A Birthday and A Messy Bun

Wow ladies!! I was blown away by all the sweet comments

you left about my post on Can You Mix Fashion and Jesus? 

I loved the comment Valerie left. She is pursuing a career in fashion

designing and says,

“So anyway, this morning God put it on my heart to google

“fashion and Jesus” and I found your blog. I was sad to see

so many negative things about fashion and faith on the

web, so I was thrilled to find your blog. God has given

each one of us different talents and abilities and I strongly

believe He has called us to use them for his glory! Amen:)

so you go girl, God is going to use you in a way you could

have never imagined. I am excited for you and excited

to see what God has in store for me. Glory be to God!”

Isn’t God amazing!! He can use anything for His glory, even fashion!

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who googles fashion and Jesus.

Thank you all for your encouragement, you blessed me!

This past weekend we celebrated my sister’s birthday.

Janet, my stepmom had an adorable cake made for her.

I think that’s suppose to be my sister looking quite cute in a red dress and red shoes.

I love a fashionable cake!

Traci also had a pretty hairdo at her party and of course I asked her if I

could take a picture. A few weeks ago I shared with you a blog that I love called

The Small Things Blog and I showed you her haircut and how much I loved it.

I also shared the blog with my sister and told her she could definitely do the messy bun look.

Here’s a picture of Kate from The Small Things Blog…………..


Here’s how Traci’s hair looked………….(I took these with my iphone)

I got her the cute scarf that’s around her neck.

I thought her hair looked great and I wished mine was a little longer

so I could wear a messy bun.

We had lots of fun celebrating. We ate and talked and ate and talked!

Traci especially enjoyed holding this boy……….we are all in love with Colt Allen.

He’s my favorite pumpkin!

Am I prejudice or is he just stinkin’ adorable????

Have a great day!

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  1. says

    YES, he is stinkin’ adorable. You are right!

    Girl, I don’t know if everyone can mix fashion and Jesus–but I know YOU can! You make me think of Queen Esther, you know. So I’d say you’re ready “for such a time as this.” May God bless you as you always seek to honor Him. You’re wonderful!

  2. Rosemarie says

    I think that God wants us to look our best & to dress in an God honoring way. So many clothes that are in stores do not reflect modesty. Its not that everything has to be up to our necks, but almost everything is cut so low (or in cases of skirts & dresses- high. I think that using your God given talents & passions is great! We need to know all the tips that will help us be more attractive from the inside to the outside. Please share with us whatever God lays on your heart about fashion! God uses us all in different ways & this might be just the way to help someone who needs to read what you have to say! I love your blog & your daughter’s & your sister’s. Rosemarie

  3. says

    Yes, he is adorable!! I love, love that pumpkin hat – so cute. I’m so glad you’re encouraged about fashion and Jesus. I believe He cares about what we care about, as long as we honor Him. I love your blog!

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