Courtney’s Corner: Best Table and Bedside Lamps on Amazon

Lamps can bring a lot of personality to a space. They can easily transform an empty and boring nightstand or table into something stunning. Plus, turning off the overhead lights and turning on a lamp is so cozy! On today’s installment of Courtney’s Corner, Courtney is sharing some of her favorite table and bedside lamps from Amazon.

If you’re new here, Courtney is my daughter and mom to my 3 sweet grandchildren: Colt, Claire, and Caroline. She is very talented at decorating her home (see some photos of her home here), and I have invited her to join us from time to time to share her favorite home decor and interior inspiration.

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Keep reading to find out what beautiful lamps she’s sharing today!

The Best Table and Bedside Lamps from Amazon

1. Blue and White Owl Lamp

I have this little cutie in our bathroom. It’s so charming and whimsical, plus it adds so much to the space!

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2. Seashell Coastal White Lamp

I love the shimmer and sparkle that the seashell finish brings to this lamp! Since it’s neutral, it would look great in any space.

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3. Set of 2 Crystal and Gold Lamps

These beautiful gold and crystal lamps would look stunning flanking a bed or in an office.

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4. Floral Classic Lamp

Bring some character and drama into a space with this absolutely gorgeous statement lamp!

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5. Square Ginger Jar Lamp

You all know I have a major love for ginger jars! This lamp marries classic and modern decor styles since they mix a classic silhouette and pattern with a square gold bottom.

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6. Seagrass Weave Lamp

You don’t have to live in a coastal area to use seagrass. Similar to how a rattan handbag adds a little interest and texture to an outfit, this lamp does the same thing for your room!

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7. Pink and White Chinoiserie Lamps

I have these in my dining room…LOVE! They are a great size, and the pattern is stunning.

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8. White Pierced Ginger Jar Lamp

This classic lamp would look great in any spot in your home. I love the cut-outs, and the ginger jar-inspired shape!

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9. Set of 2 Large Blue and White Lamps

I have these in my entryway. They are big and gorgeous, and everyone that comes into our home comments on them!

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10. Green and White Chinoiserie Lamp

You all know I love chinoiserie, and this green and white lamp is no exception! You can also get this lamp in blue and white.

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11. Set of 2 White Triple Gourd Lamps

These triple gourd lamps are great quality, and they are the perfect size for a side table or nightstand.

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12. Elegant Blue and Gold Lamp

This blue and gold lamp is the perfect mix of classic and modern. The pull chain makes it so easy to turn off and on, making it ideal for a bedside table or to sit beside a chair you like to read in.

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  • Abraham was a 75-year-old man with no children, and God would exalt him as a father of a multitude.
  • He chose the second-born sons, not the firstborn sons, in a world where firstborn sons held all the strength and preeminence. It’s not Cain. It’s Abel. It’s not Ishmael. It’s Isaac. It’s not Esau. It’s Jacob.
  • He chose barren women to be the wives of patriarchs: Abrahams’s wife Sarah was barren. Isaac’s wife Rebekah was barren. Jacob’s wife Rachel was barren.

When God was choosing who He wanted to partner with to change the world, He chose those no one else would have ever chosen. 

That is such an encouragement, and it tells me God can use anyone to change the world! Let’s go out today knowing we CAN make a difference.

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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  1. I have the little owl lamp and love it so much! I also love Turkish style lamps- so colorful & beautiful. God bless.

  2. I just ordered the green and white lamp for our spare bedroom. I love your verses at the end of each post. They have so much meaning. I am dealing with breast cancer, and I look forward to posts. Thank you

  3. Love these lamps. I wish my house was styled right for them. I’d love to see them how you have them in your home. The pictures I have seen of your house style is gorgeous.

  4. Loved your message from beauty from the heart today. The lamps shown were very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

    Not sure where to sign up for the giveaway.

    1. I register for your give aways….but never know if it “goes through” or not. Is there a way that you can add a “thank you for registering” notification so we know that it actually connected???
      I LOVE your posts and read them daily. Keep up the great work!!!!!