems to look “vacationy” (i.e. like I should wait til I’m on vacation…..out of state…..where I don’t know anyone ha)

    1. I wear a baseball hat when I golf but it makes my bang aria so flat I dare not take it off.

      Do you have a trick to fluff up the bangs again to look good?

  9. I so wish I could wear hats. I have tried many and I just look terrible in them. I have short hair that looks terrible if it goes flat and not only do I look bad in the hat but my hair looks terrible if I take the hat off. So there you go. LOL:) You look so great in hats……I’ve seen your past post and you are right, its good to keep the sun off our hair and face.

  10. I wish I could order hats on line. I have a “pin head” haha!, and I have a hard time finding hats that are small enough for me. Maybe one of the ones with tie in the back could be adjusted to fit my head?

    1. Nancy…..Did you watch the video how the pineapple star visor comes packaged and folds back up for packing away? So neat. Looks so quality and soooo cute. Cyndi you’d look so great in this visor.

    2. I am getting more comfortable wearing hats! They are so fun. I always wonder, though, should I wear my straw hat inside? It has a small to medium brim. Do you wear yours inside, or do you consider it an outdoor hat?