5 Fall Fashion Trends from Nordstrom

Hi ladies! You know I love sharing the upcoming trends, and today I’m sharing 5 fall fashion trends that are easy to incorporate into your fall wardrobe.

Nordstrom is a great place to shop for new fall arrivals, and as always, they have free shipping and free returns.

5 Fall Fashion Trends from Nordstrom

1. Sweater Vests • One of the trends you’ll see this fall is sweater vests, which are so versatile. You can wear it now by itself but when the weather gets chilly, add a shirt or blouse under the vest.

2. Mules • Mules are popular for fall and a great transition shoe. Nordstrom has a large selection of mules that are perfect for any occasion.

3. Layered Necklaces • A layered necklace is a perfect accessory. This necklace has silver and gold, and each necklace is separate so that you can wear them together or alone.

4. Straight Leg Denim • There’s no doubt this year, the wider the leg, the more on-trend. I really like the straight-leg denim and love the versatility.

5. Raw Hem Jeans • If you want some detail, raw hem jeans are popular, and I love the look.

Sweater Vest (S) • NecklaceMulesAgolde Denim (27) • Earrings

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If you live close to Nordstrom, don’t forget to take advantage of BOPUS (buy online, pick up in-store) service; they also offer curbside pickup.

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  1. Thanks for the BFTH. I needed it this morning. Just got over a 5 day cycle of migraine. Exhausted and asking God WHY? I want to be healed but I know its in HIS timing. Its been 36 yrs. of having chronic migraines and I trust HIM but struggle. Thank you. I love all the trends, but I don’t think I could pull off the Wide leg trousers. I’m too short. 🙂 Have you tried the Spanx wide leg ones? Jo-Lynne styled them and she really looked good in them and she said they aren’t her usual style. I know you’d look great in them. They aren’t as trouser like, like the ones you tried. More of a pant style, but still cute. Enjoy your grandkids and the b’day celebrations. I’m sure you are so excited for your Maine trip. My 1st grandbaby who was born premie and in the NICU is 3 yrs. old today. They were an hour away, but now live 4 hrs. away, so missing her. They now live in the town my granddaughter was born in when my daughter was on vacation and went into labor 6 weeks early on a golf course. They have gone full circle and LOVE living there. They have found a wonderful church family…..one who came to pray for them while in the NICU and its where God has led them back too. So, I’m happy for them, but sad for this Grammy. So, be so thankful you have 3 so close to you. So special for sure. Thanks for your blog.

    1. Kathy, my heart goes out to you with all the suffering you experience! Five days of migraines, I can’t even imagine! I can relate as I have persistent headaches, which means 24/7, 365 days a year, plus a number of health issues including chronic fatigue. But, like you, I am believing for healing and look to the Lord for the strength to get through each day. I’m not trying to give you advice or presume to know what is causing your migraines. (I hope you and Cyndi don’t mind if I share a few ideas with hopes that it may help you). My son started getting migraines when he was ten. I read the book The Migraine Brain by Carolyn Bernstein. It helped me understand and start investigating some of his triggers. When he got to be an adult, he tried various diet changes until he found the best diet for him. Now, he rarely gets a migraine and even then, it’s often an aura without a full-on migraine.
      If you are open to prayers for healing, YouTube has some really good ones. Richard Roberts (Oral Robert’s son) has very specific ones, which are short and powerful. Manuel Johnson is another good one. I pray blessings and healing upon you. 💕🤗🙏🏻

      1. Carolynn…. Thank you for your comment. I’m so sorry to hear about your chronic headaches. Can’t imagine daily, everyday. I pray you receive healing too. I have done it all and am also on a limited diet as have multiple food allergies. I have a team of doctors with me. I have every trigger and at this point it’s up to the Lord for healing. Thanks again. Bless you.