What to Wear to a Summer Wedding as a Guest

It’s officially summer, and that means it’s also wedding season. Summer’s warm, carefree months are an idyllic time for weddings.

Victoria Dunn dresses are perfect for any special summer occasion, including weddings. All of her pieces are designed in America but produced by artisans and craftsmen around the world to create a collection that is made with so much love.

I have a discount code cyndi for 25% off any pieces from Victoria Dunn. But, if you use my code, it’s a final sale, so you can’t return or exchange.

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding as a Guest

This Magnolia Garden Flutter Dress was designed after Magnolia Gardens in Charleston. The dress runs TTS and is fully lined.

I love the details on the Magnolia Flutter Dress, including the sleeves, drawstring waist, 4 tiers, and the buttons going upwards from the bottom of the dress to the bust.

Magnolia Garden Flutter Dress (I’m wearing a small) • Wedge Sandal (TTS) • EarringsWood Bead Handle Bag

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  1. Beautiful dress Cyndi! I too have not been getting the Beauty for the heart emails I received two in April and none since….I even checked junk and nothing there either. I do see the Instagram posts when you have them

    1. I’m glad that this was brought up. I have also signed up for BFTH emails and have never received them. I have followed your blog for several years. Thank you for all the hard work that you put into it. You are an amazing woman and you sure have influenced my life.

  2. Hey Cindy!
    I too have worn Invisalign. They do take adjusting to at first but you will notice a huge difference in a few weeks. It’s really not that noticeable and you’ll talk better in them once you get use to them. It’s so much healthier than metal braces also. I would highly recommend getting the Invisalign night guards which aren’t bulky at all and will help to keep your bite correct and teeth straight, plus added bonus if you grind your teeth like I do, it will protect your teeth. I actually chipped a few of mine from grinding, which led me to getting the braces in the first place. I had metal braces as a teen, so I was shocked to see how much movement had occurred and how far my bite was off again after all those years! I had the metal bar on the back of my teeth removed to do the Invisalign, and can now get them much cleaner! Plus, after my battle with cancer and having 2 autoimmune diseases and Leaky Gut, I learned a lot about how much dental care affects our health! Who knew! Hang in there with them, your going to love the results! Blessings!

  3. Such a pretty dress. Looks great on you. I’ll have to check our this sight. Never heard of it. I have 2 weddings in August and have been working on finding what I’m going to wear.

  4. Cute dress. Question, I signed up for your new blog but haven’t received anything other than a merchandise email. How often does it go out or has it not started yet?

      1. Hi Cyndi, I ran into the same issue. I signed up for your BFTH blog but I haven’t received anything. Love your heart for the Lord!