I love to hear from you; you can email me at hello@cyndispivey.com. I try my best to answer all my emails.

Some questions I get asked over and over, so I have answered them here.

1. What state do you live in?


2. How did you get started blogging? 

I started blogging in 2009. My Mom introduced me to the blogging world and encouraged me to start one. I started with a lifestyle blog, but after attending a blogging conference, I felt God leading me to write about my love for fashion and makeup.

I felt I could reach more women and not only share about fashion but my faith in Jesus. That’s how my blog was started.

3. I would love to start a blog. Could you give me some advice?

The best place I can send you for help on starting a blog is to Amy Lynn Andrews. If you have a question, Amy has an answer!! Her post on How To Start A Blog is a great place to start.

Blogging is a wonderful thing, but it does take time and commitment. The best advice I can give you is to start a blog on something you love.

4. Do you really make money blogging?

Yes. Blogging is my full-time job, but it has taken me years to get to this point.

Most of us that make money have had to work very hard to get to this point. Just know you have to be patient; it doesn’t typically happen overnight.

5. How tall are you? What size do you wear?

I’m 5’5,” and I generally wear a size 4 or 6 in pants and a size extra small or small in a top. I hope that helps!

6. Do you work out every day? What workout do you use?

I try to workout 4 to 5 times a week. I have a gym with workout classes close to me, and I go there. The classes are Cycle, Barre, HIIT, and Flow.

7. Can you tell us about your family?

I am married to Wayne, and we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last year. We have 2 grown children.

Courtney, our daughter, is a teacher by profession but is a stay-at-home mom. She is married to AJ, and they have three children, Colt. Claire, and their newest addition, Caroline.

Cory, our son, is an attorney and is single.

 Here are some other things you may not know about me!

  • I love coffee and can’t wait to get up and have that first cup!
  • I’m an early riser! Anywhere between 4:30 and 5:30. I love mornings!
  • I try to eat organic or clean. I’m not 100%, but I eat a lot less processed food these days.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I’m amazed by you!! Love your style and how you seem so down to earth! I’ll be 61 in August and I just don’t want to look frumpy!! I’m very interested in your clothing, workouts, makeup and food ideas!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I look forward to your blog and IG posts everyday.
    Your beauty and fashion advice is awesome! I love that you share your faith and love of God and family.
    Your sincerity is refreshing!!
    Have a wonderful day and weekend!!

  3. I love your style! I found it when I googled fashion for women with brown hair and brown eyes over 50. Thank you.

  4. I am a part time blogger and would love to know how you schedule time in your day for blogging. It’s something I struggle with and would love to get your advice.

  5. Hi Cyndey! Happy New Year 2020! I have a question and maybe other ladies feel the same? I am 58 years old. I wear shorts in the summer, but I am not comfortable wearing them other times of year. I know it sounds strange, but if it’s January and I’m visiting FL I don’t want to wear shorts!! Even if it is 80 degrees. What would you suggest? I don’t want to wear capris and T-shirt’s. (I don’t want to feel or look old and I don’t mean that badly but there is a uniform I see some ladies wear and it is aging. Is it ok for me to wear jeans that are stylish and T-shirt’s or 3/4 sleeves and tennis shoes? Please help!! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  6. Hi Cyndi

    I’ve used you as an example with job so many times on Pinterest!! I just started following you on insta. I’m a personal shopper and stylist. Please share some Fall ideas for church. I live in Katy Texas we really get excited for a “cool” front! 70’s to 60’s degrees is our Fall and winter!😀

  7. I love fashion. I love that you recognize that Jesus can be a part of whatever we love.
    Thank you for your blogging
    Thank you for your faith journey.

  8. I have a wedding to go to this fall, and I’d like your advice on wearing panty hose. My dress is black. Although I receive compliments and comments that I never age, I still have 64 year old legs. I can use a good tanner or even a leg makeup concealer that looks pretty good, but I’m waiting for hose to come back into style. As much of a hassle as they are, I think they are still the best look for older women’s legs. Your thoughts?

  9. Hi Cyndi, I have followed your blog for some time now, and I love the fashion and spirituality of your blog. I am interested in starting my own blog, I love fashion and people. I live in a small community in West Texas, and I think the people in this area would benefit from a blog. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you. Have a blessed day!

