Update On The Signature Nail Systems

Hey ladies!

Today I thought I’d update you on my Signature Nails.

Do you remember a few weeks ago I tried the Signature Nail Systems?

Here’s a picture of my nails on the first day~

I have to say, I have loved these nails! I’ve tried acrylic and gel nails

and these are by far, my favorite.

Here’s a picture of my nails after almost 3 weeks~

Of course you can tell where my nails have grown, but this picture is very close and

from a distance they don’t look bad at all.

The best thing about the Signature Nail Systems is the white part of the french

manicure does not chip! Yeah!

The whole process is done with a powder substance so unlike polish it doesn’t chip.

I will definitely use the Signature Nail Systems from now on.

Have any of you tried the Signature Nail Systems yet?

Beauty For the Heart~~This morning I was listening to Pandora radio and this song

by Casting Crowns came on.

I don’t remember hearing this song before although it’s several years old.

The title is, “If We’ve Ever Needed You” and I don’t know about you all,

but I think more than ever we need the Lord. Our world is a mess and watching

the news is depressing. Why don’t we just admit, we need the Lord?

Do any of you feel like more than ever, we need the Lord?

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  1. Smiley says

    I just stubbled:0) onto your website and I am so glad I did! How beautiful and encouraging you are. I also had 2 set of acrylics in my life. So it’s good to read info about nails in order to keep your your nails healthy and attractive. Thank you for ministering to the Body of Christ:0) Shalom.

  2. Zay says

    Hi Cyndi, I’m so glad that there is a forum out about SNS! I’ve been using it for over a year now and I’m in love!

  3. says

    I have used acrylics for 20+ years….lifted and hard on my natural nails.
    I tried gels for a couple years….lifted and extremely hard on my natural nails. Never had the splitting before.
    Found out about SNS. Love, love, love them! I still may be in the honeymoon phase ~ on my second set. But these first two sets have lasted a month! No lifting at all. My natural nail is growing. They are not too hard (acrylic) and they are not too soft (gel)…. they are just right. :). They stay shiny and attractive….such a plus! Highly recommend.
    And yes, I NEED Jesus every second. He is my Everything. All praise to the One True God, who is my Father, Redeemer, Friend, and All in All.

  4. says

    Cyndi, I am so bummed. There are no salons remotely close that do the Signature Nail System. I really want to try it. I may look for a salon near my hubs’ family in Michigan, so I can treat myself when we visit them. Be glad you’ve got one near you.

  5. Joy says

    Yes, Cyndi, I agree — we need Jesus more than ever…. and more than anything! As young parents sometimes I think “how do we raise these little ones for Jesus” is such a world we live in. But you know that song “Because He Lives”? Bill & Gloria wrote it in the 60’s for that very reason…. when they had a newborn and wondered about raising him. I’m sooo thankful that “because HE lives” we can face tomorrow. Thank you for your encouragement thru your blog…. as brothers in sisters in Christ, we can keep standing, upright and firm, even amidst the evil in this world. “greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world”. Lots of love, Cyndi! Take care :)

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