Best Vacation Hats on Amazon

I know we have all been searching for the best swimsuits, shorts, and dresses for summer and vacation, but today I’m talking about something that is often neglected…….. vacation hats! Not only do the hats you bring for vacation protect your hair and skin from the harsh sun, but they can take your beachwear look to the next level. I’ve rounded up a selection of the best vacation hats on Amazon, from the best wide-brims to regular baseball caps.

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Best Vacation Hats on Amazon

Straw Hats

1. Simplicity Wide Brim Hat

This wide brim hat has a wind lanyard to keep it from blowing away on windy days. It also is adjustable, so you can customize it to fit your head size.

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2. Furtalk Roll-up Beach Hat with UPF 50+

How sweet is this wide brim roll-up beach hat? This hat comes in at under $25 with over 10,000 5-star ratings! 

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3. Furtalk Panama Hat

This hat is made of breathable paper straw, making it lightweight and flexible; I love that it has built-in UPF to protect your skin and hair.

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4. UPF 50 Wide Brim Visor

A good straw beach visor is a staple for your beach bag, and I love that this one is only $19.79!

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5. Convertible Hat to Visor

This visor is convertible and serves as a 2-in-1. This would be perfect for any sporty water activity! 

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6. Pineapple and Star Vienna Visor

This one is so chic! I love the bow on the back.

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Baseball Hats

7. American Flag Hat

I love to have an American flag hat. I have been wearing red, white, and blue quite often as we approached Memorial Day, and I will wear it again for the Fourth of July.

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8. Be Kind Hat

This hat comes in every color you could ever want! I love throwing on a baseball cap for a pool day with the grandkids.

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Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Love hats on everyone else but me. I have short hair and just don’t look good in a hat. You look so cute in hats.