  10. Good morning I know this has nothing to do with blogging, sorry but I would love to see a picture of your hair short to medium length if you have one. Thank you in advance
    Katherine Crawford

  11. Love reading your Beauty for the heart,
    Piece every week. I specially like your
    Piece early in the year when you wrote about your word: Steadfast, I thought I had saved but cannot find😪. Would you be able to send to me? It was sooo inspirational

  12. I so appreciate your information!! I don’t know about you but it seems as I grow older (I will be 55 in April) that my circle of friends gets smaller. I have a job that requires me to supervise 100+ employees and for me it is difficult to supervise and have any type of friendship. I’m saying that to say to you I enjoy your thoughts on style, hair and makeup. I love your hair and am going to try to get my stylist to replicate it. My hair is so heavy and I have kept long layers because I am lazy and will often wear it pulled up because it is easy. I hate having it in my face which often happens as well. Your style looks as though the short layers over the eyes would look stylish and help solve that issue. Anyway just wanted to say hi and thank you!

    1. I think you’re awesome!
      I love reading Beauty for the heart, so helpful. Last night I got dressed to go out with my husband and he said, come on Cindi Spivey! Let’s go! Haha I loved it. I’m 5ft half inch and your style suits me too our shapes are similar as well. I’m so glad I found you beautiful girl because now I’m super confident when I’m shopping for outfits. You’re right Life”s too short to be dowdy! 👍🏼😃💕🙏

  13. Hi Cyndi – I love your inspirations and Bible verses. I just started reading your blog, not just looking at your outfits and wow! You’re a courageous lady. I love fashion, but struggle with anxiety and depression and a bit of an uplifting message always helps. May God bless you,

  14. I never knew you had a blog. I just discovered it on Pinterest. I have been looking at your fashions for several years now. I like them because they are doable. They are very casual but always look so nice.

  15. Hi Cyndi,
    I stumbled across you on Pinterest……looking around your site, excited to begin following you and gaining ideas!

  16. Hi Cyndi,
    I just happen to stumble on your website and so glad I did. I like your set up as well as your love for God. So refreshing in these days and time. However, I have had a love for fashion for years and always thought I want to become an professional buyer. Never the less I did get my business license and I have a name for my online boutique and have had it for a couple of years now. Now I just need to put one foot in front of the other. I love fashion and that is where most of my money goes to, why not make money too. Thank you for your page, I am hooked 🙂

  17. Hi Cyndi, I’ve just recently found your blog through Pinterest and have signed up for your emails as well.

    I really like your style and appreciate your passion that beauty truly comes from within and from a relationship with Jesus Christ! You have a unique ministry online, and I’m sure God will continue to use you to share the gospel with women who wouldn’t normally go to a setting where it might be shared.

    My husband has been pastor for about 30 years, and we’ve served in GA, TX, PA, NC, and again in TX. I’m learning to navigate the south TX heat most of the year while trying to remain somewhat stylish but appropriate. I love all the photos you post since they give me much inspiration for things I may already have in my closet, as well as pieces I may want to add to my wardrobe.

    I also have my CCL and am always looking for creative pieces to help me carry concealed. I have a Flashbang holster which is probably my favorite of the three I own, but recently I’ve developed a rash so can’t use it. I’m hoping it’s related to the summer heat, and I’ll be able to begin using it this fall. Have you considered doing an occasional post on carrying concealed? I’m sure there are many of us who could use inspiration in that area!

    Thank you again for your lovely blog!

    Laura Lopez
    Victoria, TX

  18. I have been searching for a fashion blog that is appropriate (I’m 47…not 17) *and* realistic (I will not wear a beret …ever). I somehow ended up here and am completely hooked! I love your style – it’s literally exactly what I’m looking for. It’s beautiful and clean and elegant and relaxed and appropriate and …well, you get my point. Thank you for taking the time to put this blog together and share your talents. I now have a new “go to” place to help me find clothes that work.

      1. Hi Cyndi,

        I just wanted to ask what hair color you use. I love your hair! Mine is very similar so I wanted to see what you use.

        Thank you!!!

        Robyn Malejko